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Honest Abe vs Lying Crooked Hillary | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. F1RSTDEGREEtracks says


    1. Maggie Santiago says


    2. Bwab Gaming 702 MCPE & More says

      F1RSTDEGREEtracks I look her up and I suddenly want to lock her up. Hillary
      to be tried for treason 2016

    3. Brian Theiss says

      F1RSTDEGREEtracks lock him up for his criminal behavior on trump university
      and let’s see his tax returns

    4. General waffen says

      Brian Theiss someone isn’t satisfied doesn’t mean it’s a scam, and it has a
      98% satisfaction rating

  2. deadlydiesel556 says


    1. Tusskie Productions says


  3. pokemon card dude says

    make america great again Trump

    1. alejandro carrera says

      ohhhhhhhh we got a roast session going on here boi

    2. pokemon card dude says

      ZHYBOO Davis I said be quit

    3. ZHYBOO Davis says

      you don’t tell me what to do, little kid, I’m grown!!

    4. BluntRevvs says

      Legal Mexicans for trump here

  4. Rachele Ann says

    DONALD TRUMP You did great,, and are,,blessings

    1. Tusskie Productions says

      and I bet you want me to die horribly because I’m black and autistic.

    2. Golden TNT Team says

      Oh yeah I’m talking to you you’re a dirt bag for saying that

    3. Golden TNT Team says

      Tusskie Productions thank you thank you finally someone on our side

    4. Guy Brohski says

      Trump 2016!!!

    5. Rachele Ann says

      I Love all people who are for the USA❤ We are and will be Judged On our
      Heart not what we look like, God doesnt look upon the outward
      appearance,,He sees the Heart❤I believe Trump is For alll who Love this
      Country,And so am I,,God Bless TRUMP and GOD BLESS the UNITED STATES OF

  5. Coal says


    1. pedro magoo says

      Hilary was a roasted turkey!

    2. Coal says

      Yea lol

    3. Jay Rey says

      duck trump

    4. Grub says

      +Jay Rey Nice try troll.

  6. Denise Goodwin says

    Killary is pissed, check out her expression

    1. Jared Rice says

      Denise Goodwin I’d be pissed if I was right and someone made a wild
      accusation as well

  7. Gianfantasmal says

    im latín and im vote for TRUMP

    1. DCTib says

      Tell all your friends and family to vote for him too!

    2. Jose Valenzuela says

      Ok… (Gary Johnson for President)

    3. Melissa Vera says

      Gianfantasmal f*cking b*tch u just wanna become white

    4. DCTib says

      The leftist only tactics…hate, violence, and racism.

      Perhaps he wants a stronger economy with lower taxes for all and more job
      opportunities. I don’t think voting for someone can change your

    5. jc831 says

      Gianfantasmal you should vote for better grammar

  8. Michael Corrado says


    1. Brian Theiss says

      Michael Corrado all he did was going on a attack he hasn’t really focused
      on what he really plans to do for our country all I know from him is how he
      attacks everyone

    2. MeRight B says

      Michael Corrado what’s crooked Hillary is going over there?

  9. Anal Vacuum says

    The killshot

    1. Shana N (Shanabanana) says

      Indeed, one of my favorites, aside from the jail comment lol

  10. some guy says

    It wasn’t even close to being close. Trump dominated this for all of us.
    Trump said to Hillary Clinton what every informed American had wanted to
    say for decades. May Trump be blessed by God to walk in His Path. May he
    draw ever closer to the Lord. May America draw closer to the Lord.

    1. Robert Reich says

      +some guy​ Ok ok geez. I was Mis informed. But the point is you don’t want
      a President talking like Trump did in the Billy Bush tape. That is a man
      who wants to be president objectifying a sex. If Hillary said anything even
      close you’d be screaming for her head instead of making up excuses for
      them. And what if that happened WHILE IN OFFICE

  11. Baron von Robot XXIII says

    Dumb Hillary gave a movie review mid debate

    1. Oakspar Oakspar says

      Has to get in that “sponsored content” to her Hollywood backers – just like
      she does the Wall Street Banks, foreign investors, etc.

  12. cccoolguy10 says

    People dont understand that trump will make the economy chaos

    1. Robert Reich says

      +Guy Brohski Fox News?

    2. Guy Brohski says

      +Robert Reich Fox is a conservative station. I said MOST are liberal owned,
      and that’s true. The media is largely controlled by liberals, that’s why
      Hillary is ahead.

    3. Wal Nuts says

      +Guy Brohski
      That’s not why Hillary is ahead. By any metric she is the better candidate,
      you fuckwit.

    4. Robert Reich says

      +Wal Nuts It’s a common practice… “My guy is losing?!? Must be rigged!!!”

  13. Larammie Rosado says

    good job trump. Latinos are with you all the way !!!

    1. jc831 says

      Larammie Rosado lol only 18% of Latinos are voting for him

    2. Larammie Rosado says

      then im proud to be part of that intelligent 18%

    3. a marks says

      Larammie Rosado nope our an idiot

    4. Larammie Rosado says

      +Percy Ramos don’t waste you’re time with these idiot’s percy don’t won’t
      face the truth.

  14. edwin bambinothe 3rd says


    1. Anything 189 (Anything 189) says

      edwin bambinothe 3rd I’m reporting you

    2. Richard Geiger says

      DJ Trumpster vs Killary Clinton

  15. a marks says

    Donald Trump sucks

    1. a marks says

      beware the mac I can’t look because I looked at your face and now I’m blind

    2. beware the mac says

      +a marks That’s not even my face. It’s yo mama’s

    3. a marks says

      beware the mac you so ugly you gotta trick or treat on the phone

    4. a marks says

      beware the mac boy my mom look like a model you go to jail every time you
      see a cop because they thought your a clow

    5. Robin Raynon says

      a marks IKR

  16. CalenTheDestroyer says

    Hey assholes. I knocked over all your bikes. And Trump is unfit for

    1. The Crafty Crayfish says

      Hillary is even more unfit. and how dare you touch my bike, you cuck.

    2. CalenTheDestroyer says

      At least she has political experience! There’s a reason Republicans are
      fleeing Trump left and right. And it’s alright, I’m sure you can get a
      better bike at the dollar store.

  17. Jayson J says

    So many punch lines in the debate from Trump had Hillary woozy.

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