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Hot Women in Ads Banned to Please Fat Feminists

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Professionally offended obese land whales have forced the UK's advertising watchdog to consider banning thin, attractive women in commercials.

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  1. Chase H. says

    I have a very simple rule when I date a girl. I try to look good for you,
    so I expect the same. Not too much to ask for.

    1. Colleen Carden says

      +Dawn Summers What problem is that?

    2. Stuffncrap Idfk says


    3. Erik Swallow says

      +theadventureanimals absolutely true

  2. GalaxyEspeon says

    I’m a chubby girl 50 pounds overweight and unlike these idiots I know I
    gotta change. Paul you hit it right on the head when you said encouraging
    women to be morbidly obese or quote unquote curvy aka chubby which is what
    I am, is the equivalent of telling an extreme anorexic girl and moderately
    anorexic girl to stay as they are. feminist give nothing but destructive

    1. GalaxyEspeon says

      +Ms not afraid to skin you alive I agree. They are just making it up, so
      they do not have to face the fact, that they are obese and must change that.

    2. Ms Spirit Crusher says


      Some of these girls look like Peter griffin in a dress

    3. GalaxyEspeon says

      +Ms not afraid to skin you alive Saddly some do.

    4. Ms Spirit Crusher says

      Add me

    5. Thanos Vydouras says

      GalaxyEspeon respect

  3. NIcholas Bilski says

    I’m a woman (using my boyfriend’s account) who is 5’4″ and weighs 115lbs. I
    run 7 miles 3 times a week and go to boxing bootcamp another 3 times a
    week, all starting at 5 am. I’m sick and tired of being insulted by
    landwhales who think I’m privileged because I’m small. I love this!!!!

    1. Larissa Douglas says

      *Exercise and eating right takes a lot of discipline or commitment. The
      women who are overweight don’t want to reduce their weight by following
      healthy habits and working very hard to achieve it. It takes many months or
      even years for people to achieve their ideal weight. The heavy women want a
      magic pill or a super easy way to reduce the weight. Overweight people that
      complain don’t want to work hard to reduce weight. Instead they slam down
      healthy people both men and women who exercise, eat healthy, and take care
      of themselves. These heavy women that have bitterness are the ones who
      adopted the Political Correctness Culture and other negative attitudes and
      behaviors to paint themselves as victims in order to get attention and to
      get as many people to accept their unethically lifestyle. PC culture is one
      of the things that are creating delusional troublesome overweight people.
      These women don’t want to own up to their mistakes and admit that they have
      health issues.*

    2. William Strine says

      But can you dance?

  4. David Alexander says

    If the belly potrudes past the tits, it is a deal breaker.

    1. YogiYula says

      sitting or standing. which one is a deal breaker?

    2. Jamie russo says

      Your comment made me crack up. Reminds me of a joke between my boyfriend
      and me. I was laughing with him one night after dinner about how I was so
      full, it felt like my stomach should be out to “here” (hand out from my
      belly two feet)… He called it a “Tiddydoo.” When a womans belly sticks
      out further than her “titty do” … Classy? Not so much. Hilarious, I
      thought so.

    3. Dark “Rawr x3 OwO so cute” W says

      Jamie russo lol

  5. Aaron Brennan says

    So now do we have to watch swamp donkeys in adds?! I would rather see hot
    thin woman.

  6. Rocky Jockey says

    I’m fat and I endorse this message

    1. JWille Series says

      Sargon shall see this video and say the same XD

  7. Kidy Kassa says

    I am fat betch* and I approve this message ?

  8. Emma says

    i’m not fat and I endorse this message :’)

  9. VEJN says

    You have fat acceptance too? Man, that organisation can never reach my
    country, Sweden

    1. Gabriel The Hun says

      well stockholm is already the rape capital of europe becouse of liberal
      feminazies soo… yeah sorry m8. don’t worry tho we in east europe will try
      to get you guys out of this slugish pit of liberalism. just hope that we’ll
      get there before the majoritiy of you’r country becomes muslim.

    2. VEJN says

      “We’ll get there” do you mean that eastern european migrants Will Come to
      western europé?

    3. Gabriel The Hun says

      +VEJN no i ment that when the time comes we’ll overthrow the progressives
      for you.

    4. Gabriel The Hun says

      +VEJN no i ment that when the time comes we’ll overthrow the progressives
      for you.

  10. Ch0plet says

    Can I get a job at the advertising standards authority or for ofcom, so I
    can tell people offended by adverts to fucking grow up

  11. Fadli Ramadhan says

    it’s seems that only female obese that so vocalize about body positivity,
    where are all the fat guys??

    1. Hammer of Age says

      Jacking off to Kate Upton

  12. P.R.I.S.M says

    I have a brain and a few extra pounds and I endorse this message.

  13. nicolochan leo says

    omg I feel genuinely bad that I fell somewhat into This 3rd way feminist
    wave. I also feel bad that I was somehow accusing my boyfriend of something
    like this, all because of my insecurity. thank you for this video man, I
    honestly do, I’m seriously woke now, no pun intended

  14. Darker Acid Dragon says

    I fucking died at the trigglypuffs bit, oh PJW?…you’re fucking amazing

  15. aubsdaddy says

    I’m fat. I’m 195 and 5’11. Not too fat but I have a gut. Probably from
    Molson Golden lol. I stopped drinking awhile back even though I only drank
    maybe twice a month but boy did I make it count. Cab rides home for sure.
    The worst is when you get up and you have to call a taxi to go pick up your
    car. So instead of going to the bar I’m hitting the gym hard this year. My
    New Year’s resolution is to be in shape by 2018 and stop smoking by then.
    Going to sleep now so I can hit the gym early. Good night and love and
    peace to all. I hope your resolutions really come true. Try your hardest !

  16. Erik Cooper says

    3:32 ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually did yelp, little warning next
    time, it really did scare the cr*p out of me.

  17. Nate H. says

    This is actual liberalism.

  18. Cheryl Lynne says

    I used to be fat and I approve this message.

  19. Hidden Centrist says

    I’m fat and I endorse this message

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