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How Bryan Abasolo Reacted to “Bachelorette” Finale Drama | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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"Bachelorette" winner Bryan opens up on seeing Rachel Lindsay's struggles in the finale episode with her runner up and more. Listen in.

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/872238/the-bachelorette-s-rachel-lindsay-bryan-abasolo-spill-on-the-ring-wedding-planning-life-after-the-show

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How Bryan Abasolo Reacted to "Bachelorette" Finale Drama | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Michelle Almendarez says

    wish them all the best but I don’t think unfortunately it will last????

    1. Nonye Uba says

      Michelle Almendarez You don’t have to say the second part. Just say you wish them the best!

    2. Tova Noel says

      Michelle Almendarez ugly hater

    3. Nonye Uba says

      Tova Noel I know right!?! Like I wish them the best but…..I don’t think they are going to last..What kind of nonsense is that!!!

  2. Shana says


  3. Taylor says

    I’ve never seen a couple from this show be so defensive and offensive. It’s not the best sign.

    1. flora quint says

      Why wouldn’t they be defensive, everyone’s been shitting on them from the beginning.

    2. Taylor says

      I should have rephrase. I get where there coming from and I also think everyone who saying here true colors are coming through is stupid like really she seems like the same person. I just don’t like how they talk so down on Peter. I don’t doubt that her and Bryan have a connection but she clearly had a connection with Peter too. Just admit that.

    3. Taylor says

      Again I need to make it clear I’m not defending Peter. Or insulting Rachel. I just think it would be better if she admitted she had feelings for Peter. She doesn’t have to defend him or say she made the wrong choice. She should just say she had feelings for him but her feelings for Bryan were stronger. The fact that she seems to be denying her feelings for Peter completely makes it seem fishy.

    4. EVOO 1 says

      Taylor Ohh stop. This Columbian is going no where.

  4. ChefTon Pineda Southworth says

    While Bryan is chasing Rachel, Rachel is chasing Peter! ✌️

  5. TofuTags says

    You felt frustrated cause you realized that you was the sloppy seconds. LOL
    I give this relationship two years at max.

  6. Michael Howard says

    Rachel and Bryan should take a page out of JoJo and Jordan playbook and just quietly after the interviews take a break from the madness. Emotions are raw on both sides right now. I also sense post bachelorette when they had time to privately spend quality time together in a secluded hide away safe house, these two have already intimately consummated their relationship and of course prepared themselves for the onslaught of fair and unfair criticism from the public. I believe Bryan has more depth to him then most people realized but ABC needed to portray him in a certain way because of the obvious physical chemistry he had with Rachel from the start. One more thing. Many saw Bryan as the aggressor when it came to his physical contact and/or affection towards Rachel. However; remember it takes two to tangle. In other words, Rachel did not put up any resistance because there was immediate chemistry after that first impression rose “KISS”. I knew then Bryan was going to be part of the final two.

    1. Uchenna Camille says

      Michael Howard I couldn’t have said it better myself! I really admire how Jojo and Jordan acted after the show. I wasn’t a fan of Jordan, but after seeing how he is with Jojo after the show ended I really respect him.

    2. daks84 says

      I hear you but people have been shitting on him and her from the very beginning they amount of hate they are getting from everyone is probably overwhelming and they feel the need to defend themselves after also all season on the show Peter talked crap about Bryan. Also it sounds like Peter is going to be the bachelor and his entire narrative was he couldn’t commit in this short time frame but yet he will most likely be the bachelor in the same time frame and maybe propose, means that he just wasn’t into Rachel and that’s what she is feeling manipulated about it.

    3. Uchenna Camille says

      daks84 that’s exactly what I was thinking! He gives abc the perfect story line. People hate Bryan so much and he never did anything wrong expect say one comment on the Ellen show. He was focused on Rachel, didn’t start drama, didn’t talk badly about anyone!

  7. Arazo Isabella Doyenne says

    This pretty interviewer did an awesome job in this interview segment. Thank you!!

  8. flora quint says

    To all the people complaining about how defensive they’ve been in these interviews…are you crazy? Why wouldn’t they be defensive? You guys have been trashing their relationship from the beginning and they feel like they need to defend and explain their relationship.

  9. Roz says

    Rachel can say whatever she wants now that it’s over but the truth is in the pudding – the finale. That sums up the entire season for me. If I were her, I would just quietly fade away and focus every minute on making the relationship work. It’s stupid of her to go around denying when she left a trail of evidence behind. So disappointed that I viewed her in such a great light and now I am seeing another side to her…, sad. Not sure if Bryan is helping the situation either.

    1. always honest says

      Roz I so Look agree with you.

    2. always honest says

      Roz I sooo agree with you.

    3. Pat Seymour says

      Rachel is trying to feed America lies but only Bryan is buying so I think the best thing is for both of them fade away and be quiet. Bryan is talking he is frustrated for her instead of answering how that finale made him feel….now he is having Peter “watery seconds” because if Peter told Rachel in the fantasy suite that he is in love with her because he wanted him and a proposal Bryan would not have been F1……They both need to stop the BS in the media circus.

  10. Nani Castillo says

    You did good Rachel?? Bryan is the real deal!?

  11. Princess Freda says

    What about all the nonsense dean and peter has been saying about them.

  12. Vanusa Canda says

    for haters you will get suprised wth this couple , in years waiting for break up and will not happen mark my word.

  13. melissa johnson says

    Great, a no drama relationship with a mature man. Rachel made the right decision. She spent to much time on boyish Peter.

  14. mo27mo says

    Up until the end I was a huge fan of Rachel but after she picked Brian I lost a good amount of respect for her. Maybe a part of it is the way they edited the show but the interviews and everything apart from the show has made me lose a lot of respect for the couple and gain a ton for Peter, if that’s even possible.

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