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How Ericka Started Her Million Dollar Company using the Law Of Attraction!

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. DavidElCid300 says

    I have noticed that Donald trump is a positive affirmation guy and then I
    found out that he grew up in Norman Vincent Peale’s church.
    I guess that is how he beat sixteen seasoned, professional politicians. He

    1. Mr McEvechkin says

      +Ronnie Mead LOL

    2. Katrina Stubbs says

      @David is this a serious question? Do you really want to know how a person
      gets saved?

    3. DavidElCid300 says

      +Katrina Stubbs
      Yes very serious because most who call themselves Christian and think they
      are saved, are not.

  2. Ambitious Freethinker says

    This just made me cry! Lol ughhh I am so happy for you two. I started a
    cleaning business 3years ago and it’s rough. I was thinking about throwing
    n the towel but maybe there’s another way to approach my situation….. I
    know for sure that I need to draw out a clearer picture of the direction
    I’m trying to go and turn that into daily affirmations. Anyway thank u for
    all of your work. It’s greatly appreciated ?✨

    1. franchisejr15 says

      Stay positive and keep going, dont give up you never know your breakthrough
      might be around the corner!

    2. nosashuly says

      What ever you do DON’T GIVE UP!

    3. The Unicorn says

      Keep going.. Resistance makes stronger, and challenges make for an amazing
      story in the end. You got this!

    4. introvertsrulethisworld says

      I LOVE YOUR PROFILE NAME LOL! I feel like that name describes me so
      perfectly LOL! Very creative!

  3. cutelilshooorty says

    when I first started this with my vision board, I manifested 5 things that
    I really wanted all within 5 months and it scared me. had anyone gotten
    freaked out by manifestation?

    1. DollarsUK says

      +Cheyenne Winters it’s amazing how real it really is.

    2. cutelilshooorty says

      Yes, I visualized and felt the feeling as if I already had them. I would do
      this for some minutes a day and then I would let them go. I read that you
      have to let your visions go because if you focused way too much on your
      visions and don’t get it soon enough you could get frustrated on not
      manifesting nothing and the more you focused on not manifesting nothing,
      the more you attract nothing. idk if that made sense lol

    3. DollarsUK says

      +cutelilshooorty very true as with frustration comes resistance and
      contradiction in our mind. I find meditation is an excellent way for
      loosing resistance and visioning ????

    4. DoITAll 1911 says

      I created the vehicle I wantes, literally down to colors and features.

    5. DoITAll 1911 says

      I created the vehicle I wantes, literally down to colors and features.

  4. Nice Stuff says

    …but remember you need to take ACTION.

    1. Raj King says

      Nice Stuff yes somethings others things things u don’t

    2. Raj King says

      Nice Stuff thank u captain obvious

  5. Lucas Kaminski says

    thank you man!
    You are awesome!!!!!

  6. Pamela Elaine Nichols says

    Would Erika be willing to share how she moved from thoughts to actually
    creating her brand and product? What were her practical steps?

    1. mrsmoore304 says

      Great idea, I would like to know that too. I have a ton of ideas but no
      plan ?

    2. APARAJITH C says

      Believe that whatever you are doing is gonna work 10000 % , entertain no
      doubts like am i doin it right,will it work etc. Completely believe that it
      will work okay . Its a concept . What works for you might not work for
      others too .I believe in you 🙂 You will be succesful my friend

    3. Preeya Singh says

      Pamela Elaine Nichols can u share it with us am just a housewife

  7. Maat Marie says

    Keep doing videos with your own stories

  8. J Seals says

    wow, I love this video

  9. Mariusz Chorazy says

    when you say “feel having it” do you mean:
    a. the excitement of having it
    b. the confidence of you having it.

    1. Frederick0220 says

      Both, I reckon.

    2. Astro says

      both !

  10. Travis Kraft says

    I am manifesting my trip to Mongolia.

  11. jklfds85 says

    you should narate books. your voice is so calming and relaxing.

  12. Allan Gildea says

    Fantastic stuff, well done to you and your wife!

  13. Shakia Maiden says

    Dear Erika,


    Thank you,
    Ms. Shakia

  14. Kaylee West says

    what a powerful message! thank you for sharing!

  15. roseagain2 says

    Wow , talk about giving someone what they need!

  16. Paris Melvin says

    Wow what a beautiful woman with flawless smooth skin she could definitely
    model as well!! I am so happy for her and that fact that she is a black
    women truly inspires me bc the world I live in they always try to condition
    black ppl in believing that we can’t open businesses and it will be hard to
    get loans bc your black. I DO NOT BELIEVE in these things never have I
    always believed if you work hard and believe in yourself u can do anything
    the color does not matter. Let go of the fear sistas. WE CAN OWN BUSINESS
    get in formation!!!

    1. O.B kinesis says

      +bella belle I love comment?

    2. bella says

      Thank you! And I totally agree with you. A strong couple is destined for
      success. The male/female energies are very powerful combined. Male/female
      relationships are portrayed as negative in media to prevent couples from
      using and combining their natural powers to manifest.

    3. Paris Melvin says

      +bella belle no I have never believed these things from the media. It was
      more so the ppl around me trying to force negativity into my head.
      Over-religious, and abusive trying to force me into believing that I’m
      doomed for hell bc of my dreams and my confidence. A lot of black women
      issues is not just the media it’s a cycle of negativity and jealousy being
      passed down from one generation to the next. Not my issue tho not my
      mindset and I truly wish them the best. Women are being told to shut up,
      submit to their man, and be housewives. I had to pick up magazines and read
      books and look up to ppl who inspire me bc where I’m from it wasn’t really
      much to look up to. So my inspiration has always been immovable women like
      Oprah, Harriet Tubman, and Beyonce.

    4. Paris Melvin says

      Beyonce and JayZ, Barrack and Michelle, Will and Jada Smith are awesome
      couples. Me and my fiancé knows how important our alliance is, bc the more
      heads that come together in prayer the more powerful. BUT still a woman who
      does not have a man should never feel like she NEEDS a man to make her
      dreams come true it is very possible if she hasn’t linked with her soulmate

    5. O.B kinesis says

      +Paris Melvin it’s the more people that come together in Perfect Harmony
      that create a Mastermind Alliance not necessarily being a intimate
      relationship like you were soulmate but two or more people coming together
      in Perfect Harmony for a definite plan or goal the forming of your Alliance
      will call for you to use one of the richest you receive at Birth intuition
      to decide if the person is sincere for all others in the group for the plan
      or goal to be materialized by forming Alliance doesn’t put you over anyone
      but a lot of the ideas for the betterment of the group will naturally come
      through you because you form the group being a woman or man it makes no
      difference everyone in the alliance will play a significant role I know how
      I overly religious upbringing can shelter you from the truth and what
      Society did to women in general especially black woman trying to suppress
      Queens that naturally belong on the side of Kings not in the back of them
      its a crime against nature that must be paid but there is a equivalency
      seed of benefits that came from it that’s why we have so many headstrong
      women today like YOU Oprah Beyoncé and countless other black women unheard
      of Ilike my two-year-old daughter I’m blessed to have women like you in the
      world today that she can look at for inspiration and know that you don’t
      have to be a gold digger or just some housewife taking orders from a man to
      have place in this world love peace prosperity and happiness to you and

  17. Manifesting Vlog says

    OMG! this is amazing I so happy for you and Erika. thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Quinto Mudigo says

    hey ,if anyone else wants to discover best law of attraction guides try
    Nadazma Instant Miracle Helper(do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some
    great things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  19. Jahwan M says

    I absolutely love this video!!! What an amazing company too! Brilliant!
    Peace and love!

  20. Ms. Jade Campbell says

    Wow this is so awesome. ☺??????

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