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How She Turned a 90 sq. ft. NYC Apartment Into Her Sanctuary

Kirsten Dirksen

If you know anything about us, we are big proponents of the tiny home trend—there’s just something so amazing about downsizing in style! And, though we tend to focus our energy on unlikely tiny homes that are built into shipping containers, garages, and even port-a-potties, we think it’s time to give some love to the original tiny houses—urban micro-studios.

Felice Cohen, a writer and artist who resides in New York City’s iconic Upper West Side knows a thing or two about the importance of location. She lives just a block from Central Park, and walking distance from some of the Big Apple’s top attractions. Most renters in her neighborhood pay a minimum of $3,500 per month, but she pays a scant $700.

No, she’s not friends with the landlord, and the studio isn’t rent-controlled; the price is so low because the tiny space is only 90 sq. ft.! To give you some perspective, an average NYC studio is between 550-750 sq. ft. So, if you thought that your college dorm room or first apartment was too cramped, maybe you were just thinking about the space in the wrong way…

Kirsten DirksenAlthough Felice’s micro-studio is just a lick larger than the average American prison cell, she has managed to make the small, sunny space work for her. Sure, she admits that moving into this particular apartment came with some sacrifices, the resourceful renter says that the unconventional experience continues to be completely “worth it.”

Felice’s 90 sq. ft. high-rise abode features everything any single person needs. Believe it or not, the organizer has found a way to add a de-facto office space, a living room space to chill out, a dorm-style kitchen with a mini-fridge and a toaster oven, a closet, a full-sized bathroom, and a comfy loft bed that includes a mini-library.

The scrappy NYC resident also works as a professional organizer, which she admits has helped her make the most out of her space—and we agree, having that organizational know-how has to be an absolute ‘must’ for anyone attempting to live this way!

Now, if you are not a city slicker, then you may not understand why someone would be willing to sacrifice so much just to live in NYC. But, if you have ever taken the big leap and lived in a concrete jungle, then you certainly understand that $700 per month to have a view like this is well worth the confined space!

Kirsten DirksenWe could sing the praises of Felice’s micro-studio all day, but we think that you should see the clever urban domicile yourself. Click on the video below to get a tour from the trusty renter. Tiny houses are impressive, but we think she has taken the concept to a whole new level!

What do you think of Felicia’s tiny NYC apartment? Would you ever consider living in a place this small? How would you organize a 90 sq. ft. living space? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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