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How To: Abdominal Twist (LF Cable)

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  1. TheUncutAngel says

    might try this one today

  2. MDkid1 says

    Scott, have you done p90x?

  3. Eric A. says

    thats gonna hurt…i cant wait

  4. Adam A says

    Thanks Scott for showing me a new exercise routine that I can do to work my
    core I always have trouble finding new ways to work my core.

  5. navid12345 says

    Scoot whats your bodyfat %? around 8?

  6. Nick Burns says

    hey scott, this exercise looks very similar to the woodchopper one. does it
    work similar muscles just at a different angle? also, i feel like it could
    be paired very nicely with the woodchopper one. whatdya think

  7. Td Lifting says

    @Anomiman spoken like a true envious man?

  8. 44871umair says

    hey will this still work if the machine hndles ae a bit more furher apart,
    cause the machine at my gym that has wires is much further apart.

  9. thatsmysherman says

    Great vid Scott!

  10. ray63087 says

    @navid12345 im saying more like 4-6% 8 is a little high to be ripped like

  11. locuash05 says

    you can do pretty much anything in those pullies i love them… anything
    you can think of

  12. C Hones says

    hey scott.. have been doing your stuff in the gym for a week now. never
    felt so much pain.. love drop sets! i was wondering though if you could
    tell me how to get rid of love handles? whether i just have to do intense
    cardio or if there is an alternative way.. cheers lad

  13. JAMSTAR111 says

    Hey Scot ive got a question. I have just turned 16 and ive been doing
    endurance workouts for nearly a year now and i was just wondering at what
    age do you think i should start hitting the gym instead of just working out
    at home?

  14. AlanKA22 says

    @ScottHermanFitness maybe his brain cells divided and he felt the need to
    educate you on biology.

  15. Gerry Nascimento Nascimento says

    I did not know that this device could work the abdomen, like, really good,
    I’ll try here in the gym where I’m working out ok.parabéns;; visit my

  16. Anish Limbu says

    awesome scott for the win anish limbu here 

  17. avoconnor says

    Hey Scott, just wondering what effect the angle you have the cable at has
    on the muscles you work? I do this usually with one cable at the same
    height as my abs. Is there any specific height to make it as challenging as
    possible or to work the most muscles?

  18. RP Chapagain says

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    more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.
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    elements to kill your fat belly. i found it here bit.ly/14SrHAD?=bdtrf

  19. Darwaish Asif says

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    another minute in the gym, then you really want to look at this video
    tutorial SIXPP.COM Good clothes open all doors.

  20. Kiều Oanh Trần Thị says

    Wow. Wonderful vid. My cousin was formerly an overweight boy. He improved
    his body from 279 lbs of fat into 211 lbs of massive lean muscle. I found
    myself in awe. I just joined personally because I’m seeking to get heftier
    muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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