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How To Add Comment Moderators To Your YouTube Channel

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Learn how to add comment moderators for your YouTube channel and help create a strengthen your YouTube Community.

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  1. PeacebringerProductions says


    1. ItsRoyyql-Road to 0.5k says

      +Derral Eves Ikr

    2. ELECTRO PROPHET: The True Gaming MineClasher says

      +Derral Eves lolmman.thanks for the info.It was really helpful to my

    3. Derral Eves says


    4. Derral Eves says

      A video about comment moderation and you rip on someone???

    5. Derral Eves says


  2. Vo Vlogs says

    How to Get Subscribers. Darell ?
    Please Tell Me

    1. Jessica's Channel says

      +English Grammar I’ll Sub

    2. What IS? says

      Sub me and i will, you i need 15 more to cross 100, Please help me out, I
      shall be thankful to you,

    3. Jessica's Channel says

      +English Grammar I subbed to u

    4. pc tricks & cyber security test (how to) says

      i have same question.

    5. Vo Vlogs says

      +English Grammar I Subscribed you ….Please subscribe me now Bro

  3. Drory Nadav says

    Hi Darrel The Problem With You Tube Is The Relentless Trolls That Can Open
    Multiple Accounts and we can’t even remove them ,Wish You Tube Made It
    Possible To Track And Remove Them,Be It IP Address Or Real Name

    1. TheDirectorsOfGaming says

      If you’re referring to people that keep commenting negative or insulting
      things, if you block them their comments will disappear and they’ll only
      know if they log out and try finding their comments. You can also add words
      to the blacklist if they use certain insults a lot so that their comments
      don’t show if they include that word/s. YouTube cannot reveal IP addresses
      or people’s real names (if they use sock accounts then YouTube don’t know
      their real names) as it is of course a security and privacy issue.

    2. SleepDroid Studios says

      I think the problem he is talking about is that someone can create multiple
      accounts under one login just by making an empty new channel. It is really
      simple to switch between them and they only take a few minutes to create.
      If you block one, I’m pretty sure they can just switch to another and leave
      more messages. The comment tools are getting better on YouTube, but they
      still have a ways to go.

    3. TheDirectorsOfGaming says

      +SleepDroid Studios You can never stop someone from creating multiple
      accounts without affecting the experience of normal users who wish to
      create more accounts for legitimate reasons.

    4. SleepDroid Studios says

      I know. It would just be nice if blocking someone from commenting on your
      video would block all of their sub-accounts together: Block the King along
      with all the Minions

  4. Daniel's Planet says

    Derral do you have any advice if one of your videos reaches 40k? Does that
    mean that it’s gonna go viral? Thanks!

    1. Bush Channel says

      Do nothing… Don’t change the tags, don’t change the title, don’t change
      the description or thumbnail. If it’s doing well as it is, you don’t want
      Youtube having to re-index it ?

    2. Daniel's Planet says

      +Bush Channel Thank you so much, I don’t know what to do to get those same
      views again?

    3. Bush Channel says

      +Daniel’s Planet must be an exciting time! I heard Tim Schmoyer once say
      something like this, “if you’ve had a sudden popular video try uploading a
      follow up video directly relating to the first.”

    4. Bush Channel says

      +Daniel’s Planet look up “What to do when your video goes viral.” It’s on
      the channel Video Creators. Very good video with Tim interviewing another
      large channel.

    5. Owen Payne says

      +Daniel’s Planet One of my videos hit 100k and nothing came of it. I made 9

  5. Keith Hopkin says

    Moderate THIS!

    1. brad b says

      Just another way to stomp all over the 1st amendment ! = ( SAD !!

    2. CristySeJoaca Hd says

      +Sam Knightley You don’t need April fools day couse you’re whole live is a

    3. Keith Hopkin says

      +CristySeJoaca Hd ok, for real now…somebody just needs to moderate this
      and delete this thread.

  6. Aya Acil TV says

    please derral i need your help :'(

  7. RVerTV says

    good info and video… i will use that feature….Thanks

  8. lonestarrider says

    For my small channel, I may not be using this feature Good to know!

  9. The Glamorous Life says

    great tip!! kat xx

  10. USNERDOC says

    Great video and cool YouTube feature.
    My channel is too small to require a comment moderator but I can see how
    this will be helpful for bigger channels.
    I echo a comment / question below: “Does the channel owner get a report
    back of comments that were removed by a moderator?”

    Thanks for a great channel and very helpful content!

  11. Lord of Pits says

    Your not crazy, your helpful! Thanks Derral!

  12. TateFaulkner says

    Omg Im so glad you did a video on this! Had no idea of this feature, and so
    many of my friends (& me too) get creepy comments from the pedos on
    Youtube. This will help so much thanks Derral! ?

  13. Mad_Happy Plays says

    I’m not going to use it, no one leaves me any comments

    1. mike poloni (Erich Hartmann) says

      sub to me and ill sub back and watch and like your videos

  14. MichaelSerial says

    Hey Derral, I am wondering if you have a video or maybe you can tell me how
    to publish unpublished videos. As usual Google Help Forum is full of ideas
    on this but nothing works. I get a notification in my Manager saying I have
    several unpublished videos and they offer no way to remedy the situation.
    More than half are unpublished even though I upload them the same way. I
    schedule them and sometimes not. But I NEVER make them private or unlisted.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. SleepDroid Studios says

      He has made a video about the right way to upload and make the “private”
      when uploading. Then go through the video manager and edit the video. Just
      change the video to “public” and it is “published”. There isn’t much to it.
      It is the same screen where you edit the description, keywords, title, etc.
      Publishing just means you changed it from private to something else. You
      can “un-publish” a video just by changing it back to private.

      He has a video about it but it was a while ago. I don’t remember what it is
      called. If you are still having then I am really not sure what you mean. I
      upload a lot of videos and don’t ever remember seeing a message like the
      one you describe. Good luck. I hope you get it working.

    2. MichaelSerial says

      +SleepDroid Studios thanks I saw that video when it came out. I know all
      about the stuff you’re talking about that is not my problem. As I mentioned
      before these have always been set to public and uploaded immediately or
      scheduled. the problem is some of them show up as published and some of
      them do not. it has nothing to do with privatizing or and listing videos It
      Is Random. But thanks for your help anyways 🙂 I will probably contact my
      MCN Disney Studios they respond right away. there is also YouTube help
      emails now but Derrell has been my buddy for years and I thought he could
      get back to me sooner.

  15. SleepDroid Studios says

    I wish I had enough comments on my channel to need a moderator. That would
    be awesome. Someday…

    1. mike poloni (Erich Hartmann) says

      Ok subbed now sub back

    2. SleepDroid Studios says

      I really do appreciate the offer, but I wasn’t really looking for a sub 4
      sub kind of thing. Of course, more subs are nice and they may help a
      little with YouTube thinking that your channel is hot so they promote you
      better, but I really want people to sub me because they like my videos. I
      have hundreds of them. Sub numbers are nice, but people who like your
      videos are much better.
      Sleep well!

    3. mike poloni (Erich Hartmann) says

      Yure videos are cool I just want something back

    4. SleepDroid Studios says

      I understand what you are saying.

    5. mike poloni (Erich Hartmann) says

      S did you sub

  16. Damien Fate says

    Most of my videos are quiet but some of my bigger series get too many
    comments to keep on top of. This will actually help, thanks!

  17. Rolf Nilsson says

    I have a channel with 3 other people

    1. Rolf Nilsson says

      And we all have channels

  18. btr101mage says

    Derral Eves,For some reason I make video with good content,good thumbnail
    and stuff and I get like 1 view per video… Can you tell me what am I
    doing wrong?

  19. Nue Vue says

    how are some people able to add those thumbnails links and in video sub

  20. Marlar House says

    I work so hard to reply and/or like all comments on my channel but I know
    it will become practically impossible if my channel were to grow as I hope
    it will someday. This sounds like a viable solution… I’m just not sure if
    I would feel comfortable allowing someone else to “pretend” to be me and
    reply to comments. But removing comments with foul language or
    mean-spirited stuff, or trolls (none of which are currently a problem)
    could certainly be a blessing.

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