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How To Add Managers or Change Ownership to Your YouTube Channel

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In this video, learn how to add multiple managers to your YouTube Channel or even change the ownership!
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If a channel is linked to a Brand Account, multiple people can manage the channel from their Google Accounts. You don't need a separate username or password to manage YouTube channels with a Brand Account. If it's connected to a person, I will have a video shortly on how to make it a brand account.

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  1. Trap Nap says

    Derral I have a big problem! I have another youtube account which I want to
    delete but I don’t remember the email/password for it and that account
    isn’t linked to any other email or phone number! Please help! Thanks.

    1. AlbaKing says

      he probably have a video about it search it on his channel

    2. Trap Nap says

      +Help Me Reach 1,000 Subs With no Videos Yea well I found how to get into a
      account if you have that account linked to a phone number or email but my
      account isn’t linked -_’

    3. AlbaKing says

      +Trap Nap idk man :/

    4. Help me get to 500 subscribers with no videos says

      +Help Me Reach 1,000 Subs With no Videos sub to me I sub to you

  2. Boruto Shippuden says

    I’m early!

    1. Derral Eves says


    2. Boruto Shippuden says

      +Derral Eves omg!! Never though you would reply! You MADE MY DAY! ?❤️

    3. Boruto Shippuden says

      +Boruto Shippuden thought

    4. Derral Eves says

      I’m glad I made your day!

  3. Aspiration says

    Thanks Derral for the video. YouTube has made this process a lot easier
    now. I wish I knew this a year ago.

  4. TechnoS Hindi says

    i know what would have been the first comment on this video.

  5. Musicman Butte says

    Hang on a minute, if you sold your channel to someone else wouldn’t you
    loose subscribers because it wouldn’t be you creating the content?

    1. Mad_Happy Plays says

      if you sold your channel the subs still be there, your just handing over
      the key to the channel. The subs would then have a chose to stay with the
      new owner or leave.

  6. Bricks4Me™ says

    This was some good advice! If I were to sell my channel, the price would
    depend on how big the channel is. Also, could you make a video explaining
    the comments on the youtube, I don’t know how to reply to a reply if you
    know what I mean.

  7. JerryRigEverything says

    So the communications manager can respond to comments? But not add or
    delete videos? It would have been interesting to see what level of
    permissions each option had. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy my channel,
    I’ll be selling for $9000 Billion Dollars.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Yes… The communications manager engages with the fans and viewers, but
      doesn’t have anything to do with adding or editing content.

    2. Yuri Yeleyko says

      Interesting. Can you please show HOW communication managers can comment on
      YouTube (not on G+ page). I am starving for that couple years since it was
      promised back in 2013 by Google.

  8. spllitz says

    how could you get banned on Adsense?

  9. SpirosTv says

    I just ckeck that now and that dosent even show, is it a new update that is
    coming out or ?

    1. RattlePie says

      I think you might be looking in wrong place, make sure you follow the steps
      on the video, it is all there.

    2. SpirosTv says

      i really em following the steps but thats is not ther. is only if i want to
      change my name and password

    3. BB Test says

      I posted a reply a few days ago, please check my comment for more details.
      This only works for Channels attached to Brand Pages otherwise the option
      does not appear.

    4. RattlePie says

      yes and like I explained I’m my reply above, you can switch it to a brand
      no need to spam the comments.

  10. Ryan Urlacher says

    Thanks for the video Derral. FYI: I tried this and am not “YouTube Red”. My
    account type is “Standard”. It seems that because of that we don’t have the
    “managers” option at all. Again, great video, but hopefully this will help
    others that try this.

    1. BB Test says

      I posted a reply a few days ago, please check my comment for more details.
      This only works for Channels attached to Brand Pages otherwise the option
      does not appear.

  11. Shannon Morse says

    I would never sell my channel, my personal brand means way too much to me,
    no matter the offer. I also manage a company’s YouTube channel and know the
    owner feels the same. we have 250k+ subs and he’d never sell it. We are on
    a network and he contractually still owns the name and all content.

  12. Tjaša Deu says

    I did the steps and was like “what?” I have change passowrd there and
    that’s it!” And then i opened the description bar and saw the magic words
    “If a channel is linked to a Brand Account,…”. So yes, looking forward to
    your video about how to change a personal account to brand account. :)

  13. rockndave says

    So this is how Keemstar is still making videos after having his account
    banned and supposedly someone else owns dramaalert.

  14. Health Care. PK says

    Sir Please Healp me I recived a message from Youtube..Now What I Should
    Have To Do?
    Video removed: Misleading or insufficient metadata | Appeal

  15. Marlar House says

    I can’t imagine ever changing ownership… I enjoy doing this too much. But
    if my channel were to explode in popularity I can certainly see how adding
    managers could be helpful!

  16. shameem ahamed says

    can we add partner ship.

  17. BB Test says

    +Ryan Urlacher ,+Tjaša Deu , +Derral Eves , Actually this won’t work if
    your Channel is not attached to a Brand Page, if it isn’t, the managers
    option will simply not appear. Being Standard account is not a factor in
    this, Doing what the video says is easy if the managers option appears, but
    getting the whole attach to a Brand Channel to make that option appear is
    the hard part. Try it with an account that is NOT attach to a Brand Channel
    and you’re into something really really different. Beware! These
    instructions are useless if you don’t have your Channel attached to a Brand
    Account, Please reply or update this video or at least put a disclaimer,
    (Y) And By the way, your custom URL will be lost with this procedure.

    1. Blair Grotbeck says

      Thanks for clarifying. I was so confused.

    2. BB Test says

      Well it was my bad as he actually put a disclaimer on the “more info” about
      it, but he should have said that on the actual video to avoid confusion I
      guess, well anyway, he says he’ll upload another video on how to attach
      your channel to a brand page to proceed so that would complete the process
      😛 (y)

  18. Blair Grotbeck says

    The “Managers” option is not there when get that window. Anyone else have
    this problem?

    1. Kira IsHere says


    2. Enes Likaj says

      me to :/

  19. XxxCR1SPYxxX says

    i think i have a brand account and its linked to my gmail but i want to
    unlink my gmail is that possible?????? no one knows how to do it and for
    some reason my youtube channel has its own custom gmail if i delete my
    gmail will it delete my youtube account even though my youtube account has
    a seperate custom gmail????? why does my account have a custom gmail it was
    given by google for youtube idk why my youtube channel isnt linked to that
    custom gmail

  20. SoLdier Punisher says

    i can’t find the Partner option in my channel’s settings

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