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How To: Barbell Ab Rollout On Knees (Upper & Lower Abs)

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Unless you have access to a gym with a wide variety of abdominal machines it can be hard to find new exercises to really push your abs to the next level.

The Barbell Ab Rollout is a great exercise to really kick the intensity up a notch in your abdominal workouts because not only does it work the entire rectus abdominus, upper & lower abs, but it forces you to learn how to utilize your internal belt to maximize the usefulness of the movement.

(1:48)- Videos on Internal Belt / Stomach Vacuum
• One Tip To INSTANTLY Increase Your Strength On Every Single Lift!

• How To: Stomach Vacuum

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  1. Jaime Flores says

    Is it just me or was the video interlaced? :o

  2. TPWFARMER says

    I already do this, but great exercise for everyone to know! 

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks +TPWFARMER ! I certainly agree!

  3. max yang says

    Ty for the vid. Tiger fitness channel left his subs hanging with his new

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      I am so sick of people saying ab exercises are a waste. To build big
      blocky abs you need to either train them super hard like you would with any
      other muscle or juice your brains out. As a #natty athlete, I choose to
      train them.

  4. hassan ammar fitness says

    I use the ab roller instead, is it going to give me the same results using

    1. Gene Jost says

      Yes, your body is performing the same movement. Your hands are positioned
      differently, but they simply have nothing to do with your core. Common

  5. Albert Aldridge Fitness (AAFitness) says

    Awesome video, thanks man! 🙂 hope you enjoyed thanksgiving!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks bro!! I hope you did too! leftovers time!

  6. nader marey says

    Great as always scott, i just wanna say thank you for teaching us such

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks +nader marey , happy to help!

  7. Matthew Norzan says

    thanks a lot scott. just wondering whether 3 sets of 12 daily is enough for

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      No need for it daily, but what is “enough” depends on your complete program

  8. fadelapouit says

    Does it work the same with a rollout – it looks like a wheel with handles?

  9. spongebob square pants says

    Top Job Scott……..

    Slow & steady.

  10. ahmed haddad says

    you can do it with a towel ! :D

  11. Joe Powell says

    This exercise was easy for me to work into my routine…but I am trying to
    take it to the next level by starting on my toes instead of my knees, so
    far I end up on my face, but determined to execute properly.

  12. ErnieinTokyo says

    Outro song???

  13. Mohd Kaif says

    Hi Scoot! how are you ? I’m Kaif and i am 14 year old and i need to make my
    body ripped please tell me where to start i am confused there are too many
    videos of yours and i don’t know where to start? please help!

  14. Chris Stanley says

    Coming from a 280 pounds lineman, this hurt like hell lol

  15. Konie Chan Chan says

    Sherman is brilliant man, fit body.
    can vary it so its real killer, do it from standing up and with dumbells
    that point out, or both to left or right, love it!

  16. Forte Astro says

    my abs were destroyed throwing a 45 pound on my back ;-;. I felt them hard
    this morning.

  17. bikash sharma says

    hi … my name is Vicky from Indian.i perform exercise learning from your
    video I wana built six pack abs..can u suggt me a diet chart I am a
    vegetarian and not don’t even eggs.wil wait for ur response

  18. Alexandre Portes says

    Great video,Scott!Doing this exercise I will still need to do planks ?

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