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How To Block People on Facebook – Block Someone

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How To Block someone on Facebook without them knowing — If there is someone harassing, bullying, or generally annoying you on Facebook there are several ways to block that person so they can’t contact you anymore.

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How to Report someone Facebook for Cyber Bulling


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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing.

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How to Ban People from Facebook

How To Block People on Facebook

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  1. Jarhead6 says

    Don’t do FB but great vid as always! 

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +Jarhead6

  2. MaxMRL says

    My friends keep sending game request

    1. Derral Eves says

      Did you see my video on How To Block Games Notifications & Invites on
      Facebook Forever

    2. MaxMRL says

      +Derral Eves no i didn’t better check it out. thanks

  3. Diros World says

    I don’t know if you already make a video like that but if you haven’t can
    you make a video on how to block or black list on youtube.

    1. Derral Eves says

      This will be thursday’s video +Diros World

  4. The Junks says

    Facebook doesn’t let anyone block Ashur Kumar or whatever their name is.
    I’ve tried a million times.

  5. MA D says

    Thanks for that. But if I block someone, can he/she still see my posts?

    1. Krystal Shedd says

      no. its as if you’re not even on Fb (to them)

  6. mad world says

    hello plz tell me how to get detail when was my facebook block?

  7. AGUYMON2009 says

    I want to find out how I can keep my face book account 100% PUBLIC so
    everyone can see everything but I can make it so my brother won’t be
    blocked but he won’t see everything I post and see everything on my
    facebook account? Plus I have noticed that with Facebook when you put
    someone on a restrict list you don’t have the option to keep people
    restricted while the rest of everyone else is public on my facebook. If
    there was a way for free that was safe to restrict someone and make it so
    they can’t see whether you are doing on facebook but you don’t have to
    block them. Plus if you could make it when they post to your facebook they
    will think that their post is really on your wall but it really is not
    until you approve it but they won’t know it? I wish some one could create
    an app and/or a program that you can download for FREE to your pc or mac?
    It would be nice to have an app/program that would make it impossible fore
    someone to block you on facebook?

  8. Paul Harris says

    it’s a scam!

  9. Tom Carter says

    I blocked because I got upwards of 60, posts per day thanks so much for the

  10. Mongo Ming says

    Would they know if u block?

  11. Wolfe Furry wolfe the wolf says

    how too block some one when thy do a new facebook all the time

  12. drew atha says

    thx your awesome I liked and subed

  13. Noor Abd says

    Cause this girl keeps calling me whenever she want sth from me,, she got a
    home, kids and a husband but she keeps bothering me just when she needs to
    be a way from her husband and I should tolerate her manner and her kids,
    besides i bearly managing my life and they are a family I need to spend
    more than my actual daily expenses while she got double than my salary but
    she’s not spending a cent whenever she comes over here.

  14. WyeanglerTV (Wyeangler) says

    cheers Derrel, very informative

  15. raphil Tamang says

    how to unbolck people in messanger if meaasge is deleted

  16. Rev. Dee Stephens says

    how do I stop foreign requests

    1. Choie Chansing says


  17. Lucy L. says

    I need help!!! A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend told me that every time
    I Pinned something on Pinterest it showed up in her Facebook notifications,
    and it also shows up as if I really want to post it to my Facebook which I
    don’t. I have not a clue if or what I did, so I have not a clue how to fix
    it. I enjoy Pinning to Pinterest, so my little habit, is frustrating to
    those who don’t care to see all of my Pins. Could you help me??? Would
    appreciate it.

  18. y0psa says

    because he keeps on calling me all over again

  19. Pete Zito says

    Hey Derral, Thanks for the video! I think my problem is a little different
    than what most people are experiencing.
    I own a Tanning Salon & Spa, and my ex-manager is always on our business FB
    page, and she friend request TONS of our customers (She started a “Mobile
    Spray Tan Business”) so….this is her way of marketing and it’s……more
    than pissing me off lol
    Any Ideas for me Derral??? plzzz


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