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How to Block Someone on your YouTube Channel – Ban People

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How to Block Someone on your YouTube Channel – Ban People— If there is someone harassing, bullying, being negative towards, or generally annoying you on YouTube there are several ways to block that person so they can’t comment on your videos or message you anymore

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How to Block Someone on your YouTube Channel – Ban People

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  1. FockYouMang says

    how do you block someone when using the YouTube app on your Android 6.0.1

    1. anand budhu says

      go to homedepot and buy a blocker to block them

    2. FockYouMang says

      +anand budhu ah duh,

    3. TiffanyLee says

      Go to the Internet icon search youtube and I if it says open in app click
      no or cancel

  2. CraigTube says

    I have a really important question. I banned one of my other accounts just
    to see what happens and what it looks like to get banned. Then I logged
    into that account and tried to post a comment on the channel that I banned
    myself from. The comment still showed up. When I went back to my first
    account, the comment was not there. I went back and forth a few times and I
    could always see my comment from my banned channel, but not from the
    channel I banned it from. This means that when you ban someone, they don’t
    even know they were banned, and they can keep on posting as if they were
    not banned, even though no one else will ever see it, not even you. So he
    goes on thinking that he’s trash talking your comments and he thinks that
    you’re a pus who can’t think of a response. When I ban someone, I want them
    to NOT be able to post a comment AT ALL and to KNOW that they were banned
    and can’t post a comment anymore. Is there any way to do this? Did you know
    that this is how it works? I would love you to do this experiment and tell
    us what you found. Thanks!

    1. griffinmatter says

      It’s called ghost banning. The poster will still be able to see the
      comment, but no one else will. If you don’t ban someone, and they post a
      comment on your video without staying for the whole thing, their comment
      goes to the spam filter, and no one else can see it except them. You can
      see it, too, if you look in the spam folder. 🙂

    2. Herobrine crafter says

      nice that is good i need this Fangirl525 Da Vlogger is bullying me so mean
      block her and be careful plz

    3. Chris Invisible says

      I think I’m having this issue now. On my video “THE DUCK HUNT IS A LIE”
      there is a use I suspect of farming all 7 dislikes to even the bar. Help

  3. HollyBlossom says

    what if the person doesn’t have a YouTube channel?

    1. Steve-0-tron says

      Then they can’t comment. So it doesn’t matter.

  4. DollarTreeDiva01 says

    mine does not have the option ban subscriber just hide is it the same?

    1. Mike's Paradise Of Food & Travel says

      +couponing4ever I know it sucks right. I had a few dislikes on one of my
      videos. You welcome. Please visit my channel if you have time. Thanks ??

    2. kate kate says

      +BYRD News Hey I found you lol love your channel!

    3. Sydney Esdelle says

      +BRYD so would they be banned from commenting or will your account just
      cant see the comment but everyone else would

    4. Sylvia W says

      i checked on mine and the person i blocked can’t comment, because i
      signed out and there was nothing – however i am seeing numbers for
      but there isnt any comments

    5. JERMAINE HYDE says


  5. CBcows04 says

    is there any way to block through a tablet and not a PC

    1. blackwoolley says

      I’m trying to find out the same thing ?

    2. Manny Collins says

      I’m trying to figure that out too

    3. YOLO BOY TV says

      Same thing

    4. WRider says

      uhm i think it might work if you go with pc version on your pad….

    5. gondurama says

      +Manny Collins hey your that fart guy lol

  6. Qator agar Gaming says

    Is there a way to block in ios?

    1. Legend_Kogi12 says


    2. R3A:P says

      +Legend_Kogi12 how

    3. Scraph says

      just use a computer at the libary or smtn

  7. Jack Ollier Trains says

    One person disliking a vid for no reason and then commenting “disliked” .
    Who would go to all that effort?

    1. Sydney Esdelle says

      ikr Lol

    2. 樂高乳頭你一個 says

      on my actual channel I have 21 subs and people are advertising there
      channels and disliking at my size looks horrible on the ratings

  8. Tine Mikuš says

    Hello there. I have a question. If you block them, will they be able to
    watch your videos? Thanks.

    1. Sydney Esdelle says

      Yes they can still view your channel and dislike but they cannot comment on
      your videos. I have a troll on my channel too

    2. Tine Mikuš says

      Thanks. my two cousins were on my uncle’s birthday and they went on his
      compiter and subbed to me. And I do not want my siblings to know that I
      have yt

    3. Sub to my new channel The Amazing Channel Of Noah says

      my troll is ZombieHQ

    4. Joe Taylor says

      block them on google + and they won’t be able to see your content. at all.

  9. TheDampMarshtomp says

    I only block people if they refuse to help me with a certain app **ahem**
    DinoZambas2 **ahem**

    1. Sydney Esdelle says

      hahahah i have this person on my channel who left hate comments too 🙁

    2. project fazbear says

      I’m blocking a 8 year old Minecraft fan that’s threatening me stupid kid

    3. Whazaminations says

      *calls someone a stupid 8 year old. Has a fnaf picture and pretends to be
      freddy fazbear.*

    4. project fazbear says

      +Jovan0896 Animations I’m not pretending to be anyone and I’m waiting for
      RaeBae to make my oc for my profile picture

    5. pengu says

      and out of everything, u choose fnaf

  10. TheAndroidGamer says

    I wish you can stop them from disliking your videos as well.

    1. iiSavageAmerican says


    2. Otaku says


    3. Lucario_playzMC-Placid says

      TheAndroidGamer same but yeah people at least aren’t stupid when they see
      my vids check my lastest vid out you will se

  11. griffinmatter says

    If you block someone, they can still post on your videos. It’s just they
    don’t know they’ve been blocked. It’s called ghost banning. You or no one
    else will see the comment except them, so they think they’re still doing
    some good.
    I would block people who post on my videos, but since they don’t know, I
    feel like I haven’t been able to send them a message about how they’ve done
    me wrong. 🙂
    The reason i’d want to block them is because most people who comment on my
    videos just stay long enough to leave a comment, and they’re gone. They’ll
    leave comments like, “Hey, wow. great video!”. And, they don’t even watch.
    I hate that. Most of the time, their comments go to the spam filter. I get
    a lot of them in there. And, those comments get ghost banned, and they
    still think they’re doing themselves some good when no one else sees their
    comments but them, and me, if I look in the spam folder. :)

    1. andrefaaa says

      Hey, wow. Great comment! 8)

    2. griffinmatter says

      +andrefaaa Thanks. I did a lot of studying on the Google forums. 🙂

    3. University OF The Blues says

      How cool is that ! Love it

    4. Squirp's says

      does the banning prevent them from disliking???

    5. griffinmatter says

      +Squirp’s No, but you can always check your analytics to see who’s thumbing
      your videos down. That might not be useful information, but if you know who
      it is and where they’re coming from, then you could politely confront them.

  12. Jenna love says

    How do you block someone on YouTube while using your iPhone?

  13. romania123 AJ says

    Hello! I just want to say I want to block/banning a guy, because he is
    copying my videos always… His YouTube username is AJ jammerc9y7, and I
    want him to no watch my videos anymore. If I block or ban him, does he can
    watching my videos anymore? Because is not fine to copy other’s vids

    1. Whazaminations says

      File a copyright strike. He’ll lose privileges on his channel and the third
      strike will ban their channel.

  14. AkHil AcHu says

    how can i block a youtuber , i dont want to see his videos on youtube

    1. NewZero says

      yea that how i got to this video

  15. Winter Rose AJ says

    i have a question? can u go to subscribers and some how block someone
    because i used to go on omegle and say subscribe to me and i wish i never
    done that so there are some people i wanna ban but they have not seen my
    videos in a long time but i still wanna ban them is there any way well
    please reply ty :D

  16. SuperDuperMoto says

    Here’s my problem… I’ve blocked a used on my other youtube channel. I can
    no longer see his comments nor do I get notifications when he comments
    HOWEVER they still show up to other people on the account. So When I’m
    logged in as Warrior Works Training (the channel I blocked the user from) I
    can’t see him commenting and I don’t get notifications that he’s
    commenting. If I go to the same video logged in my other channel
    (SuperDuperMoto) I see the comments and he’s continuing to post them. Is
    there a way to ACTUALLY ban someone so they can’t leave comments for anyone
    to see? Thanks, Mark

  17. The Vegan Bear says

    the ban feature is missing now from the community tab

  18. ProGamer says

    Thanks someguy never stopped hating on my channel but i have one question
    can that guy if he is still banned dislike my videos i would really like to
    know that pls answer 😀 !

  19. magnusm4 says

    But how do I block a person from replying to my comments in general. It’s
    annoying having people reply who does nothing but abuse and curse without

  20. optimus gaming says

    Thank you so much for this video someone was swearing at me and telling me
    all my videos were terrible so thank you so much for making this vid

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