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How to Blur Faces and Objects Right Within YouTube

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Learn how to blur faces, objects, logos or anything you want with the YouTube Custom Blurring too. You can blur any object in your video, even as it moves
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Whether you are looking to blur sensitive information such as a license plate, some guys random face or cover up a wardrobe malfunction.The new Youtube Custom Blurring tool will let you blur objects throughout your video, right within YouTube.

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  1. Crazily cool says

    Hi!!!Could you make a video of of how you make your intro for

    1. The diamondtree says

      I already know how Derral could you make a video explaining how to connect
      an ad senses account to a youtube Chanel

    2. Eric maia says

      +The diamondtree stop talking to know one kid

    3. The diamondtree says


    4. G0at1337 says

      Download blender the watch a tutorial.

  2. Unauthorized Expression says

    Yeah if you could teach us how not to get our channels taken down by 1
    pissed off person false copyright flagging every video we’ve ever made and
    then having youtube piss in our face for daring to expect any form of
    honorable treatment of the ppl that make this site worth $40 BILLION. Yeah
    that’d be great if you could do a video on that. I’ll be waiting on the
    edge of my seat for your silence.

    1. C Geane says

      Watch some Vegan Gaines vids…he’s having this issue with Freelee –
      (Freelee vs VeganGaines) – I think he mentions some steps to counter false
      copyright flagging.(?) Also try a youtube search & google search on what to
      do. I had to do a lot of research on invalid clicks – I had to discover
      what clickbombing means….so I’m in the same boat as you right now. But
      one of the tips I found that I will use is NOT to promote on your personal
      Facebook page or any site where you have frenemies.

    2. C Geane says

      +Unauthorized Expression
      Yeah – I don’t think we could be friends in real life if that is how he is,
      but it could be a put on for entertainment, so I give him a grain of salt.
      (He hasn’t been arrested or police come to his house like Chris Brown last

  3. All Pakistan Kabaddi says

    Thanks Great man! please help me i want to verified channel ✔ how i
    verified ?

    1. Charan'z kitchen says

      he already did that video check that out!!

  4. Pheebs :3 says

    Thank you!!!! now i don’t have to worry about my Mum being in shots XD

    1. C Geane says

      lol my Mom doesn’t want to be on camera either!

  5. VPD Edition says

    Can You Review How To Edit Your Videos Before Posting Them? Because When I
    watch Certain Videos It Edits The Video Before Even Posting It.?

    1. Grace Mensah says

      You could upload it private then edit it then press publish

  6. J. Dalton says

    More on audio. How to make the music end softly. So it’s not a loud cut

    1. Tay McKenzie says

      Check out adobe audition tutorials 🙂

    2. Tay McKenzie says

      and sony vegas pro 13

  7. Gaming with Andrew says

    How to create your own website please

    1. UmEr515k says

      Go to wix.com

    2. UmEr515k says

      I never did

  8. Techify says

    I would blur out my personal details like mailing address on a package
    while doing an unboxing video.

    1. Techno Creeper says

      I would blur out the name of a gym in Pokemon GO

    2. Techify says

      +Techno Creeper Lol..

  9. Lyndan Armytage says

    when you become a You Tube partner how do you actually get the money?

    1. Tay McKenzie says

      I believe paypal

    2. KIM&KIDS says

      Through your bank account 🙂

    3. MCPROBES says


  10. Tweet4upatriots says

    Smile I have subscribe in your channel thank you.

    1. Derral Eves says


    2. Gaming With Christy says

      Me to 🙂

    3. Tweet4upatriots says

      I learned so much from you Sir Derral Eves, thank you. But I am still
      learning. Thank you so much Sir.

  11. Ibrahim Harris says

    Mr. +Derral Eves Where can I find the channel Keywords? The tags where
    people search in the search bar to reach to your channel?

  12. The Banana Bomb says

    I don’t know why but I just like the name Derell Eve’s

  13. Fuzion lyrics says

    derral eves help me pls i search my channel but my channel is not in the

  14. goldsilverandiamonds says

    How about how to find and choose good quality music for videos and clips
    and how to edit/add them in videos.

    1. Gameoverstudios says

      YouTube Audio Library is a good source to get music that you can use; and
      to add them to videos, download the song you want and put it into your
      editing program.

  15. Skillz Norway says

    How do U cut out a picture 4 a thumbnail without the whole picture?
    (F.example, a pic of ur self with 4example white background, and not Get
    the background, just ur self??

    1. Gameoverstudios says

      Use Adobe Photoshop or some other photo editing software that allows you to
      remove backgrounds for editing purposes.

  16. Nick Ham says

    You should make one about making an intro right from YouTube

    1. VVauseHD VVause says

      For basic intros you can check out panzoid its really helpful I made my
      intros from them they’re on my channel check them out

  17. Goldenafro says

    I was playing undertale for youtube so i needed to blur out some swear

    1. Saurav Asthana says


  18. Marlar House says

    I don’t have my face on most of my videos… but if I did I’m sure my
    subscribers would be demanding I use this tool.

    1. Oween Squad says


  19. Synox says

    How to make thumbnails on phones with Pixlr? should be your next video

  20. Konstantin Sandler says

    So I need to blur some titties and her face….

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