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How To Build A Loyal Community On Youtube with Tim Schmoyer

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Looking to grow your YouTube Channel, Tim Schmoyer explains was to grow a loyal community on YouTube.
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  1. Niamh-Creates says

    Oh I am definitely interested in this! Growing a community is my main goal. Really helpful information here! Thanks, guys!

    1. Icini says

      they read the book Primal Branding, it is also on audible

    2. BallisticLuq says

      Niamh-Creates Hey can someone check my channel out? I make commentaries/ranty vids! I am almost on 100 Subscribers so can someone help me out by staying active and giving feedback and subscribing on my channel thank you!

    3. Elissa Jordan says

      Niamh-Creates Yes! Community is the most important part of YouTube!

  2. Thespina Xx says

    Both of my fav youtubers together!

    1. KTM Laranjinha says

      Thespina Xx Same here!!!!

    2. imrobertz1 says

      Not me :’-(

  3. ∞ Woof says

    Thank you Brian games??

    1. ∞ Woof says

      The Dream Syndicate: Arts, Crafts, & Ephemera
      THANK YOU…
      for ur sweet comment…
      but I have question…
      how did u get 60 subs… I mean any way to get em without begging…
      how did u get it though?
      don’t get angry i’m just curious ?

    2. TheAverageDan says

      Do a search for “Talk Data To Me Channel” and watch the video S4S…. it will show you how S4S will hurt your chances of building a successful channel on youtube

    3. ∞ Woof says

      TheAverageDan Okay bud?
      Thx for ur advice… will stop then?

    4. The Dream Syndicate: Arts, Crafts, & Ephemera says

      +Woof Ah, I can’t get mad at a fair question. I was part of a 32k RPG related channel, I realized that I wasn’t making the most ideal content for myself and my talents (I’m a visual artist and I’d previously regularly showed in galleries and have been printed in art books), so I left the channel on good terms with both the channel and the audience and some followed just out of curiosity of what I’ll do next.

      Before I go into specifics of what we did to build up the old channel, I want to talk about the realities of “YouTube money”- you make VERY little from AdSense, I’m looking at the analytics of my old channel for a 28 day period right now and when I did the math, they make about $0.003 per view. Thankfully, they’ve figured-out how to make money in other ways and I couldn’t stress enough how important it is to make money not relying on YouTube if you’re trying to do this.

      It took about 3.5 years to build that 32k following on the last channel and it took good, consistent content (we went from 3 vids a week to 5 to 2 videos daily and some content on the weekend- we’d post 12-13 vids/week) while applying solid channel growth strategies- SEO, making good thumbnails (if we had did this sooner, we would’ve probably had faster growth, but we slept on this for about the first year…), looking for upcoming opportunities of things that would be important in our niche, engaging with our audience, promoting the channel on other social media sites.

      If you want to learn all of these things, use the channel search features and playlists on channels like Derral Eves, Roberto Blake, Tim Schmoyer, and Brian G. Johnson, make *a lot* of the best content you’re capable of at the time, and reply to every single comment you get to build community- as a small, upcoming channel, you offer one thing that bigger channels can’t- interaction.

  4. TVWXMAN32 says

    7 people aren’t making any money from youtube.

    1. The Peeping Egg says

      LOL I chuckled when I saw your comment!

  5. Lina Usman says

    My viewers are going away. It had never happened like this before, but I will keep going no matter what. Thank you for this video 🙂

    1. Blessing Onsin says

      Lina Usman same here

  6. DigDig1999 says

    ive watch alot of your vids so i can see you know your YT stuff and might be able to help me out.

    my vid says it cant be played in some countries and ive filed the thing on it waiting for response. but if i make it pubic now will it just be blocked in some countries or will it give me a strike or something like that?

  7. Annilator04 says

    I am sure a lot of new content creators are having the same problem as me. You spend the time to make good videos and good thumbnails, tag the video properly and upload consistently but still are getting little to no views and all the sudden subscribers stop coming in Derral if you have the time I would please like some suggestions to get my channel growing even more.

    1. JixDoesGaming says

      Yup, that’s me

  8. ToyToy Kids Channel says

    hii..I want to know that Can we share our video in comments of another youtube channel ?

    1. Young Gamer says

      Toys And Kids you can but in a lot of cases the comment is flagged to the channel owner, and it is their decision whether to show the comment or not. A lot won’t allow the comment to be seen because it is considered uncool to advertise your video on someone else’s channel. On my channel I allow links to other videos if it is posted by someone who interacts with us regularly. If it is a random link by someone I don’t know I will block it.

    2. ToyToy Kids Channel says

      OK thanks a lot

    3. ToyToy Kids Channel says

      By doing this YouTube take any action or Any copyright issue there taken on my channel?

  9. GameTech - Athul says

    Sub Me and i Will Sub You all Back

  10. Blessing Onsin says

    I really need a loyal audience. Any off yall want to support me?

  11. Charlie Bishop says

    Very good Derral.  Changing the topic, how do you copy a video from one of your channels to another.  Regards Charlie

  12. VloggingWithLuke says

    Thank You Derral. I have watched a TON of your video’s!!! I just launched today!!!

  13. Elite_ GangsterNoob says

    Guys can you check out my Thumbnails and tell me what you think I’m them?

  14. StrixxStudios says

    how much someone pays in taxes for money you receive with donations (youtube super chat, patreon , crowdfunding in general)? they go with the normal income/revenue, or you do it in separately? if someone can help I will relly appreciate

  15. Adventure Streaming Guys says

    good stuff

  16. Tampa Carry Concealed Carry Classes says

    What was the name of the book you recommended? I rewound it video multiple times and I can’t get it correctly

    1. Tampa Carry Concealed Carry Classes says

      I found it on Amazon. Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon

  17. Janet Davis says

    Great video, but I jacked the speed up to 1.25. Why does everyone speak so slowly in videos? It sounds like you’re explaining things to slow 8 year olds. Not just you, everyone seems to do this.

  18. Joe On a Boat says

    hey derral. good video. i like your voice. you sound like you have smooth skin. i like to make legal videos on my boat.

  19. Kahriq Salil says

    Timestamps for anyone interested. Sidenote, these are also great instructions for starting a cult. Not that I would know….

    1. Backstory – 1:30
    2. Creed – 2:29
    3. Icons – 6:12
    4. Rituals – 6:54
    5. Haters – 7:51
    6. Sacred Words – 10:24
    7. Leader – 11:50

  20. Pompsie says

    “hip hop music” lol not hip hop. I see what you’re saying though 🙂

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