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How to Bulk Copy & Add End-screen Elements to all Your YouTube Video with Tubebuddy

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Now that every YouTuber has the End-screen functionality, You should update all your videos with the End-screen Elements. In this video, Derral shows you how to use TubeBuddy to Bulk Copy & Add End-screen elements to all your YouTube videos saving you hours of time.
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How to Bulk Copy End-screen Elements to all Your YouTube Video

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  1. RAS GAMERS says

    hello sir cañ you shout out for my channel or can you give me tips about
    how to get my channel grow . thank you

    1. Camerica Muscle says

      Stay active on your channel, frequent content, build relationships with
      your viewers and DONT beg others for shoutouts. It looks desperate and can
      easily be reported as spam. Gl on your channel dude 🙂

    2. Need For Madness AutoMobiles says

      do sub4sub or do Collaborations similar to your Gaming

    3. Camerica Muscle says

      +Need For Madness AutoMobiles
      great advise

    4. Need For Madness AutoMobiles says

      +Camerica Muscle Hehe

  2. Andrew YT says

    hey derral eves you inspired me to make a channel
    needs subs

    1. Andrew YT says


    2. Andrew YT says

      i hope i can take a selfie with you

    3. Derral Eves says

      Where do you live… I travel alot!

    4. Andrew YT says

      in the philippines

    5. Andrew YT says

      my good sir

  3. VIPGlitcher says

    sellout as fak

    1. Derral Eves says

      hahahha… I have a lot of clients that have alot of videos. This saved me
      hours and hours.

    2. VIPGlitcher says

      I know but it clould be free :/ XD

    3. VIPGlitcher says


    4. Derral Eves says

      I know that its not for everyone… but the people that want to save ⏱…
      its perfect for them!

  4. VampireKingcoming says

    Cool feature from tube buddy , thank you Derral Eves for notifying us, but
    is there a option to undo the changes we made :)

    1. TubeBuddy says

      There is no “undo” option but you could always run another bulk process to
      update your videos with new End Screens (and remove the old ones)

    2. VampireKingcoming says

      ok then it is fine , thank you 🙂

  5. Tallguysd says

    you have to pay $19 a month to bulk upload…..

  6. HotdogVlogs says

    U said u worked for YouTube so could u bring out an update where you can
    switch your YouTube channel to a different gmail cause I have 2 channels on
    one gmail and incase one gets hacked I want to switch the one I’m using now
    to a new gmail

  7. Only At Northfield says

    This is awesome! Just installed tube buddy, thanks!

    1. YouTube Smarter says

      tube buddy is good, i use it 🙂

  8. Toms Trains and Things says

    Thanks for the information. Even though I only have 40+ videos at the
    moment, I wish I would have known this earlier. Does it undo the existing
    annotations on the videos?

    1. TubeBuddy says

      Yes, you can’t have both End Screens and Annotations on the same video. So
      it would have to remove your annotations.

    2. Azralynn says

      Has YouTube said anything about allowing some sort of annotations or cards
      allowed in addition to the end screen? It really sucks not being able to
      add update notes as needed on my videos if I use the end cards.

  9. WordpressExamples says

    Pity YouTube didn’t research this better… Not possible in combination
    with annotations, which are two totally different functions. Bit of a flunk
    for them… Because the end cards are nice, but IMHO useless if you can’t
    also use annotations. I have done research on my videos earlier and
    annotations are far more effective than cards I am afraid. Nevertheless,
    another great video of my friendly Derral Eves. Thanks mate! :-)

  10. Ann Elisabeth says

    It doesn’t work on Chromecast, though. You just see text and arrows on most
    youtubers who format for the endscreen.

  11. Marlar House says

    Loving loving LOVING the new end screen elements! I first heard about them
    on your channel so I had been anxiously awaiting the availability.

  12. Train Tsar Fun says

    I think I am finally ready to get the paid version.

  13. Azralynn says

    The only thing that really bothers me about the end cards is that I can’t
    have annotations or anything earlier in the video. I often need to add
    annotations to my review videos when developers contact me with updates to
    the game. I REALLY hope they add something that let’s me do that too.

  14. Ziggy Smith: Look 10 Years Younger says

    I just started using the end screens functionality. Thanks for this new
    tip, love it :)

  15. Skogfar says

    I saw this one day too late. Just did it manually, but I have few videos so
    it was ok :)

  16. stunninglad1 says

    End Screens are great and Tube Buddy is a very helpful application. A great
    time saving creation it is.

  17. romania123 AJ says

    I have an idea with a video! Make: how to use ice cream screen recorder! I
    wanna know more about this recorder XD

  18. Karoner says

    omg thank you so much for this video

  19. Clash With Mike - Clash of Clans says

    Wow, definitely most helpful channel on YouTube !!!

  20. Trini Cooking with Natasha says

    I like this but I have to pay and upgrade to do more than one video at a

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