How to Connect your iPhone or Android Phone to your TV


New Tech Evo

In this video I show you how to connect any phone to your Smart TV or TV or Monitor very easy tiny device supports Audio. Supports iOS Supports Android! 5.0+

This works great and no lag!

All iPhones Supproted:

iPhone 6
iPhone 7
Android S7
S6 Android Phone

Xiaomi Note 4X – Great Phone:

UGreen Device: (connect any phone to your tv)

iPhone USB cable:


  1. I have no nvidea shield down load Google home and chrome cast and you can do this without wires .. or smart view .or HTC connect no wires at all …

  2. No offense but I am pretty sure you said at the beginning ‘Iyax’ out wires’. lol. Aside of that. I have chrome cast on all my screens. I just cast to any room in the house. I think my solution wins. Thanks for the video.

  3. Most phones used to have hdmi out put built im it pissed me off when they took it away. Thats why I still use an m8.

  4. I have the answer it’s a app in the Google store called processor booster it will stop the lagging you can cast directly to smart TV with no cables plus I use the extreme battery setting you can use it without WiFi and use data as well with zero lag, so try it and share it with others.