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How to Contact YouTube Support – 2016

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Learn how to contact YouTube Partner Support. – Getting in touch of YouTube support has been difficult, but YouTube Just announced that all partners now have support. In this video, I will show you how to contact YouTube suppport.

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  1. TheBodyOnPC says

    The Email button is not there for me, and i am a youtube partner.

    1. Honey Ranjha says

      same problem here!

    2. American Truck Simulator says

      Maybe we need to wait a while

    3. cool guy 11 says

      me too

    4. Tech Omicron says

      me too

    5. alfea gamer says

      ME TOO

  2. Cesare Vesdani says

    Is it possible to get a copyright strike removed with this new YouTube
    Support Contact method?

    1. Zacon2mlg says

      if the strike against u is justified no, but if someone striked u falsely

  3. Abdullah Gaming says

    #askderral tell me how to get more subs

    1. Abdullah Gaming says

      +Zacon2mlg hey dont say that dude be my friend

    2. BreezeAgentHD says

      +Abdullah Gaming I’m not being rude but your content ain’t good it’s not
      good enough

    3. Jezza the nugget says

      Do good original videos

    4. MichaelSerial says

      it’s just like your favorite TV show or your favorite YouTube channel. If
      you have awesome content everybody will watch it and then they will share
      it with their friends and their friends will share it with their friends
      and everybody will subscribe. this isn’t like Instagram and other social
      media it is not a game. it is a business.

  4. IGMP Gamer says

    Just a question:

    When are you doing a face reveal?

    1. BrickTsar says


    2. TheGamingSquid says

      +SamPlushyFive I subed to noe plz check me out!

  5. FightZombie 22 says

    Hey, I have a question. A while ago, my friend put my name as santa. I try
    changing it back to FightZombie 22 but it says change to recently. it has
    been like that fir a few months… bit no matter what, it will not let it

    1. Nicola says

      I had that. I changed my name once on google plus and it has changed
      everything, youtube and my gmail. Tried to change it back and it won’t let
      me saying too recent. It has been 3 mths!

  6. RVerTV says

    good info…. Have you ever heard of Broadband TV… are they legit ??

    1. Basic Filmmaker says

      I went with BBTV about 6 months ago. They are definitely legit,

    2. RVerTV says

      may I ask in general… did they (BBTV) help your view count improve and

    3. Basic Filmmaker says

      Well, actually not sure. It’s really hard to determine if going with them
      increased my subs and views or not, as my channel has been steadily growing
      over the past 3 years. If you’re looking for a big spike, I don’t think
      anyone can guarantee that.They do offer some cool tools and free music. I
      wish I had a solid answer for you…I was looking for the same answer when
      I was considering joining a network.

    4. RVerTV says

      i need something… my channel is growing daily but has really dropped off
      in the last 2 months… my view count is good…BBTV contacted me couple
      weeks ago wanted 40% and a year contract… i hesitated and he dropped it
      to 6 months to try…. i think i might try it… thank you for your time, I
      subscribed to your channel….Russ

    5. Basic Filmmaker says

      +RVerTV Thanks Russ. I don’t think a drop in the last 2 months is going to
      be fixed by joining a network. I would look at ANYTHING you may have
      changed prior to the drop starting, then put what you were doing back, or
      take out what you are doing now that you didn’t. What is dropping over the
      last 2 months BTW?

  7. Bill and Rosa says

    you have to have x number views to get help. its not for smaller channels.
    they send you to a forum were you still get no help. ive been trying to get
    help on analytics 1000 views 9 mins watched on many videos. they are not
    paying. several other issues with no help from youtube

    1. Bill and Rosa says

      +AP Dubey I have never got any support from YouTube. Even in forums it’s
      not YouTube its other small channels trying to figure it out since there is
      no support. I just tried again today. I don’t have enough daily views. Try
      our forum. Again.

  8. TheDirectorsOfGaming says

    To answer your question: Yes, even MCN partners can use this.

    I’ve used it and I did get a reply within 1 day however my response to that
    email is still unanswered and I replied on Tuesday so it may be the case
    that in order to fulfill the 1 business day replies promise that they may
    not be prioritizing follow-ups as much so that may be something to keep in

    1. TheGamingSquid says

      I subed to noe plz check me out!

    2. TheGamingSquid says

      I subed to noe plz check me out!

  9. Rebekah R Jones says

    Great video. I think for me… I have looked, and looked, and looked for an
    answer to one simple question with oddly no resolve the past year. Can I be
    a partner (for the sake of benefits like contacting support), but choose
    not to enable ads? I do not want to monetize my channel. Thoughts?

    1. Dans Guitar Music says

      I would say yes. I only monetize certain videos. Once you partner you
      choose which videos you want to monetize individually and don’t have to
      monetize. Now if you upload a video with music in it that has a copyright.
      The copyright holder could monetize your video and collect revenue.
      Hopefully that helps a bit.

  10. stunninglad1 says

    That’s great news for creators. It would also be good to see a new counting
    feature being introduced to You Tube: One that tells us the correct amount
    of videos a channel has and one that actually shows all the views our
    videos are getting. i am hopeful this will happen in the future.

    1. TheGamingSquid says

      I subed to you now can u come check my channel out?

  11. Jon Hibberd says

    at the end of some youtube videos from big youtubers like funforlouis and
    caspar lee they have a new url thing how do we do this?

    1. TheGamingSquid says

      I subed to you now can u come check my channel out?

  12. soulofthebang says

    Thanks for uploading this video. I had difficulties contacting YouTube and
    I believe the appeal process for a violated community guidelines for any
    reason is a false sense of security. I believe poor customer services and
    very little protection for YouTube creators one of the reason channels are
    shutdown and false flagged

  13. SJFTV says

    How does one become a YouTube partner?

    1. animeguyreviews says

      you enable monetization or join a network

  14. Gary B says

    None of my vids are being seen by my subs.

  15. Trap Nap says

    Hello! I have a big problem I have another YouTube channel but I can’t log
    into there because I don’t remember that accounts gmail/password and that
    account isn’t linked with a phone number or another gmail address. I would
    like to delete this channel but I can’t log in to that channel. Any help is
    welcome! Thanks

  16. AGentlemansJourney says

    The other day I filed a copyright strike against someone who stole a video
    from my channel and is claiming its his. I did exactly what I was suppose
    to do and they did respond within a day but I got “We’re unable to identify
    a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our
    Safety and Abuse Tool.” I did go through the proper procedure but I got
    this reply. I have some of my own subscribers who have notified me about
    the video as I wouldn’t have known about it and you can see the thief even
    confessing in the comment section that he knows its not his. What a bloody
    waste. Sadly YT is going downhill and I love this website.

  17. John And The Dees says

    Thank you that was helpful I hope youtube does contact me in 1 day. My
    Adsense shows I have a negative $8.89 balance.
    Has anyone seen that before? I still new so any help would be great.

  18. kathleen chambers says

    Maybe someone can just answer my question:Why is it that some videos (like
    television shows) are perfectly fine and others don’t have sound? If you
    go to the same episode (two different channels) both would have no volume
    in the same spot. Or if you go to one channel, one video might have all
    volume while another has none in a certain spot. I don’t believe it is due
    to copyright or the video wouldn’t have ads in the middle of the show.
    Anyone know any other reasons?

  19. AA theGamer says

    Hey Derrel eves, i want to change my adsens account address, because i am
    unable to receive confirmation latter at my own home, now i want to gave my
    office address to receive it but now i am unable to change address in
    Please help me
    My email : azeemasghar13@gmail.com

  20. AA theGamer says

    Hey Derrel eves, i want to change my adsens account address, because i am
    unable to receive confirmation latter at my own home, now i want to gave my
    office address to receive it but now i am unable to change address in
    Please help me
    My email : azeemasghar13@gmail.com

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