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How To Create a Section on Your YouTube Channel

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How To Create a Section on Your YouTube Channel – Derral Eves explains what a section is, how to create a section for your channel, and how to properly use them on Youtube.

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. Check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.

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How to Add a section on YouTube
Sections on Your YouTube Channel

How To Create a Section on Your YouTube Channel

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  1. agapelovegirl says

    Would you happen to know at all why I no longer have the “tag” option under
    recent activities? I had all my sections set up… But went to edit one
    today, and suddenly it converted to “popular uploads”.. When I went to fix
    it, it no longer gives me the option to use my tags as one of the section
    options. I thought maybe I forgot a step, so went to edit another section,
    but when I did, it did the same thing… Converted that section to “popular
    uploads” and I couldnt change it back to a specific tag. 🙁 Im super
    bummed about that! I am new-ish to youtube… Have about 40 or so videos,
    and am not a youtube partner… Is THAT the reason, or am I missing

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Jennifer Borget … I’m glad you got it! My section problem is worst. I
      have my videos in a series (For a good reason) So, I can only have one
      video per playlist… I could get around that with Sections! 🙁

    2. banditoo7 says

      +Jennifer Borget Great work Jennifer. I’ll try it. Thanks

    3. Andy_BossSlayer says

      +Ahad Hassan I dont mean to advise you dude but can you plz sub to me. Im
      in a contest and so far im losing

    4. Forging Films & Productions says

      +Derral Eves How do I name custom sections?

    5. Nucleotides says

      Cool mad games picture

  2. CrossTrain says

    It appears that the “Tags” option has disappeared from the “Create Section”
    optio. At least on my channel it has. Is this universal?

    1. CrossTrain says

      Well that just kinda sucks. Thanks for the response. I saw your video was
      only a few weeks old so though maybe I was just lost. Thanks!

    2. Derral Eves says

      Your welcome +CrossTrain

    3. Edificando Vidas TV says

      Hello Derral we are new in youtube channel, i have a question. how did you
      save a playlist as a section?

    4. Yohead111 says

      +Derral Eves my “what to watch next” section on my profile is gone, how do
      i get it back?

    5. Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber says

      I’m a little lost Derrel. Tag in a Playlist???? My videos are uploads. How
      do I made them a Playlist?

  3. NiroStark says

    i luv you you always show me the best way to make things to improve my

    i see all your vids

    1. NiroStark says

      but i can’t find tag it’s not in the Select content section

  4. BlessedNoob says

    i dont have the add a section button

    1. Doge is Away says


    2. Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber says

      You have to hide your hx first and then the add section button appears.

    3. Flarie says

      +Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber how do I do that?

  5. Rafael Estevez says

    I just created new playlist with 1 video in it. But when I try to add
    section, that playlist doesnt show up in available dropdown list.

  6. Flaming Fire127 says

    Add section don’t come up 4 me, do I need to remove restrictions? Or make
    things not private? I use Mac btw

  7. Cesare Vesdani says

    What is the best type of section to add to your YouTube channel?

  8. Chatterboxquilts says

    Thanks for the helpful video, Derral. I did know how to create sections,
    but didn’t realize I could rearrange them on my page. Good tips!

  9. Jeff DeLuca says

    Great tutorial Derral… Question… When I select single playlist and then
    myplaylist then find playlist, I don’t get the list of my playlists to
    choose one. Any ideas? Thank you

  10. CoolKid Videos says

    How do you do it on iPad

  11. ItsSable says

    The section I would want is channels

  12. Fun studio production says

    Subscribe me I will subscribe you back just reply done

  13. Laasya Machineni says

    Your’e video saved my life.It helped me so much.I have been looking every
    where for how to create a section on your YouTube channel video for years
    now.Thank you.

  14. Squirtal Girl says

    how abaute on your phone

  15. Kaitlyn Kawaii World says

    What if you don’t have a computer?

  16. IndiCoder says

    Derral I don’t have that Add Section Button


    Hello mister Eves, i have just started last week with uploading my vlogs, i
    released my 2nd vlog today(every sunday the first month after that increase
    the volume of vlogging) but my question is, my first vlog was about iPhone
    7 release and todays blog is about the latest Brabus cars. should i upload
    them all under 1 category : people and blogs or should i divide 1 under the
    category cars and the other under technology.

    how does this work can you please help me out.

    i like your channel very much you have helped me a lot

  18. OMG Kids Toy Channel says

    Than you Derral, I just start YouTube videos and your videos help me a lot.
    Thank again.

    1. OMG Kids Toy Channel says

      I mean thank you sorry for typo.

  19. Got Crafty says

    i have a new video explaining how to add featured channel and other

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