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How To Create Default Upload Settings and Profiles on YouTube

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How To Create Default Upload Settings and Profiles on YouTube. The upload defaults are one of the ways to streamline uploading videos, and make it a lot easier to get your content out. You can also create multiple profiles and switch between profiles using TubeBuddy.

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  1. Zaczero says

    Really good tutorial :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Zaczero Thanks!

  2. Azuos Cruz says

    Man, I’m a fan of his work. Thanks for the information and tips!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Azuos Cruz You’re welcome!

  3. Elle Is For Living says

    I had done some of this but, as always, learned a few things. Thanks
    Derral. ♥ Elle

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Elle Is For Living I’m glad I’m still able to teach you a few things! 🙂

    2. QuickNinja25 says

      +Derral Eves thanks the only channel that actually explains things to help
      thanks im subbing ???

  4. ERICSHIFT1 Media - FNAF SL Theories & More says

    Why don’t you use overlay ads? Do you have a reason?

    1. Developing Right says

      +ERICSHIFT1 Media // Top 10 FNAF, Undertale & MORE VIDEOS i think He don’t
      use it because most of the people skip the video if they have to wait 30
      sec for ads

  5. seema sharma says

    Sir help me please when I started to upload video it appears only
    descriptions and public unlisted and it don’t shows tags what should I do
    tags are not appearing I am using samsung a7

  6. KEEVVY says

    The tool is great but it’s so slow & I have a good internet connection.

  7. Bitange i Princeze says

    Thank you…very useful informations!

  8. Mr L Claus HD says

    Is there a way to make it so your YouTube videos play HD for everyone else

  9. Sparkling Start says

    Hi Derral my videos are blurry how can I change the default viewing setting
    to a higher resolution for all the videos I have uploaded?

  10. Kachani Younes says

    Derral Eves I didn’t good understand this video ??
    Can you please explain please ? ?

  11. Malcolm Pollard says

    Hey Derral…Appreciate the info on Tube buddy. hadn’t heard of that
    before. Appreciate your energy! :)

  12. TEHRAN TV says

    Awesome video, Derral
    I’m new to YouTube and this tool is amazing! Always looking for tools to
    save me time 🙂 thanks.

  13. Natalia Sprinceana says

    Hi Derral! First of all, thanks for what are you doing! I have a question:
    can you do a video about how to change default setting for uploading but on
    iPhone????? I did these steps already on computer, but when I’m trying to
    upload my videos from my iphone, are the same old settings ? I really
    don’t know what to do! Or maybe someone can help me!!!!!!!? Thanks!

  14. danny dug says

    i love this guy he is so funny and sasy

  15. Lee Bailes says

    It’s probably worth saying that to get any of the features mentioned, you
    need to upgrade and actually pay for a subscription.

  16. Love Islam says

    good one

  17. 031Living says

    Derral we like your tips and stuff thank you. Watching and learning all day

  18. ChunkyGamer says

    Very helpful! Another amazing video, Derral! ^^

  19. Restart It Msp says

    I downloaded TubeBuddy and I need to be vertifed first

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