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How To Create YouTube Video Annotations

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How To Create YouTube Video Annotations- Derral Eves shares how to add annotations to your YouTube videos and gives insights and tips on how to best use annotations.

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Derral is one of the most experienced video marketing experts as well as his large background in internet marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

I'm going to show you how to effectively use annotations to connect and engage with your audience. Plus, I'm going to show you a few things that you might not know. You can add a speech bubble, you can add a note, a title, a spotlight, or just even pause the video at the right time.

00:43 The first thing we need to do is click on the Video Manager button up here in the upper right-hand corner. This is going to load in all your videos and what we want to do is select a video that we want to add that annotation. Once you find it go ahead and click the edit button. Then the next step that we need to do is click on Annotations. This will automatically start playing the video, we want to hit pause. What we want to do now is use this slider right here and scrub it to that point in time where we want that annotation to show up.

01:15 The Next step that we need to do is click on the upper right-hand corner where is says add annotation. We can do the speech bubble, a note, title spotlight, label, and pause.

01:35 The next thing I want to show you is you can actually put dialogue in the speech bubble. You can either double-click on it, or you can go on the right-hand side in this dialogue box and you can go ahead and type more information or all the information there. Underneath that there is a couple really cool tools. The first one is what we call impact. This actually will put a bevel and also a shadow on that speech bubble. This one right here will actually change the size of the font. This will actually change the font color. And this will actually change the annotation background. Ok, the next thing I'm going to show you is how to do the start and stop time for the annotation to pop up in that video. Now to do that you can either adjust it here, you can just select the time. Now another way to do that is to come right over here and just click on this, hold your mouse down, and you can kinda make it as big as you want or as small as you want. And this is when the annotation is going to pop up. Ok, now the last function that we have is the link button. So we can go ahead and do a link. You can see here that we can do a video, a playlist, a channel, you can even tie it to your google+ profile, you can have it subscribe to your Youtube channel, fund-raising project, or

03:15 The last thing we want to do is we want to be able to hit save here and then also publish. Now this is live and it's ready to go, this dialogue box will be here with that link so when they click on it it will actually take them to that video which is really, really cool. Ok let's do our next annotation. The next annotation is a note, note is the same as speech bubble so we don't need to worry about that. So what we want to do it title, title you can go ahead and start typing stuff in, you can see what that does. We can change the font size, we can actually change the font
color, and you can have your start time and end time. This brings a great title in there if you want to just put something in your video. Now I'm going to show you my favorite annotation tool, which is spotlight.

Now, once we click to the end I like to put a little teaser at the end to get people to subscribe or look at my playlist or even watch other videos on my Youtube channel. Ok, I'm going to give you one last bit of advise. You want to really keep those annotations very simple, and you want to make it very easy for them to subscribe to your channel.

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How To Create YouTube Video Annotations

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  1. jeff darnell says

    great, lets just show more people how to annoy us. annotation suck

    1. Awesome Stuff says

      +Derral Eves So how do you add a clickable preview of another video at the
      end of your video?

    2. NohrianScum says

      +Derral Eves How did you put videos on your video? For example at 3:53
      there are two videos with annotations on them. How did you put those vids

    3. Origamiman Potterhead says

      +NohrianScum I would use VSDC Free Video Editor

    4. NohrianScum says

      +Origamiman Potterhead Thank you!

    5. Origamiman Potterhead says

      You’re welcome! Glad I helped

  2. Tabitha Q says

    Very helpfull.

    1. Tarek Akl says

      +Derral Eves Why Isn’t The Pause Annotation On YouTube Anymore? I Wanted To
      Use It!

    2. SuperGamer DX says

      +Derral Eves how do I do the information circle in the top right corner of
      my videos?

    3. BowlerHatStudios says

      +SuperGamerDX those are called cards. he probably made a separate video on

    4. Robby P. Baggio says

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      . A resource I found which successfully combines these is the Magic Monitor
      Blueprint (google it if you’re interested) definately the best resource
      that I have ever found. Check out the awesome information .

  3. jonny penn says

    I can’t see any of the graphics pop up. I’m assuming it’s because I’m using
    my phone?

    1. Daniel Saljanin says


    2. birendra yasas says

      +jonny penn one thing is that..(using ur phone) other thing is … u have
      to turn on annotations in the settings

  4. Cynder011 says

    When I go onto annotations, It does’t automatically start the video
    therefor I cannot add annotations. Please help me ;(

    1. FreeHAND Athletics says

      Im having the same issue.

  5. Sharky's Films says

    I need help. It won’t let me click on add annotation. What do I do!?

    1. Dropper Diamond says

      Are you on a PC?

    2. Sharky's Films says

      +Dropper Diamond yah

    3. Dropper Diamond says

      +Sharky’s Films oh I think it’s different now, let me check my PC on how to
      do it

    4. Dropper Diamond says

      +Sharky’s Films go to your video and under the video it will look like a
      speech bubble, click it and then press add annotation and then add what you
      need to add

    5. Peenoise says

      check you flash plugin if its enabled.

  6. T.R says

    I wonder why 627,924 people actually watched this

  7. Number1SUS says

    Watch from 0:20 without annotations on. You can thank me by subscribing.
    Just kidding.

  8. Big Man Tyrone says

    Love him. Subbed.

  9. Rabbet Rab says

    If you watch this on your phone it just looks like he’s insane

    1. BradesPlays says

      Haha yes

    2. Robert Anca says

      100% True. ?

    3. Bilbo_Gamers says

      Ha! YouTube has annotations now!

    4. Bilbo_Gamers says

      Wait never mind

  10. Mallory Armstrong says

    Can anyone tell me how to edit the picture in the little box on the right
    hand bottom corner that shows subscribers and takes you to your channel?
    I’ve been trying to figure out where to edit that for a while now and
    update my photo.

  11. AzortAmazon says

    How do i make my video do this then use video editor and then add a picture
    to my video?

  12. Howard Berenbon says

    Thanks for your help with Annotations. I will use the Spotlight. I have a
    tech reviews and puppet parody channel. If you have a chance, please check
    me out. I’m doing political parodies. My wife thinks I’m going through a
    mid life crisis with the puppets, but I’m 68.

  13. Divine Beauty Channel says

    This was very helpful! Thanks so much!!

  14. Jacob Shirah says

    Adores he know that there are no words popping up

    1. Fryman says

      Do you see the little gear thing at the bottom right of the video? Well
      click on that, and turn the annotations on. Then when you rewatch the
      video, the annotations will pop up.

  15. Blake Boyd says

    I was on a phone so no annotations for me

  16. grizstyle says

    very very helpful

  17. Fryman says

    If you watch 4:28 with the annotations turned off, it looks like he’s
    trying to act for a movie.

  18. Rolls Up says

    can we write annotations in Urdu

  19. Derelict Dynamics says

    Thanks for all your videos! Was the spotlight annotation used for the small
    subscribe box you have at the bottom of the video the whole time? Reason I
    ask is – when you hover over the video with the mouse, the play button and
    video timer pops up. This pushes the small subscribe annotation up. Which
    is nice.

  20. HDh4ck3r says

    when ever I put an annotation, it won’t be in the actual video and they are
    spotlight annotations, please help

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