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  1. Gamer Ftw says

    I’m leaving Facebook cause I screwed up big time.

    1. Sweetpea Chickpea says

      i keep screwing up, i just want to have a new facebook where i post only
      privately (as in only i see) and only add for practicality, coz some things
      are only spread online. I really only want to add people who i’m actively
      communicating with on a near daily basis, like housemates for example.

    2. Kas S says

      lol me to

    3. Dew Drop says

      Got to the delete permanently, but they keep saying wrong password? But I
      know it is right? What can I do to fix this? Thanx

    4. Matthew Hoheisal says


  2. KingdomChicc says

    14 days,
    so ppl can still view your account within that time or no?


      no it becomes un viewable after you fill out the delete form, but it gives
      you a window of 14 days to return if you want to but in that time your fb
      account doesnt exist to other users, unless you log back in

    2. Jan Johansen says

      +I DON’T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT THE BELT My first thought was that NSA would
      have the opportunity for 14 days to look at the profile before it was gone!

    3. Jim Moss says

      no once you deactivate your account No one can see anything .

  3. zoemurphy Murphy says

    hi and thanks that was really helpful. i am deleting my account because i
    am getting bullied and the only way to get help is to help myself. :)

    1. zExterminat3_xl says

      Wym by ‘bullied’

  4. Daniel Foerster says

    im trying to delete my FB but i dont see the fill out this link

    1. firevincable says

      i think its the contact us about it link!

    2. Daniel Foerster says

      +firevincable nevermind I figured it out thanks

  5. Edward Leslie says

    When I comment on stories on Facebook, I get attacked. People don’t really
    want Freedom of speech.You get that on youtube, but not nearly as much. I
    also HATE when you friend someone and they turn out to be one of “those
    people” who post every single minutia of their existence! “Hey everybody,
    look at the club pack of toilet paper I just bought on sale at Safeway!
    Geez! Its hard enough to scroll through all the fluff articles to find
    interesting things without having to navigate through this rubbish!

    1. ssm0726 says

      this is the same reason im deleting my account on the basis of expression i
      got banned for 24 hours because someone reported my feelings toward a very
      recent police shootings now im banned for 3 days again im tired of

    2. Edward Leslie says

      Freedom of speech…just so long as everybody agrees with what you have to
      say! I hear you, ssm0726.

    3. Michael John Dennis says

      Its true what you say – but I deactivated my FB account because of
      cyber-bullying over having to take time off work to attend my Mother’s
      funeral and people making offensive jokes about people dying in a similar
      way to my Mother, and yet I still got endless notifications on Hotmail so I
      would consider having to delete my Hotmail account as well – I also got
      trolled and cyber-bullied over a career change and I have been cyber
      bullied on here too, because there are certain people out there that
      believe that someone like me should not be online at all, should not have
      the internet on any device and should not have a mobile phone either, nor
      should be living alone

    4. Edward Leslie says

      That’s terrible, Michael! Sorry about your loss. Unfortunately there are no
      shortage of assholes who will give people a hard time for no reason, like
      they did with you. These kind of people have no empathty for their fellow
      man (or woman). They are called Sociopaths. In a sick society, we have many
      of these sick individuals lurking in the shadows anonymously.

    5. Tori Raber-Morrison says

      And the anonymity of the Internet allows those types to come out of the
      cyber woodwork.

  6. Geoffrey Reeks says

    Thanks, but it will not let me permanently delete my account.
    I never use Facebook and I don’t have time to open the too many facebook
    postings from my friends.

    1. Edward Leslie says

      You’re absolutely right, Geoffrey. They seem to always keep your info in
      case you want to come back. In fact, they don’t make it easy to leave at
      all. I had to go to Youtube to find out how to do it!

    2. malik naeem says

      hi dear,,,can you tell me what a problem when i open my facebook page
      nothing is showing just a unknown wordings

    3. Edward Leslie says

      Hmm. That’s a mystery, Malik.

    4. Geoffrey Reeks says

      Hello Malik Naeem, Sorry, I don’t know.
      Regards, Geoff. Reeks

  7. JustGotCoded Gaming says

    all my relatives tag me on pics of their cats

    1. JustGotCoded Gaming says

      i also have endless pointless reasons to do everything

    2. MrCuntastic 0 says

      oh you poor child..

  8. Obscured says

    im trying to delete cause i dont use and it gets really annoying with all
    the request

    1. Brian Merino says


    2. Brian Merino says


    3. xXTheBlueSharkXx //MspUk// says

      same as well

  9. Laila Louise says

    I keep getting hacked and I’ll go on fb and I’ll see that I posted some
    inappropriate stuff and I’m like, yeti got hacked again and sometimes this
    rude link will send to all of contacts, mum, dad, aunts and friends etc

    1. Laila Louise says

      I meant “yep I” not “yeti”


    I leaved Facebook because it boring now

  11. nickas76 says

    Thank you for this video. FYI, I simply don’t trust social media anymore .
    I dont appreciate how my information is used . They’re basically making
    money off of me and my relationships. The more I think about it I feel as
    though I’m way too comfortable sharing my information with more and more
    people, businesses and government. I learned that even the data you mark as
    private is shared…not cool. Potential employers view your data on social
    media and more and more will flat out not hire you if you’re not on it. For
    these reasons and more, I’m out.

  12. oua chandamany says

    Omg I try to delete my account the other day but don’t know how n now I
    have two accounts but I deactivated one already ThxQ for video! This is
    very helpful!

  13. addcolorfreshguy says

    because it makes me depressed… it is filled up with people i don’t talk
    to anymore and honestly don’t care about… i haven’t used it in years and
    honestly i feel a lot better for it… just got to finally delete the

  14. kitty pet says

    Tired of messing with family too much drama. I’m gonna make a private one

    1. Barry Mclaughlin says

      good girl

  15. Ana Marshava says

    but what if i dont download the copy?

  16. Tone B says

    Had a friend who went to jail for 2 weeks over a face book post. Like half
    of Facebook so called friends are cops, NSA, CIA etc…
    His post was about Hillary Clinton and Obama.
    These politicians and their sheep flunkies are sensitive like 2 yr olds

  17. Tiago Campos says

    My father’s tagging me on the most messed up posts or either an old
    picture, believe me?

  18. Knowledge & Black Power says

    yoaw I’m sick of social media airing out every personal detail plus taking
    all your info and giving it to the CIA AND FBI IS NOT COOL

  19. eric sorich says

    I clicked download a copy and Facebook said they will email when it’s
    ready. Something seems sketchy.

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