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How To: Dip To Leg-Lift – Targeting ABS Lower & Obliques!

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  1. Berdt says

    you seem to have a bit less body fat now :)

  2. Luiz Gustavo says

    Scott is one of the few youtubers i consider natural. Looking good mate!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Luiz Gustavo well thats good, because I am bro! #HTH #Natty4Life

    2. Hamza Saboor says

      +Luiz Gustavo Same here bro

    3. FroztDrake says

      +Luiz Gustavo he is.. yet some people think they can reach simeon panda’s
      physique naturally.. what a joke -.-

      Scott physiques is nice but to me it looks like he has the thicker waist
      genetics.. so if someone can reach his level with a better waist its gonna
      look even better.

    4. Chuck Morgan says

      +FroztDrake He has a bit thicker of a waist, but also an insanely thick
      chest, which I think has gotten thicker as of late. He would easily hit 230
      on gear.

  3. Fitness Geeks says

    Looking top notch man!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +KD Fitness Thanks man!

  4. CmonCuhh says

    Inspiration. Such a beast

  5. Fitness Oriented says

    Damn Scott, that is one Intense exercise!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Fitness Oriented Thanks bro!!

  6. Rohan says

    Tanning soon? Def will make you look much more shredded

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Rohan Upasani yeah I need some desperately! haha

  7. Dan Hyde says

    Would you mind making a video on muscle inbalance and how to solve it? I’m
    new… Thanks!

  8. Saint Shaka says

    going to try this at the gym, Thanks for the share!

    Love from Sydney, Australia.

  9. ksquare007 says

    Great video Scott! Each time I watch any of your videos, I’m inspired to
    keep going. Can you make a video explaining how to maintain right posture
    when standing and sitting for long hours? Thanks a ton!

  10. Madara2010X says

    Wow great video. I would’ve never thought of combining those two exercises.

  11. God Mamba says

    Best Fitness Channel on YouTube.

  12. chargindave70 says

    almost looks like momentum is carrying into the leg lift?

  13. woohhaa says

    I love your videos but I think you might want to upgrade the security
    certificate on muscularstrength.com

  14. Benjamin Yap says

    Great video 

  15. Friedrich Steiner says

    Dude how can you get rid of loose skin (I am a skinny fat ectomorph)? I
    have 8% body fat but my abs doesn’t show. My fat friend’s abs is more
    visible than mine.

  16. prateek vyas says

    I like to make my body 

  17. Joshua David says

    This is the coolest exercise I’ve seen lately.

  18. Philip Davies says

    This is one of the best exercises I have ever done. Watched this video last
    week (don’t know how I missed it when it came out as been subscribed for
    bloody ages) and completed it several times during various sessions.
    Results were almost immediate, abs and obliques firmed up after first try –
    I do two sets of ten then third set as many as I can manage. Highly
    recommend this to everyone.

  19. Julie Sawyer says

    That was great Scott. I’m a big fan from down here in SC. :)

  20. FOGATRON Ⓥ says

    My favorite exercise.

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