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How to Enable Fan Funding on Your YouTube Channel – Tip Jar

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How to Enable Fan Funding on Your YouTube Channel – Tip Jar — YouTube has made it easier to make money with your YouTube videos by using Fan Funding. Link Your Kickstarter and Patreon accounts with your fan funding.

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing.

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How to add Fan Funding

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  1. Gamebrewtv Strahz says

    +Derral Eves Great video as always! I just checked my account (Good
    standing, partner verified, not part of a network and I have an active
    adsense account), but I don’t have the Fan Funding option on my list. Is
    this for folks with a certain subscriber number? Thanks again!

    1. LuckyFortune8Family says

      +thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich I signed up a month or two ago too – but
      never heard anything so still have no option. How did you fare??

    2. thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich says

      +LuckyFortune8Family I have not heard anything either:( I would also like
      to know how to get the verified button next to my name too…waiting:)

    3. LuckyFortune8Family says

      +thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Sorry to hear!! And yes getting verified
      is my other mission too!! There’s an annoying tip thing on my channel that
      says I should get verified so I can get an official G rating (a lot of our
      audience are kids) – but of course when I try I can’t. I don’t think we
      have enough of something? Hey Derral – got any advice for us??

    4. TaZe says

      +Gamebrewtv Strahz hey do you know how to get it working

    5. ExpertAmateur says

      How did you manage to get yourself verified?

  2. NerdyGeekyTV says

    U r awesome Derral!! Thanks for making our day productive with such awesome
    informative videos!! 🙂 great work! Points noted :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks.. comments like this gives me the motivation to continue on +

  3. dandanart says

    So did you have to deal with that sleazy “google payment merchant” to do
    this? They seem to want $25 UP FRONT and they want a “tax ID” number and
    such. Is there a way to do this fan funding without all of the sleaze

    1. Project: Gaming says

      Did you ever get fan funding to work? Doesn’t seem to work for anyone and
      Google should take down these random sleazy features that don’t work.

    2. Ryanmc24 Gaming says

      Did it ever work??

    3. Betty Camacho says

      no, not for me

    4. TwArDxL says

      +Derral Eves can one YouTube answer the simple question what do we put for
      website our YouTube channel??!??

    5. Mr Sniper says

      your channel url gos there.

  4. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

    I just set it up and that interactivity feature is not on there. I think
    this needs updated

    1. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      It’s part of “cards” now for those looking

  5. The Mind of Rey Rey says

    Mines shows the loading symbol for hours and never links up

    1. The ASMR show says


    2. MckCheezy says

      really omg i try now

    3. Southern Craftsman says

      Mine worked, I set it up a couple days ago! No donations yet though 🙁

    4. MckCheezy says

      i set it up yeah finally but when go to my utube page i dont see support
      this channel anywhere even when sighned someone else

    5. Southern Craftsman says

      if you did set it up you just have to select the bars in the top right
      channel, go to “my channel” and it should be on the right side

  6. CJ & Sonz says

    Question: Do you need a different google wallet/merchant account for each

    1. Gvantsa says

      im curious about this too. would love an answer to this!

  7. IronOreGaming says

    I understand Google needs my full name for verification purposes, but can
    donators also view it if they contribute money?

    1. RPGMaster says

      good question

    2. Lulpix says

      no they can’t. don’t worry

    3. IronOreGaming says

      +ImPanda That’s good to know. Unfortunately I have been getting the
      infamous “spinning wheel” when I attempt to enable fan funding. Seems
      Google broke this function and has not fixed it.

  8. Matt Willis says

    It says: link to a Google Payments merchant account. I click on the button
    to use that email, and it shows the loading circle for forever and never
    loads. Any suggestions?

    1. HipHopHead96 says

      Same issue any fix?

    2. Matt Willis says

      +indypup seems to work now

    3. Matt Willis says

      +HipHopHead96 seems to work now

    4. indypup says


    5. Λ R Ξ G U S T V says

      Delete your account and register a new one, that always work!

  9. cooltec911 says

    Hey Derral Eves, When I press use this account it loads forever! I have
    been playing games for 2 hours wile it loads and it still loads! Is there
    anything I can do? I would love to have fan funding but i don’t know if it
    will even load! If you do reply with a awnser, Thanks in advance!

    1. AxemrangerPvP says

      omg finally someone has the same problem as me, it loads 🙁

  10. Lotus says

    what happens if i dont have a company, i put down youtube?

    1. TECHGames HD says

      true it does depend on your subscribes but even then you make a lot more on
      ads then you will ever with funding just think about it some people like a
      channel and watch their videos all the time but don’t even subscribe let
      alone fund to that person….

    2. RainbowDash Alex says

      That’s why you should engage your audience and let them know there’s a fan
      funding option (in your videos at the end or wherever, and on your main
      page… something eye-catching). Better to have something available for the
      benefactors to use to support you.

    3. TECHGames HD says

      +RainbowDash Alex
      well yes you should always let them know… that its up there but its kinda
      obvious if you been subscribed and you see the channel everyday then it
      will be obvious to see a new option on the channel then yeah… so on….
      but even if you aren’t it is a pretty big box that pops up on the far right
      of the screen that says in bold words “fan funding” with a bright blue
      click icon so I doubt people knowing if it is there changes anything that

    4. Lotus says

      RainbowDash Alex then again also, im not old enough, and i dont want my
      family taking over my money, pff haha. And i dont really want to lie my age
      on it. So paypal seems like the safest option for me since they came out
      with that donation button. But then again i want to set it up (and lie my

    5. RainbowDash Alex says

      +TECHGames HD Actually for this video it’s the information “i” in the top
      right screen for me.
      Well, that’s it from me. Good talk. Til next time.

  11. ClearMagic211 says

    Hey Derral I got a question bout this fan funding thing. I just used my
    wifes youtube account to send myself a $1 to see what it looks like and i
    have no idea where it went. I asked tim schmoyer but i guess he’s to busy.
    Can you hold my hand and point me in the right direction?

    1. ClearMagic211 says

      Ok let me clear things up a wee bit. I click on “community” then “fan
      funding” then “View Fan Funding analytics” but it says “No activity for
      this date range” (Last 28 days) What gives? Where did my wifes donation go?

    2. Fish Guy says

      it is probably still in the system it may take a while to appear

  12. Derp Bob says

    What do I put for website

    1. 100itGaming says

      your channels URL

    2. Derp Bob says

      +100itGaming Ok thanks

    3. Brooklynfines says

      +100itGaming wat happen if u dont have a company

  13. the big minecart says

    compy name what do I put

    1. Λ R Ξ G U S T V says

      “I’m an entrepreneur” <<

  14. MakeupByParesa says

    You can’t do this in the UK…

  15. Where ismael says

    this guy is youtube guru thanks man

  16. Chaotic Gamer says

    I need help, i keeps telling me this”You do not have the necessary
    permissions to enable Fan Funding for your channel.” When i am partnered
    with fullscreen, i am good standing, and i have no copyright strikes.. can
    someone please help me.

  17. The-AVG-Tube says

    When i click “Yes, use this account” it just loads with the spinny wheel
    and just stays on that screen

  18. YOHAN HENRY MUSiQ says

    Hey, it appears that this program is only available for people in certain

  19. REAl REAction says

    Nice job remembering to un-click the paid subs. Rock on.

  20. FluffyCatX Z says

    What do i put in for company name?

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