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How to Get FREE Trueview Video Ads for Your YouTube Channel

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YouTube is Giving away Free TrueView Video Ads for Creators. Watch this video to learn how you can take advantage of YouTube’s Free Channel Ad "Old Fan Finder" to promote your featured video on your YouTube Channel.

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How to Get FREE Trueview Ads for Your YouTube Channel

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  1. Mastro10 says

    Hello Derral, another useful tip, I saw this feature some days ago and I
    want to ask you, does this really works, and if it’s, how is going? (the
    way YouTube is advertising them). And last one, YouTube choose which one to
    promote or not? It seems cool way of growing your channel, great job buddy,
    cheers :)

    1. eveRide ADV says

      +Derral Eves I put up a new channel ad a month ago, and the old one (that
      got featured) was up for nearly 6 months before it got featured! Crazy,
      right? I think there’s a views threshold or something that a video has to
      get before they’ll think of promoting it. I think I’ll make a few different
      channel ads, though, and see what happens!

    2. LuckyFortune8Family says

      +eveRide ADV What sort of views did you have before it got featured? I’m
      getting around 300K p/mth and my Fan Finder has been queued for 3 months so
      far …

    3. Mastro10 says

      +eveRide ADV Mate, contact me on my fb page if you have to talk to you more.

    4. 5thElemnt says

      +eveRide ADV I hope you can help me. I’m new at having a youtube channel
      uploading vids, but I got one of these free ads put on my vid but it’s my
      first vid I made a few months ago and I would like to change it to a more
      new and recent vid but I can’t figure out how and there seems to be no
      youtube vids of how to change the vid as well.

  2. Xenro66 says

    Sounds useful, but I suck at creating channels ads and channel trailers. I
    don’t know what it is, but I just find it difficult to edit my videos in
    such a way that it entices someone to subscribe.. They’d just have to watch
    a few of my videos to truly see what I have to offer, and then think about
    subscribing. An ad is too short for me to explain my channel well enough.

    Oh yeah, Thanks to you and Tim, I’m reaching 100 subscribers very fast!
    Thank you so much for the help :)

    1. The BVH says

      +Derral Eves how do you know what add you get?

    2. Rehtronicle says

      +Derral Eves You helped me a lot!!!!
      I got amazing and very helping tutorials from you.
      By the way HEY EVERYONE I’m a beginner YouTuber so I need your help please
      support me by subscribing to me

    3. Dominic Gamingplusvlogsmore says


    4. Optic Pranks46 says


  3. TheMillerwireless says

    Will this affect any type of copyright?

    1. Brosz YT says


  4. MattPokeFan says

    I Put My Channel Trailer As My AD

    1. GoldenFlame says

      It’s free right? I know it says but he could be scamming or something

    2. iKindaNotReally says

      yes, its free.

  5. Little Blur says

    Now that i got the add. How do i get payed?

    1. UXZCRAFT says

      This ad won’t get u money Google Adsense will

  6. Random Guy01 says

    Can you make money off these ads

    1. UXZCRAFT says

      This ad won’t get u money Google Adsense will

  7. Ryan Walther says

    Thanks for the info Darrel! I only have one question..do I have to pay to
    have additional ads on all of my videos? I just have a small channel of
    odds and ends stuff I do around my garage from my Jeep build to my dirt
    bike build

    1. Ryan Walther says

      darn auto correct sorry Derral

  8. Mad Mike says

    How can I opt out ?

  9. Gamer5795 says

    Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you with my 2 accounts! 1SUB for 2

    1. WhiteWolf says


  10. Razer Rain says

    could people sub to me I’m struggleing plz help

    1. YouWatch says

      can you please subscribe my channel

    2. YouWatch says

      can you please subscribe my channel

    3. Fire Gamerz12 says

      Could u plz sub to me

    4. River 2K says

      If you sub to me I will sub back with 3 other accounts

    5. Dominic Gamingplusvlogsmore says

      Razer Rain you sub to me

  11. Fuse Axle says

    please sub to me I need subs

    1. Fire Gamerz12 says

      Sub to me plz

    2. XfunnyGamer , says

      if u sub back

    3. Vblogskk says


  12. Anushal Gupta says

    sir , i have done all thing but no add came in my channel

  13. IceyFromTheTrap says

    Thanks #Liked , #Subscribed ???.

  14. Vicary says

    I will sub to whoever likes, comments and Subs to me! 🙂 I play old GBA and
    DS games. I also do voiceovers.

    1. Lucas Lundh says

      i commented!

  15. VEHIX411 says

    Hi Derral how did you make your subscribe button to always be lit up on my
    channel in annotations I don’t see an option only when I hoover a box in my
    video then the subscribe button lights up thanks

  16. mukund chettri says

    I want to upload my video in YouTube so I want to know everything about
    advertisement ,how advertisement works ?, how we get money from
    advertisement ?. I just wanted you to make a video in which each & every
    detail about YouTube ( creating an channel or uploading video ) …..plzs
    do it …plzs THANK YOU

  17. Deepanshu Nimbekar says

    thanks I will upload my debut video
    this is awesome!!!!!!

  18. Vblogskk says

    sub plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. Si and I Science says

    Sub to Si and I Science

  20. love nomads101 says

    hmmm maybe i would get a free ad that shows Valvoline motor oil because i
    am interested in cars are you interested in cars?

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