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How To Get More Subscribers by Triggering Massive Audience Growth

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Learn how to get more YouTube Subscribers by triggering a built in feature in YouTube.
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  1. Pyrotron says


    1. hexIT columbine says

      Pyrotron sub to me

    2. Nerdarchy says

      ^and there you have it!

  2. Cooking With A Little Spice says

    Yay he finely does a longer video with a lot of substance.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Cooking With A Little Spice you should see all 40 presentations with
      Vidsummit replays. I even have two other presentations that will only be
      seen there

    2. Cooking With A Little Spice says

      Derral Eves That is great to know! Thx

    3. William Mann (Ill Will) says

      Because its all about the watch time. Imagine what this video will get him
      for watch time minutes. Its all strategy, and that my friend is what I love
      about +Derral Eves

  3. Clarence the shark says

    If someone skips an ad do you make less money than if they watched the
    whole thing

    1. Katie Louise says

      I believe so

    2. hexIT columbine says

      I’m just a crying seal no they it makes u more money knowing that they
      don’t care

  4. My Lexi says

    so i watched this from start to finish twice ,and am still stuck ,i think
    at least it deserves you sub back to me i am subbed to you, also, is there
    a way i can hire your services, i am British new to YouTube and want to do
    really well i film with mum,i need help …?
    kindest regards Lexi

    1. My Lexi says

      OMG you responded…Wow…!! i would love to but i have under 1000
      subs,we really want to get involved… ahhh…!! we would be there straight
      away i/we want to be there to learn and apply ,we have emailed your
      business email as well…unless the meet up is open to us ..?lol xoxo

    2. My Lexi says

      ok so we have booked we are going to be there ….Yes

    3. Jonathan Miller says

      Sub me Lexi and I’ll sub you!!

    4. Official Sub says


  5. Ruben Kleiburg says

    What’s the sound at 14:00? I’m curious….

    1. Critical Eats Japan says

      Yeah, I was wondering that too… weird sound

  6. Zaittsev says

    Derral, I love you!

  7. 99 Tubes says

    Who ever SUBSCRIBES, you know what you will get

    1. ideal bhund says

      99 Tubes done subs me back

    2. TheQuinnDruRocks Hard says


    3. NAOTV says

      ideal bhund gogo

    4. ideal bhund says

      NAOTV subs me pls

  8. RedStoneR says

    i will sub to all ho sub on my channel

    1. TheQuinnDruRocks Hard says


  9. HiHACKER says

    Is there 2nd part of this? I mean, u said *”AFTER LUNCH”*…

  10. Dimi Hardorff says

    You mentioned we should optimize our Youtube videos to mobile devices.
    How would you do that?

  11. Prince BlueDragon says

    I’ll subscribe to anyone who subscribes to my channel and likes this

    1. Fantasy Gaming (Fantasy Gaming) says

      Prince BlueDragon I did

    2. Prince BlueDragon says


  12. ATR4CHRIST says

    Someone subscribe to me please!!!

  13. ilagging Gt says

    sub me and I’ll sub back

    1. TheQuinnDruRocks Hard says


    2. GH music says

      Hydra Hydra done

    3. Fantasy Gaming (Fantasy Gaming) says

      ilagging Gt done

    4. ilagging Gt says

      I sub all of u back alrdy

  14. Starpix Creation says

    sub me nd comment here , I will sub back , deal is a deal

    1. GH music says

      Starpix Creation done

    2. ideal bhund says

      Starpix Creation nice… ur turn sub follow nd comment

    3. Starpix Creation says

      ideal bhund I subbed you

    4. ideal bhund says

      Starpix Creation sub u also

  15. veganprankcentral says

    Since I got my account hacked and lost my 440 subscribers I will do
    anything to get subs back like sub back to you ;)

    1. veganprankcentral says

      ilagging Gt I subed backed 😀

    2. The Long Gluestick says

      veganprankcentral done

    3. ideal bhund says

      veganprankcentral subs me back please

    4. veganprankcentral says


    5. veganprankcentral says

      done 2

  16. LoMufasaProductions says

    Free beats on my page show some love?☔️

  17. RJ The Bike Guy says

    That chirping is awful!

  18. THE iOS LEGEND says

    Can you tell how is my channel I just started 3 weeks ago

  19. LTB_GAMER 17 says


  20. KingZ Nukee says

    ill Subscribe to anyone who likes this comment and subscribes to me :)

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