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How To Get More YouTube Subscribers To Become Super Fans – With David Walsh

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David Walsh and I talk about how to get more YouTube Subscribers to become the ultimate super fan! Learn how to Increase viewer engagement with some great tips.
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How To Get More YouTube Subscribers To Become Super Fan

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  1. Derral Eves says

    +Carly2603 _ You have to attach your YouTube channel to a google + page or
    profile for that to work

    1. Searthelegend says

      +Hebomi Borg Stivala by subbing to me and being active you could win a

    2. Hebomi says

      +Searthelegend I shouted you out and subscribe

    3. Alan valencia says

      +Searthelegend I will sub to you then

    4. Kausku Asu says

      +Derral Eves Want youtube views @jonathan18? Try *pimpmyviews. COM*! I just
      reveived over 8,765 youtube views! It really works! #ytsweet

    5. Da Goat says

      you help me alot

  2. Jarhead6 says

    That was awesome ! Thanks for mentioning me Sir! Definetely putting vids at
    least 2 times a week is a most. I am actually posting my vids at 7 pm est
    and it is working great! 

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Jarhead6 I’m honored for that title “Personal Teacher”… I think +Tim
      Schmoyer from +Video Creators is amazing too… He is extremely skilled
      knowledgeable and cool to be around!

    2. NoScopeGamer says

      Haha “ARE YOU DEAD?!?!”

    3. Jarhead6 says

      +Derral Eves definitely!

    4. Tamera Weeks says

      +Jarhead6 I love the shout out to you in this video. Classic! “are you
      dead?” hahaha

  3. sosoblessed1 says

    …by the way, did you receive a tip (in your tip jar) from me? I sent
    one, but not sure if you received it. Thank you for the blessing that your
    channel has been +Derral Eves 

    1. sosoblessed1 says

      +Shon Hyneman So kind of you. I really appreciate you

    2. Derral Eves says

      +sosoblessed1 +Shon Hyneman I subscribe to her a few weeks ago! 🙂

    3. sosoblessed1 says

      +Derral Eves Wow, I didn’t know that. Thank you. Also thank you +Shon
      Hyneman that was super kind of you

    4. Shon Hyneman says

      No problem +sosoblessed1! Anytime I think of YouTube I think of you

    5. sosoblessed1 says

      +Shon Hyneman 🙂

  4. Nathan _TV says

    Thanks a lot mate I going to follow the tips 

    1. Derral Eves says

      Great +Nathan O’ Neill



    1. Tar Monster says

      +Mike Gaming I subbed sub back please!

    2. Tar Monster says

      +AidanTV I subbed sub back please!

    3. Tar Monster says

      +LegoBen8 TheMinecraftCavern I subbed sub back please!

    4. lilrampage9 ROAD TO 500 SUBS says


  6. Lilly Rose (LoveDove47) says

    i’m a animator and i’m lazy and have a lack of inspiration what do i do
    about that?!

    1. DansDemand says

      Get high and write your ideas on paper.

    2. David Leodanis says

      subscribe me

    3. Manzur Hossain MK Master says

      +David Leodanis i will subsribe you if you subcribe back and right

  7. iPwnCake says

    Thank you very much for this video, I watch both of you consistently. I
    never exactly knew how to build a fanbase and none of my subscribers
    returned, now I will use this advice to increase my fanbase.

    1. David Leodanis says

      subscribe me

  8. TheLegobrickman123 says

    hey guys,i really wanna hit 1K,please sub me i’ll sub back with 6 accounts
    100% sure just remember to write a comment!!! :)

    1. Ye Ha Kim says

      +TheLegobrickman123 subbed sub back

  9. EuanDaGamer // EDG says

    For a year i’ve done all your video ideas, and it still wont work! Please

    1. Ye Ha Kim says

      +EuanDaGamer // EDG subbed sub back

    2. EuanDaGamer // EDG says


    3. lilrampage9 ROAD TO 500 SUBS says

      I subbed sub back

    4. lilrampage9 ROAD TO 500 SUBS says

      +Ye Ha Kim i subbed sub back

  10. Abdul Hoque Production says

    sub me me and i will backjust reply here so i know thanks

    1. Ye Ha Kim says

      +Abdul Hoque Production subbed sub back

    2. Abdul Hoque Production says

      +Nightshae007 Channel

    3. Iam AM says

      +Abdul Hoque Production Sub back please

    4. Abdul Hoque Production says

      +Iam AM

    5. Crazily cool says


  11. Miss Maria Vlogs says

    Wow so cool video. Going to put some of the tips to good use.

  12. Somair Nasir says

    i have a question.
    How can we choose an advertisement to put in our videos on YouTube?

  13. Isadora Melo says

    Nice derral! you are super cute like a teddy bear

  14. SERGE says

    Very important video, watch tell the end guys this guy knows a lot!

  15. Amazing Places Reviews says

    subbed pls sub back

  16. MT-Tube Rocket League says

    Im a SuperFan! hahaha

  17. visualocity says

    i make funny commentary high quality letsplays of hard games come on by my
    channel tell me what you think! I’ll even check out you guy’s channel as
    well! ??

  18. Film Gob says

    I think half my subs (the most recent half at least) are super fans, yay!

  19. Alex Muir says

    Derral, I am in the beginning stages of my youtube channel. It is related
    lifestyle and fitness. I am currently making a website, and have been
    uploading regular videos on my days off from work. To help gain more
    subscribers and views, do you recommend doing a video ad? I am trying to
    find other ways to attract a larger audience to my channel.

  20. Komal Chudasama says

    Awesome video …. I am also working on new subscribers for my channel ?..
    thank you for these tips…

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