How To Group your YouTube Subscriptions into a Collection

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How to Group your YouTube Subscriptions into a Collection – As you subscribe to many channels your feed may get cluttered and make it hard to find the right videos. This is a great tip to group all your related channels in one place.

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How to Group your YouTube Subscriptions into a Collection

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  1. Tali Shemes says

    This is awesome!! thank you so much for pointing this out.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Tali Shemes … I hope I earned a sub for this great video How To Group
      your YouTube Subscriptions into a Collection

    2. Tali Shemes says

      your most certainly did!

  2. cp2 says

    why this feature doesn’t work in youtube app !!! i can’t see my collction
    in app 🙁 

    1. Derral Eves says

      +cp2 They will get How To Group your YouTube Subscriptions into a
      Collection to work in the mobile app sometime next year. Be patient…
      It’s coming!

  3. Brian's Fish Tanks says

    I’ve got a question somewhat related to this, but can’t seem to find the
    answer. When I subscribe to a channel, it no longer adds it to the list of
    channels I’m subscribed to. What could be causing this?

    1. Derral Eves says

      How many channels have you subscribed to?

    2. Brian's Fish Tanks says

      +Derral Eves 998

    3. mine_king101 says

      +Derral Eves can u do a video on how to do it on phone

  4. Zone07 says

    WTF Do we do now?! Freaking +YouTube This was one of their best features; I
    don’t understand why they took it away! I have 204 subs; didn’t realize it
    until now.

    1. Chrona says

      +Zone07 I hope they plan on bringing it back or something because that was
      probably the most useful feature on youtube and removing it makes
      absolutely no sense.

    2. Karadra Peterson says

      +LegendE1even It’s google. They never make sense

    3. Old Yeller says

      +LegendE1even They said they did it to make your YouTube experience “more

    4. SolarTara says

      +Old Yeller WOOO is so much better not ( no its not its horrible.. without
      this its so freaking hard to watch what I want )

  5. majav15mg says

    YouTube makes the website more and more dysfunctional by removing a very
    useful feature in the most senseless and imbecilic manner.

    1. Chrona says

      +majav15mg Do they plan do bring it back because that was probably the most
      useful feature on youtube

    2. majav15mg says

      +LegendE1even I don’t know. I look forward to having it seen brought back
      and improved… although I don’t think it needed much improvement anyway.

      This type of behavior has been the norm from Google for years now.

    3. majav15mg says

      +Aksum Princess It’s just that these updates make no sense whatsoever, not
      even from the point of view of a greedy corporation. At least not to me.
      Maybe I’m missing something. I don’t know what YouTube gains with its
      plethora of horrific updates that affect everyone.

    4. Chrona says

      +majav15mg They said they did this to provide us a more “enjoyable

  6. John E says

    It’s funny how Google seems to make things worse when they change things.
    They should adopt the saying “Keep it simple stupid”.

  7. SSS Polar Paw says

    This dose not work for my mac I want to sort my subs like my friends .-.
    help me

    1. Zeal says

      +SSS Livia Wilson

      YouTube has unfortunately lost this feature this time last year.

  8. David Foster says

    The Collections feature was removed on May 26, 2015.

    1. Dimitri Gonzalos says


    2. Optimistas777 says

      +Dimitri Gonzalos there wasn’t much interest to keep supporting (which
      doesn’t seem the case). Or it hurts youtube’s money income, which is more

  9. Duygu Ozkan says

    They don’t have this future now bc I couldn’t do it 🙁 It’s sooooo sad

    1. Optimistas777 says

      +Dimitri Gonzalos

    2. Dimitri Gonzalos says

      +Optimistas777 I dont understand. So its not actually youtube doing it?
      your making an app for it?

    3. Optimistas777 says

      +Dimitri Gonzalos yes. The app is made. The Youtube stopped caring about
      the feature long ago.

    4. Dimitri Gonzalos says

      Ok cool.. what is the app? Thanks

  10. Predrag Bubalo says

    This feature is no longer available.
    Why did youtube remove it?
    Is there another option?

    1. Optimistas777 says

      Yes there is, google for it

    2. Predrag Bubalo says

      I have, cant find anything

  11. Jack From UNBOX THERAPY says

    This feature is no longer available!!!!

  12. The Wolf says


  13. li Jean says

    My Youtube don’t have the blue button of create new collection, please

    1. Optimistas777 says

      +Reinfred Addo there are apps for this though

    2. Optimistas777 says

      +Reinfred Addo google: “auto-youtube-subscription-playlist-2”.

      There’s even better app on the way though.

  14. ryan james says

    did they remove ‘manage subscriptions’ ?

  15. DORENE OSTER says

    Hi Derral, I know this video is 3 years old. But I’m trying to manage my
    YouTube subscriptions by creating collections. This feature seems to have
    been removed. Is there a new way of doing this? Thank you.

  16. Jamez0117 says

    Stupid question! But how do I “login” to You Tube? I thought I was through
    Google. Also I went to my Subs and all I had was a list of my Subs no check

  17. edapps says

    85 channels currently but cant currently add anymore.

  18. addmin says

    I subscribe for you. Please subscribe for me.

  19. steve klossing says

    i don’t have the Collections option on my youtube

  20. SkullYT says

    I don’t have the collection thing tell me the url for it or tell me how to
    click on collections

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