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New Tech Evo

Install Kodi on a FIRETV or FIRESTICK very easily using a WINDOWS PC. Can be Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10.

Simply use FireTuner it's FREE!


After that Push Kodi to your FIRETV or FIRESTICK!

Also you can push builds, APK's, etc. ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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All the info can be found at:


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  1. newtechevolution says

    Just a sidenote this should work with any ANDROID TV device!!! much more
    intuitive vs ADB fire.

  2. Anthony xxKodixx says

    I am definitely going to use it for my FireTV box. Thanks again!

  3. Beotis Jernigan says

    can’t download to my android device tho… so you only can use it from the

    1. newtechevolution says

      yes from computer

  4. Michael Hand says

    I use my app2fire app on my droid phone. It is easy

    1. newtechevolution says

      There is a million ways i particulary like this one..

    2. Michael Hand says

      thats fine… always good to know there is more than 1 way to skin a
      chicken, so to speak

    3. newtechevolution says

      +Michael Hand exactly thx

  5. john flanagan says

    another awesome video ??

  6. DEEEETECH says

    good job dude thanks.

  7. erick Escobar says

    how come when I type in es explorer it doesn’t show up ???

  8. erick Escobar says

    how come when I type in es explorer it doesn’t show up ???

  9. killacopa harris says

    it doesn’t work

  10. Ellesha Hale says

    when i try to download it onto android it comes up with config wizard

  11. bdub0311 says

    So everything worked with the install, but how do I watch live tv?

  12. TheTeamrawdawg says

    thanks everything worked great because i couldn’t find es explorer anymore
    and this way worked quick and easy thanks i hit the like button and

  13. John T says

    can you restore from a back up

  14. BenJah says

    Do i click on Android Or Windows and im having trouble with exodus
    including other addons to play they wont load or no stream available

  15. Jake Crandal says

    Thank You So Much!!!!@!@!@!@!@ It Helped And It Was Suuuupppeerrr
    Easy!!@!@!@ :)

  16. Arlene Arricaberri says

    Can i download it onto my android phone?

  17. Danny C says

    Hey man do you know why appstarter doesn’t let you config the firestick
    remote buttons anymore? I read that you could make it so the home button
    can be disabled and by double tapping it you can launch kodi

  18. Danny C says

    Also, do you know if any of the installed addons use P2P or if they are
    just streaming?

  19. James Bonno says

    where can you name the device ?? thanks for your help and time !! JIm

  20. sterling mcgee says

    Great video, very simple procedure. You always produce great tutorials
    Newtech. 🙂 Newtech, I have a question for you. If I create a build on
    my PC, could I used this same procedure to push it onto my

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