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New Tech Evo

The sharpest the nicest looking Kodi build in my opinion right now.

This one blows up with 5 damn BOMBS!!!!

? ? ? ? ?

Installing this awesome sharp looking KODI build is really easy.

Just add the following Repo:


KODIMASTER facebookgroup:


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  1. BlackoutWorm - The Truth Will Set You Free! says

    @ 5:15 moments, not movies 🙂
    Oh and great video btw.

    1. newtechevolution says

      good eye:)

  2. David vaughn says

    might like this build better than Titanium

    1. Randy Hoopes says

      +David vaughn that’s actually why I dislike some builds like beast because
      they bloat it with easy too much garbage I don’t want and becomes laggy

    2. David vaughn says

      Well beast has a lot of U.K. programming this I’ve been installing for
      people for months now and everybody seems to love it. Guess to each his own.

    3. Randy Hoopes says

      +David vaughn cool I’ll try it. Where do I get it?

    4. David vaughn says

      I put the link on my other comment. Go to you tube and punch in install
      titanium and watch the video from blazed88

    5. Randy Hoopes says

      +David vaughn cool thanks man I’ll try it out.


    good one man

    1. newtechevolution says

      thank you bro!!!

  4. Joe W says

    would this build be too much for a firestick?

    1. Dr Doofenburger says

      I hope not, I’m installing it on mine right now!

  5. Rafael Santana says

    does it fit on a firestick

    1. ilovemysnake1 says

      Did it fit on the Firestick

  6. celebrityserb says

    Thanks !Looks good..but I HAVE A QUESTION ..When you go to Add On Section
    and i start Add On that i had already…so when i try to go back to other
    add ons and keep pressing ESC and come back..it always return me where i
    left it…
    AM I missing something on the screen??

  7. pstash78 says

    Do you have to uninstall the previous Kodi build to free up storage space
    on the Amazon Fire stick? Would it be better to reset to original settings
    to do the clean install of this build?

    1. Ya Boi says

      I would

  8. d12345679ful says

    can you install this on a android box

  9. Mainstream says

    Does this work on Kodi 17 Krypton? I get an error after unzipping the file
    and restarting.

    1. Legendary Mason says


  10. Bill Stearns says

    Thanks, informative

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Bill Stearns thanks bill

  11. Legendary Mason says


    1. Mitchell Ridgeway Sr says

      same here error

  12. Keith Bell says

    After several attempts to install KMV3 on one of my android boxes,it just
    did the quick download then an error message ensued,but just installed it
    on my windows pc and it looks to be working fine,just food for

  13. Inspire says

    How you go back on specto exodus etc.. if you select a submenu like 2016
    then how you go back? If I press esc it goes to home menu not the specto

  14. Randy Hoopes says

    Anyone? LOL asked what is best for nfl and would this be best build out
    right now? Does it auto update?

  15. Mr H says

    Great build, but why when I search for a series and I find all series and
    episodes does it say ‘no stream found’? If something is not available why
    does it list it? Thanks

  16. dirtbikeq says

    hi my build is showing 1.0.10 zip and not 8 plus i cant get my screen to
    look like this. on my firestick

  17. Carlos M says

    How do u exit the sub menus.. Theres no arrow to go back and do another
    seaech.. N if u hit esc.. Brings u to the home page.. N try to select it
    again.. N puts u back were on the same spot… Help

    The only have seen to make it work is clearing cache but..

    1. Roka Martin says

      Hey Carlos, I have the same issue, have you figured it out yet?

    2. Carlos M says

      +Roka Martin
      Im using the build on my laptop.. So figure out it by just pressing

    3. Roka Martin says

      when I do that it takes me home

    4. Carlos M says

      +Roka Martin​​ backspace on the laptop keyboard? It works for me.. ..
      Another way was to clear cache.. But that was to much to do

    5. Roka Martin says

      To go back to previous menus/screens, just press the backspace button on
      your keyboard.

  18. Holland Opus says

    I throughly enjoy this damn build! This was my first time ever loading a
    build and I LOVE IT! Everything from the visuals to the setup is nice and
    it works nicely on the fire stick! Thank you for this video! There’s so
    much to look at on here that I don’t know where to even begin lol

  19. barry jones says

    How about tutorials you go to fast for me on video

  20. Karen Levingston says

    I force close and it didn’t come up with the same setup

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