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How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links

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Make Money With Affiliate Links – Learn how Melea made more than $1,000 with an affiliate program on a small YouTube channel.
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  1. Nick Nimmin says

    Excellent! I just recently started adding affiliate links to videos here and there and have indeed gotten a handful of sales. One question though, do you know if we need to put any kind of disclaimer in the video description or anything else on the YouTube admin side to avoid issues?

    1. get it juli says

      This is great but I just tried adding an affiliate link in my video but youtube says no brackets are allowed. Don’t I need the brackets?

    2. Huck's World says

      do you need a website to use affilate links on youtube?

    3. Phungurific says

      Huck’s World ya I didn’t get that part

    4. Joe's corner says

      does a website that you make using wix count, or are they not a real website?

  2. Jakes days vlogs says

    I love how people can figure out ways to make money off of YouTube with a “small” channel of 9,000 subs just to make money when there are lots of people out there making good content and have been doing it for years and are doing it because there Passionate about video and yet they don’t get subs or any money!

    1. The Melea Show says

      I think the idea is to do what you love AND make money doing it. I think that’s the ideal situation for just about everyone. 🙂

    2. Play School - Activities says


    3. Ranicia's Hippodrome says

      Jakes days vlogs hi I just started a YouTube channel I was asking for you help. It’s hard getting help.

    4. Leo's World Kids says

      Maybe vlogging videos are cheap to make but quality content usually requires time and money to produce. So it’s only fair to get paid in order to keep making content.

  3. isitebuild says

    Thanks for sharing your great tips..I agree aff programs make more money than adsense ads

    1. isitebuild says

      Not really because you can add them in the description below your video. unfortunately you can’t use them in your video unless you have a websites associated with your channel

    2. Huck's World says

      +isitebuild is it because Amazon one approve it or is this per YouTube

    3. Huck's World says

      Is it because Amazon will not approve it or is it because you too says so

    4. isitebuild says

      If you add cards, end screens or or annotations your associated website must be your own or a google property ie blogspot.

    5. Huck's World says

      OK Thank You

  4. Exploring Alabama says

    Thank you Derral and Melea, I obviously have a lot to learn now.

  5. Dustin's Life Vlogs says

    Everytime I try to make a link with the amazon shortener I get a Java Script void error. I cleaned my cache but still get it.

  6. Dark Blue Nutrition says

    I created an Amazon Affiliate link account and amazon deleted my account after less than a month. I’m not sure what I did wrong! It asks for a webpage and mobile app url. What counts as a mobile app url? Does anyone have an example?

    1. Miranda Hollinger says

      Dark Blue Nutrition you did not sell anything do it deleted it automatically

  7. Aramis Merlin says

    Thank you for the video!

  8. Lex Blazer says

    Amazon Affiliate links are the best. Recommend. For example I have 16K subs at the moment…so it’s not a huge channel at all so I can’t make serious cash off sponsorships…and my Amazon Affiliate links are responsible for 50% of the revenue, easy….in other words I’d have to be double the size to make the same money off just Adsense!

    1. WWE Nation says

      Did You create Amazon associates account?

  9. Lance Labno says

    Is there any non-compete issues if you have multiple affiliate agreements?

  10. BR Outdoorz says

    How to make a website for your YouTube channel ??

  11. KG88 KiteGod says

    awesome information. super valuable. subscribed!

  12. Awesome Home Cooking says

    Great tips on affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Adventures of Gerald and Rhia says

    Can you put your own sponsor logos in your videos if youtube monetization is not turned on?

  14. Howfinity says

    Even Adobe has affiliate link for software tutorials which has been great for me


    Derral even I need assistance on my YOUTUBE channel please help me out

  16. GraceIsOver says

    I received a message that Amazon was canceling their affiliate program in October.

    1. TB Compilations says

      It’s the aStore feature, not the affiliate program.

  17. TechAnas says

    Someone entering in youtube video description that. *To support me buy anithing from amazon- and link* how making this link.

  18. James Hurt says

    I was accepted by Amazon Affiliate using my Facebook page. But, my question, If I use the affiliate link on my YouTube channel, do I still use ads from or no.. Thanks for your time.

  19. fencing1goat says

    I have a YouTube Channel only 170 subscribers, but i average 60,000 views a month. I signed up with AmazonAssociates and the links were getting many hits over 2,000 a week.
    After i made about $300 earnings with amazon, they asked me how i would like to get paid. I filled out all the info,, and 1 day later i get an email saying “we are sorry we terminated your AmazonAssociates account you dont have enough followers”. Needless to say i was really upset, not mad, but very depressed.
    Why couldnt they have not accepted me from the beginning when i told them i only had 170 subs? why did they terminate me after i made money? Even worse -Why did they terminate me the day after they asked me how i wanted to get Paid?? Ive Emailed them several times and havent gotten any answers, nor have i gotten paid. Basically they robbed me- I invested time and money,, I made them money and they blew me off.
    its been two weeks NOW IM GETTING MAD.

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