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How to Make Money on YouTube with Super Chat & Live Streaming!

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NEW YOUTUBE FEATURE: YouTube's Super Chat is a new feature that will help fans connect and interact with creators on live streams. In this video, Derral how to set up Super Chat and learn how to make money on YouTube Live streaming!

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  1. Bret Atwood says

    Now, to get to 1,000 subscribers…

    1. Shawn Kurtis says

      Bret Atwood sub for sub ?

    2. Country Living says

      Bret Atwood I subbed…Can you sub to me…Let’s help each other out.

    3. Country Living says

      Shawn Kurtis Done

    4. Bret Atwood says

      sure I enjoyed what I saw.

    5. Shawn Kurtis says

      Sue Roman just subbed back

  2. Video Creators says

    Dang it! You beat me to this video! I was going to make one like it next week. lol That’s ok — mine will focus more on what gets people to donate via Super Chat. Been collecting data on that from people.

    1. Jibrar Academy says

      Yes I need

  3. Manchild says

    thank you so much for donating to my super chat Derral Eves!! your channel is impressive

    1. Alerted DEX says


    2. Manchild says

      once you reach the $100 threshold, you get paid near the end of the month. if you dont get up to $100, your balance carries over to the next month.

    3. Manchild says


    4. Manchild says

      you get the money wired to you with adsense

  4. TubeBuddy says

    We were not expecting to make any money from Super Chat but during our first live stream, it brought in $20. Just sharing as a reference for others.

    1. Ablackman'sdream says

      That’s great news! Congratulations thank you for sharing

    2. AMEY WASTER says

      +Umer Khan subscribe me back

    3. RainbowPlayMaker says

      Love you Tubebuddy!

    4. THE ROGUE says

      RainbowPlayMaker We sure do!

    5. TubeBuddy says

      Love you too! <3

  5. Secret Life of Vivian says

    He’s back!!!!

    1. Calvin says

      Derral Eves can you give some people some shoutouts so we can use superchat

    2. war lord says

      Derral Eves should we get a verified channel to get money from the superchat or we can just make a superchat without verified channel please reply

  6. Donia Gonzales Copeland says

    Great video.

    1. Derral Eves says


    2. Country Living says

      Derral Eves Can you please sub to my channel and help me out as well….Thanks Derral.

  7. Saurav Eshan says

    I want to collaborate with you for my vidieos on YouTube what to do

  8. iMakeMcVids says

    If your a streamer how do you make it pop up on the stream it’s self

  9. KingStix says

    You are a big beautiful man, i like your spunk!

  10. Softieblupaw says

    but how do you actually get the money in your PayPal or bank account?

  11. Pete Gaming says

    YE YOU SHOULD DONATE can u plz comment on 1 of my videos only 1 comemt

  12. Savage Gaming says

    Pls can u ask youtube to put South Africa in superchat pls.

  13. Crazy Indian Return says

    subscribed…:) i m making cool videos..

  14. THE OTHER HALF OF 1 says

    Derral Eves HELP ME OBI WAN!

  15. COLD plays! - indian csgo and more! says

    lets help each other to grow our channel subs to me ill sub back for sure!

    1. Clash With Surfnboy says

      COLD plays! – indian csgo and more! Done!!

    2. COLD plays! - indian csgo and more! says

      done bro! subbed back

  16. Eric steffon Robinson says

    Watch my video subcribe

  17. Lochan Lowe says


  18. TrashTalkGamingHD says

    Hi what camera are you using? its amazing

  19. Anna Rammel says

    Thanks for the super useful info! I already enabled my super chat, but your info. was way better than the youtube help video! I subscribed and put this video in two of my playlists, too <3 Thanks!

  20. The ShadowGamwr says

    : ( , I live at Malaysia.

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