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How To Make Money with Paid Speaking Gigs with your Youtube Videos

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Derral talks about how to get paid speaking gigs and opportunities with your YouTube Channel and videos. Derral's Subscriber Evan Carmichael discuss in-detail 5 things you can do get those paid speaking gigs.

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  1. Vue Toob says

    I find it hard to hear Evan in the video

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Vue Toob Thanks for catching that!  I can hear that now!

    2. TheKiwiColonel says

      +Vue Toob haha its only in my left ear 😛

    3. Evan Carmichael says

      Thanks +Vue Toob – is it better for you now?

    4. Vue Toob says

      +Evan Carmichael seems ok now. Thanks.

    5. Evan Carmichael says

      +Vue Toob Cool – thank you 🙂

  2. Jarhead6 says

    Great vid Guys! Been sub to +Evan Carmichael for a while! He puts out great content! 

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +Jarhead6 thanks man – means a lot 🙂

  3. tj bahrain says

    Thanks Derral; keep up the good work. Love your channel.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +tj bahrain 

  4. Kalena says

    I really like how you explain things. Very helpful! 

    1. Derral Eves says

      Great +Kalena Nicolette! I’m glad you liked it!

    2. Evan Carmichael says

      Thanks for watching +Kalena Nicolette 🙂

  5. Tamera Weeks says

    Two of my three (Tim Schmoyer) favorite YouTubers!!! Love seeing you together on a video. This is very insightful information Derral and Evan. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Matt's Big Dream says

      Read my mind! +Tim Schmoyer +Derral Eves +Evan Carmichael bring the truth!

    2. Tamera Weeks says

      +Matt’s Big Dream Yeah!!

    3. Evan Carmichael says

      +Matt’s Big Dream Thanks Matt 🙂

    4. Joeline Thomas says

      +Tamera Weeks I watch all three guys too lol. They all have different strengths and are awesome. Great interview guys.

    5. Tamera Weeks says

      +Joeline Thomas haha That’s fabulous! I met Derral Eves and Even Carmichael through Tim Schmoyer’s channel. They are my “go to” guys.

  6. swaggerkid says

    If you don’t mind making a Video on How to Change Video Quiality, that would be great, or if you can reply to me that would also be fine, if its not possible then thats unfortunate but I would just Like to Know, Btw Nice Vid

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +swaggerkid thanks for watching 🙂

    2. swaggerkid says

      No Problem, Didn’t Expect for a Reply LOL

  7. Evan Carmichael says

    Amazing – thanks for the opportunity +Derral Eves – great video 🙂

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +TheCrazyGoatMC Canadian Thanks man… I’m also Canadian 🙂

    2. ItsGoat - Minecraft & More says


    3. Tommy Jereiah says

      +Evan Carmichael You gave great info Evan, truly Glorious work!

    4. Evan Carmichael says

      +Tommy Jereiah Thanks Tommy! 🙂

    5. ItsGoat - Minecraft & More says

      why are you so awesome? XD

  8. GQue BBQ says

    +Derral Eves How do you get the subscriber button you have in the lower right hand corner? Can you make a video on adding it?

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +GqueBBQ Log into your YouTube Creator Studio –> Channel –> Branding –> Branding Watermark. Good luck and thanks for watching 🙂

    2. GQue BBQ says

      +Evan Carmichael    you are the man!! Many Thanks!

  9. Kim Rose says

    I watch your videos several times a day,just to learn how to do the videos and what I can do better to make the videos better.It is not easy to learn how to make videos.

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +kim Rose Thanks for watching this one too 🙂 +Derral Eves always delivers! 🙂

    2. Kim Rose says

      You are welcome

  10. Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 says

    Evan makes some good points. He has a great Channel too. I have two online pool stores that sponsor my website and am generating some income there. YouTube leads a lot of traffic to my website. Always trying new ways to make extra money without doing my typical grunt work. Started to build websites and offering that service, so see where that leads. I can’t do this outdoor work forever…

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 Thanks man – I appreciate it. Time to become THE swimming pool expert and monazite your knowledge! 🙂

    2. Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 says

      +Evan Carmichael That is the ultimate plan. Laying the ground works to consult for manufacturers. Gotten to know a lot of company Presidents and VP’s while filming their products. I am learning what works in the industry and what doesn’t  through my filming and feedback on YouTube. The only question is what is the next step? Will be watching your videos to garner some knowledge – glad Derral featured you here.

    3. Evan Carmichael says

      +Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 Next step is start making videos. Do your own opinions. Do interviews with others. Share stories. Your first videos will suck – that’s normal and ok. You won’t have the perfect plan… but you never will have the perfect plan. Learn by modeling the success of people like +Derral Eves AND start actually doing. Record your first video this week and keep going.

  11. Travis Kraft says

    Another great video, Derral.

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +Travis Kraft Thanks for watching Travis! 🙂

  12. Mommy Is A Chef says

    Thanks for mentioning to add your call of action to the end of our videos! <3 I LOVE your channel!

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +Mommy Is A Chef Thanks for watching 🙂

    2. Mommy Is A Chef says

      Subscribed =)

  13. Jesus Gonzalez says

    Not able to hear Evan I don’t know if it’s my end or your end.

    1. Jesus Gonzalez says

      That is correct

    2. Jesus Gonzalez says

      +Evan Carmichael

    3. Evan Carmichael says

      +Jesus Gonzalez Some people said there is only audio coming out of the left speaker and not the right so I don’t know if you are able to check that out. They said it was working now though… Not sure if +Derral Eves has any other suggestions

    4. Jesus Gonzalez says

      Yes now it is working thank you +Evan Carmichael

    5. Evan Carmichael says

      +Jesus Gonzalez Awesome – hope it helps you – good luck!

  14. Martin Johnson says

    Great! Thanks for creating constantly great content. 

    I have an off topic *question.* Sometimes I have free time to hang out at a coffee shop and want to meet some of my viewers. How would you recommend I contact them? 

    I don’t really want to announce it on Social media and let everyone in the city know that my family is home along. Not that we feel in any kind of danger but just to be safe. 

    BTW we live in Indonesia. 

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      +Riding Java Thanks for watching! To answer your question, it depends on the platform. Whenever I travel I send a segment my list based on the city I’m going to and send them a personal message. If it’s for your YouTube audience, create a Top Fans circle and post when and where you’d like to meet – only they will see it. If you’re using Twitter, send DMs to the people who you’d like to reach out to. Hope that helps. Good luck! Fan interaction rocks 😉

  15. Maria Davies says

    The hard thing is to gain subscribers and views.

  16. The Yolo Gamer says

    testing comment section.

  17. Ashley Ludlow says

    I only had one headphone in, and it was freaking me out that I couldn’t hear him! One side audio only! haha

  18. Im Hot Studio says

    What’s wrong with Evan’s audio on this? Please redo this video–can’t watch.

  19. The Wholesalediva says

    Thanks to both you guys for the info still a work in progress But I love public speaking

  20. Ulises Rivas says

    what do you need to record a game if you can contact me plZ contact me i have some questions

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