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How to manage any Android TV Box remotley (team viewer method)

New Tech Evo

Manage any android box remotely with Teamviewer. I am doing this on the NVIDIA Shield this can be done with any Android Box!

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  1. Larry Terrell says

    keep up the good work it’s been a long time since we’ve heard any info from
    you about the Nvidia shield I’m sure they have soul thousands of them since
    great guy such as yourself have put the device on Front Street it’s a
    top-notch Android device and we need as much info as possible the more you
    put out the more we view and everybody’s happy have a good day….

    1. newtechevolution says

      thank you Larry nvidia should sponsor me or send me some goodies the amount
      of videos I put out for them lol

    2. Larry Terrell says

      Absolutely sir if we can make it happen we will maybe a couple uplifting
      emails it all realize it getting advertisement and it’s not free keep up
      the good work I and my constituents will be watching waiting been listening
      have a cheerful day

  2. Tech Timeruuu says

    Voice command: TeamViewer… Dammit no space lol had a blast watching this

    1. newtechevolution says

      ha-ha yah

  3. Myst Da-Man says

    Hey man, is this how u recorded ur nvidia screen with voiceover? Or did u
    use other software/hardware. plz let me know thanks. sick vid :)

    1. M1k3 My3rz says

      +Myst Da-Man both the controller and the remote have built in microphones

    2. Myst Da-Man says

      +Mike Myerz how did he record the video?

    3. M1k3 My3rz says

      he does his videos on the shield. it has built in screen recodring, Press
      the Nvidia button a split second

  4. budeweiser1968 says

    Can you push games to an emulator on the shield?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +budeweiser1968 games will sit on the actual box not inside of kodi.

  5. Ray Luna says

    Can you also use this method on a Fire Stick as well?


    lol OMG that Voic Command needs some training New tech lol :)

  7. Jitthanan Manassomsak says

    nice that you said “any” other android box. like the beelink i68, can buy
    almost 4 boxes of this for the price of one nvidia shield..haha. an advice
    with this voice recognitions on boxes, IT WILL NOT WORK FOR ENGLISH NATIVES
    HAHAHAHA. ask chris b, he can tell you cause he tried years long HAHAHAHA.
    and you forgot one important thing! no need to “ENTER ALLOW” button on the
    connecting box if you install passwords entry in the box.you should have
    shown the people here how to take over in a running kodi system, not the
    android gui, would have been more interesting, like installing a new addon,
    and so on. . helping a friend in a other location and else..not easy
    everything for you, i know hahaha.

    1. newtechevolution says

      this is kodi it’s the skin

    2. Jitthanan Manassomsak says

      you ask chris b to try voice recognition? if not, why? hahaha come on,
      laugh a little

    3. newtechevolution says

      +Jitthanan Manassomsak you are not watching my videos anymore awww hah

  8. Cristian Macias says

    i have 2 diferent box nvidia an m8s . the m8s work perfect with teamview
    from my computer bit the nvidia dont respond i cant not.make move nothing
    .can help me please. thanks

    1. Keith Quick Sr. says

      I have the same problem

  9. Rob Colosio says

    can you manage a fire stick with teamviewer also? thanks

  10. arvind padhiar says

    I have tv box and my friend has also,and h doen’t know much about Kodi, so
    can i install some links,or easy setting,or add some addons? sowhich is the
    easyest way to use team viewer? thank you.

  11. AllofUs Henrys says

    Does remote access still work for you with android boxes???

  12. mark horne says

    grrr yes you can ‘manage’ shield tv, but i want to remote control her.
    Teamviewer normally dish out the add-on specifics for example my Samsung
    S7, they have a samsung quicksupport addon in the play store. Does anyone
    know a method of doing this without flashing a standard android rom (as
    opposed to stock android tv). I did see on a forum a guy was liasing with
    teamviewer to get this working, but he hasn’t replied to my comments. Would
    love to be able to remote in to assist my good lady and little boy when i’m
    away working.

  13. Desibouy says

    have you found a way to do it without pressing Accept i.e. unattended


  14. Keith Quick Sr. says

    Thanks for the video but you can remote into the Shield but from your PC
    you cannot control anything at all .

  15. Dark-Noir says

    I can’t control my shield tv remotely, only see the screen…

    1. newtechevolution says

      what seems to be the issue?

    2. Dark-Noir says

      My TeamViewer on the PC says that the Kernel from the Shield TV doesn’t
      support remote controlling… Firmware is 3.2 on my Shield TV but on 3.1 or
      3.0 i had the same problem.

  16. Barry Morfill says

    i tried to send a movie file to an external usb connected to the Shield and
    I get a permissions error and it doesn’t work. Can you get round that?

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