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How To: Plank on Ball Version 2

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  1. George Mafredas says

    I do that in Pilates, it is tough. Nice to hear you say it though. lol Keep
    up the good work your videos are informative and helpful

  2. Reezie says

    I love doing those!

  3. BurnInTheLight says

    plank on ball… wierd name

  4. freddieelm says

    Of course this video is very likable. It has sexy Scott in it. :p

  5. Vignesh Narendra says

    get new shorts! :D

  6. Rodrigo Echeverria says

    i dont own a ball, and when i took 1 from my gym they told me that the were
    privated… : (

  7. ElNEKKO says

    is this for core?

  8. Eric A. says

    this does suck more, but works

  9. myekay1192 says

    dear scott, you are my role model.! :)

  10. tigergreg8 says

    Plank on ball. ,Ya, that got my attention lol

  11. cracknsidewalks says

    @ElNEKKO nahh for ur neck…

  12. Td Lifting says

    @Dkdelite add food to your regime that doesn’t seem to be a healthy weight
    man :/ use one of scotts full body workouts and try to eat much more run as
    often as you like it’s healthy.

  13. dmx1650 says

    @ScottHermanFitness hey i had a question about abbs and obliques .ive seen
    some of your vids and was wondering if i can lose weight doing those
    workouts or do i have to lose weight around those areas before i do these
    exersices just message back when you get a chance thanks

  14. Oliver says

    @dmx1650 hit the treadmill, you’re not going to see any muscle if the
    muscle is obscured by fat! get some cardio done my friend!

  15. Ray Reola says

    Hey Scott!!! It looks like you are extending your shoulders not your
    elbows. Study anatomy much? 

  16. Ray Reola says

    @vonlubcke in the video, he says extension of the ELBOWS. BUT, his elbows
    remain at a relative 90 degree angle NOT extending at all. He is however,
    extending his SHOULDERS. Look up an audiologist AND an Optometrist around
    your area. They may be able to help you. 

  17. Sohail Afridi says

    @pvsfjfj So stoked I’ve got rock hard abs and it didn’t even take that
    long. You’ve gotta concentrate on two basic things, what your eating and
    your workout. Quick results are easy if you follow Daniel Murrays advice.
    I’d get it now before he starts charging => bit.ly/KRLG73?=oewqkw

  18. adu1991 says

    I tried this in the gym today. It’s harder than it looks, trust me.

  19. Nickanoms says

    This is great, but another great variation is the roll-outs! Its a killer.
    If your unsure try youtube tubing it. Worth a try guys.

  20. Lucky Tripathy says

    You are right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.
    Listen to this my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill
    his belly with less excercise. worth watch here now bit.ly/17TxYbC?=fibhf

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