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  1. Derral Eves says

    Love to hear your questions! Use the hashtag #AskDerral

    1. Xylok says

      you don’t have to apologize for yourself. you don’t have to apologize for
      existing. im proud of you, and so are millions of others, even if you’re
      not. some bandwagons you should join.

    2. Gaming Wolf says

      Subscribe to my channel please

    3. JB7 Games says

      +The Ultimate Gaming Wolf nah


      me too

    5. GodisAGamer says

      #AskDerral on youtube app i can put only 200 characters and on browser 500.
      So when i put 500 on browser and i go to youtube app there are only the
      first 200 from browser. I’m confused, can you help me please?


    Great information Derral. I’m learning alot from your videos.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +KBTHECONFIDENCEG Thanks for the wonderful comment

    2. Awesome Dudes says

      +Derral Eves Can u make a video for how to add objects to your video. Like
      u put your face and a thumbs up! Thansk

    3. Catonator Gaming says

      +KeenanPlayz yeah youtube have taken the suggested tags away couple weeks
      ago 🙁

    4. C&D Inc. says

      Me too. Did not really understand tags before this video. ? #thanksderral

  3. Tom Parsons says

    When I do my tags it doesn’t give me suggestions like it dose on your video

    1. Wayne Phillips says

      Thanks. I kinda figured so. 🙁

      Hopefully, Google doesn’t decide to remove suggested keywords when typing
      in the search bar too. That would be *disastrous*!

    2. DeathSwagga says

      that feature has now been removed

    3. Prussian piggy gaming says

      what are tags for?

    4. BabyMr_Tiny says

      same! but i edit my tags on my video on Youtube app


      +prussian king of kings tags are what help people find your videos you
      upload to your YouTube channel. So others can discover them.

  4. Dan R says

    4:13 gets me everytime

    1. Zachary Williams says

      lol same xD

    2. MT-Tube Rocket League says

      yeah 😀

  5. Amber Dawn Lee says

    when I put my tags in there are no suggested tags that come up, why is

    1. Popsplayer says

      They removed the feature. :/

  6. JustinWatchesMovies says

    I just want my video to upload that fast lol

    1. Arcty says

      what format are you rendering your video file in?

    2. The Awesome Guys says

      render below 12MB or more but just do’nt render it to 1GB above

  7. Financial Education says

    Does it matter what order you put tags in or are the all equal? Thanks!

    1. Nikki Preston says


  8. BMOREHeavySACK-Gaming says


    I’ve been searching for you lately, it’s Yoda from Baltimore lol. So,
    lately for some strange reason, I’ve been placing the # in YouTube tags.

    Example, Upload a gaming video for Battlefield 1, my tags would be
    #Battlefield #Battlefield 1. My question is, should I leave the # out?


  9. Wabbaskabba - TIPS AND TRICKS FOR GAMES says

    I Mislead My Viewers :)

    1. Kinvi's World says


  10. BroadswordMedia says

    I sure hope this works. I think my original channel Sly88Frye which started
    in 2008 is a lost cause since I still have more videos on that channel than
    subscribers as I have 1,337 videos on that channel and only an abysmal
    1,246 subscribers. I really do want to make the channel I’m really working
    on now, that is this one, BroadswordMedia work though. I’ve been making
    better quality videos and putting more effort and quality into them. I know
    I need to work on my enthusiasm more and if I keep practicing I’ll get
    better, but it’s so discouraging when I do put a lot of effort into my
    videos and still nobody watches them.

    I’m not asking to be famous. I just want to enjoy a life making videos
    because I love making videos. I’ll look through my tags as I have only
    about 35 public videos on this channel, but my oldest channel from 2008 has
    way way way waaaaaayyyy too many videos for me to change tags on. Plus I’m
    not even uploading much on there anymore. Mostly on here. I know I have to
    upload a whole lot of videos in a short timespan to get people to keep
    watching them, but when I have to work many hours at a dayjob so I can pay
    the bills, I just don’t have the time. It makes me worried that I should
    have started doing this when I was many years younger and didn’t need a job.

    I’ll follow your videos. I will try to improve mine. I just can’t help but
    feel discouraged when I do make better videos and yet people still don’t
    see them.

    1. Fatal Equinox says

      subbed , yeah I know its difficult , you probably eventually find something
      that clicks and helps your videos even more . All the big youtubers have
      something unique about themselves , just find what your good at .Also I
      hope you can check out my videos too. My content isnt the best since I have
      a few sub’s rn either way but if you do I would appreciate it :).

    2. BroadswordMedia says

      +Fatal Equinox Thanks! I appreciate it! I’ll keep trying! And I’ll stache a
      bunch of videos together to have more to upload more frequently. Hopefully
      my plans for 2017 will work. I’ll also take a look at your channel.

  11. TheElectricMrPJ says

    these are some good suggestions. i will give it a try to see if they help
    spread awareness of my music videos

  12. Noelle Candice says

    I suck at tagging my video’s and love how you name tags, like specific tags

  13. Jeffrey Gurian says

    I signed up for the free training but didn’t receive a link or anything
    else! How am I supposed to get it?

  14. Lavender Redux says

    “Don’t mislead videos.” *That’s like half of youtube with all it’s click
    bait and misleading titles.*

  15. Rupal Sinha says

    all through the video i was looking at the notifications of his page that
    showed 99+
    i mean dude!!!

  16. The_Noice_Gamer says

    Without tags: 0 views 0 subs With tags: 1m views 4 Mill subs

  17. Yay or Nay Nicole says

    Hi Derral, For some reason when I do the tags, they no longer automatically
    pop up. That used to happen but a few months ago it just does pop up
    anymore. Is there a setting or something that I need to adjust? Love the
    tag with your kids at the end! #Ask Derral

  18. Nadia Niccole says

    YouTube doesn’t suggest tags like they do in the becoming of the video.
    This explains everything.

  19. Ali Tube says


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