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How to Pull Thoughts and Ideas from the Source Of The Universe! (Powerful!)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Kayciaz World says


    1. Alex Mijares says

      +Duke Royal hey wtf is the reason you say this to her?

    2. Duke Royal says

      +paul doyle Wow! Times are changing. The trend of feminist men is shocking.
      You have a males name. Are you one of those transgender creatures?

    3. Illuminated Elemental says

      +Duke Royal I sent you higher love vibrations so that you can find a way to
      love yourself and others without judgment. Even if it’s not on this plain

    4. Duke Royal says

      +Illuminated Elemental Contrary to your self serving assumptions, if i did
      not love myself then i would not judge others.

  2. thejmmx1 says


  3. Isaac Mcclaugherty says

    who is this ?

    1. kim Love says

      Earnest holmes

    2. kim Love says

      +Jade Lyle Ernest holmes

    3. Rich Texas says

      Earnest homes

    4. thejmmx1 says

      Ernest Holmes, homes

    5. kim Love says

      +thejmmx1 love

  4. Eliz Cringle says

    That is so amazing. That’s the philosophy I live by and spread it to
    anyone that will listen. I also help people by teaching them that by
    training their brain they will master their mind and live the life they’ve
    imagined. I’m currently teaching this to one person. I help one person at
    a time, because it’s really time consuming – but worth it :-)

    1. Amy Rappl says

      How to Force the Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life?
      This system virtually puts the law of attraction on autopilot allowing you
      to use the Destiny Tuning Principle (which is explained in the video) to
      ‘Tune’ your destiny, into one of prosperity, happiness, love and more.
      Watch this video and make sure you join Manifestation Miracle >>>> *2LawOfAttraction
      .Com* ….

    2. Alicia Morris says

      Society has tried to use fear and ignorance to hide true spiritual power.
      Will you be brave enough to resist?

    3. Jennifer Rose says

      Alicia Morris Oh, that would be like paying a used car dealer for a car
      your Father gave you for free. No thanks.

    4. Eddie Petway says

      Elizabeth Carey

  5. Travis Kraft says

    Thanks, Justin.

  6. Charles Brightman says

    Here are some ideas:

    1. Create a central world bank that generates money out of thin air and
    gives it to the various nations to:

    a. Help take care of the young, old, ill, needy, etc. With the worlds
    population doubling every so many years, and with things like robotics
    taking away human’s jobs, there simply won’t be enough jobs to go around.
    Many people will suffer and die horrible deaths that didn’t have to, (and
    their pets too by the way).

    b. Help fund a pro-active space program. One day, a very long time from
    now, the Sun is supposed to become a Red Giant as it switches from burning
    hydrogen to burning helium. It will most probably destroy all life left
    upon this Earth at that time. At a minimum, our Sun will not last forever.
    We as a species, have to get off of this Earth and out of this solar
    system, and take whatever species we can with us. If there is no conscious
    entity left after we are gone that might even remember us, then does it
    matter that we even ever existed at all, much less whatever we may have
    done and/or not done, or how rich or poor we were, or what kind of house we
    lived in or car we drove or job we had or the number of offspring we had?
    Who’s consciously left to care? With our current economic system, space
    travel is getting more and more expensive due to inflation. My idea above
    would help take care of the money problem related to the future survival of
    our species. And the sooner we get going, more entities from this planet
    Earth could be saved to exist longer into the future.

    c. The massive debt incurred by this central world bank would be wiped out
    one day when this planet is no more. It would go back into thin air from
    whence it came.

    1. Wise Peackock says

      Great idea

    2. Charles Brightman says

      +Light Subliminals

      Thanks. I believe it could work. Sure, there will be a lot of problems and
      greed and corruption will try to run rampant, (so safe guards would have to
      be built into the system), but hey, some species will either make it off of
      this planet and out of this solar system, or we won’t. And certainly,
      people helped while they are still consciously alive will certainly be
      helped. They could live a better life while they did consciously exist. We,
      individually and as a species, have choices. We have our own choices, there
      are choices others make that may affect us directly and/or indirectly, and
      then whatever nature is going to do for/to us, (with all the consequences
      and ramifications, seen and unseen, of all those choices, even “if” it
      currently appears that nature is going to kill us all in the end anyway. At
      least we could exist in a better state of existence while we did
      consciously exist).

      In addition, in keeping with this video’s title of how to pull thoughts and
      ideas from the source of the universe, I present my “TOE”, (theory of
      everything), of which would have to be proven or disproven one way or
      another. This is a copy and paste from one of my comments made on another
      YT video concerning artificial intelligence:

      THE SETUP:
      1. Modern science currently recognizes four forces of nature:
      The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, gravity, and
      2. In school we are taught that with magnetism, opposite polarities attract
      and like polarities repel. But inside the arc of a large horseshoe magnet
      it’s the other way around, like polarities attract and opposite polarities
      3. Charged particles have an associated magnetic field with them.
      4. Protons and electrons are charged particles and have their associated
      magnetic fields with them.
      5. Photons also have both an electric and a magnetic component to them.

      6. When an electron is in close proximity to the nucleus, it would
      basically generate a 360 degree spherical magnetic field.
      7. Like charged protons would stick together inside of this magnetic field,
      while simultaneously repelling opposite charged electrons inside this
      magnetic field, while simultaneously attracting the opposite charged
      electrons across the inner portion of the electron’s moving magnetic field.
      8. There are probably no such thing as “gluons” in actual reality.
      9. The strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are probably
      derivatives of the magnetic field interactions between electrons and
      10. The nucleus is probably a magnetic field boundary.
      11. Quarks also supposedly have a charge to them and then would also most
      likely have a magnetic field associated with them, possibly a different
      arrangement for each of the six different type of quarks.
      12. The interactions between the quarks EM forces are how and why protons
      and neutrons formulate as well as how and why protons and neutrons stay
      inside of the nucleus and do not just pass through as neutrinos do.
      13. There is probably an Electro-Magnetic Field Theory to the Atomic

      (We are now down to only gravity and electromagnetism):
      14. As the field outside of whatever it is acting upon might change whether
      forces attract or repel, and as the Earth has a massive magnetic field
      around it, it would not be too hard for me to think and believe that
      gravity is just a derivative of EM field interactions.
      15. Add to this that modern science does not know what gravity even is yet,
      nor has even ever found the graviton of which they claim exists.
      16. So, if true, now we are down to only the electromagnetic force that

      17. I believe that the pure energy unit is a vibrating EM force interaction.
      18. When these vibrating forces interact with other pure energy units, they
      “tangle” together. Various shapes (strings, spheres, whatever) might be
      formed, which then create sub-atomic material, atoms, molecules, and
      everything in existence in this universe.
      19. Everything is basically “light” (photons) in a universe entirely filled
      with “light” (photons).

      20. When the electron with it’s associated magnetic field goes around the
      proton with it’s associated magnetic field, internal and external energy
      oscillations are set up.
      21. When more than one atom is involved, and these energy frequencies
      align, they add together, specifically the magnetic field frequency.
      22. I currently believe that this is where a line of flux originates from,
      aligned magnetic field frequencies.

      23. I believe chemical element #119 (8s1) can be found inside black holes
      and chemical element #120 (8s2) can be found inside stars.
      24. The energy strengths, shapes, and frequency interactions could be
      utilized in such a way to create a matrix for artificial intelligence.
      25. For any long term data storage, especially in quantum computers,
      neutrinos would probably corrupt the data that even artificial intelligence
      would not possibly catch. A minimum of three data storage computers would
      have to be utilized and then the master computer utilizing the matched data
      from 2 out of 3 to have the most accurate data. It would not be perfect,
      but would probably be the best setup for the cost.

      26. As I as well as all of humanity truly do not know what we do not know,
      the above certainly could be wrong. It would have to be proved or disproved
      to know for more certainty.

      So, “Light Subliminals”, it appears that we are all “light” existing in a
      universe entirely filled with “light”. (At least if my theory is really

    3. Wise Peackock says

      Yes. we are

    4. Charles Brightman says

      +Light Subliminals
      That is how I currently see it too. But, as I do not know what I do not
      know, I will be the first to admit that I could be wrong. It has to be
      proved or disproved to know for more certainty.

    5. GrtWarMstr ! says

      Charles Brightman

  7. John Raju says

    love u guys

  8. PowerThoughts Meditation Club says

    Anyone know what the song is called? Thanks in advance.


  9. Mark Winston Suits says

    At 2 minute 45… No… Not Edison and Marconi… Tesla! E & M took credit
    for Tesla’s ideas… this is not an idea, it is a fact.

    1. hvnly qi says

      my thought exactly tooooooo bad, people are not aware of Tesla because he
      was already tuned in to this stuff, but he got silenced by greed,
      sad—-don’t take my word do some research

    2. jfusci3 says

      Among countless other achievements, Tesla is responsible for the AC
      electricity the world uses today. Edison wanted DC power which is
      impractical over long distances.
      Even Einstein acknowledged Tesla as having the greatest mind.

  10. Always-Stay-Positive says

    So a serial killer thinks the thought of God before taking action?

    1. colale15 says

      +Always-Stay-Positive Well I just thought it appropriate to give my
      opinion, and in answer to your latter question, if I may; Don’t unlearn any
      mind set if you choose so, hypathetically, if god is infinite, then there
      are infinite mind sets. I was simply pandering to the common need for
      people to progress from bad to good, though essentially you would only
      ‘attempt’ to learn/unlearn something through your own belief that it is the
      move for you, whether it progressive or regressive.

    2. niecers says

      God, life giving spirit, the higher creative power. always good.
      so no, a serial is not a life giving spirit, lower power, ego.

    3. Always-Stay-Positive says

      +niecers But you guys just said everyone thinks the thoughts of God.

    4. niecers says

      No, not me. You won’t hear that from me.
      You may even read that whatever bad has happened in your life you created
      it. I don’t buy that either.
      Also being positive doesn’t always work either. You have to be convinced of
      what you believe.
      But if you have gone through a lot of negative life seems bleak so you have
      to start somewhere.
      Joseph Murphy calls it, the laws of mind. Which we can also call faith.
      So if someone brought forth what we call evil or negative. Then someone is
      not living by those laws.
      When someone robs a bank. They are not living by the faith that source or
      God can supply their needs. So God is not robbing the bank.
      Hope that helps.

    5. Always-Stay-Positive says

      +niecers That helps fort of. Will put that to use. Hey what makes Joseph
      Murphy quotable, and what is his religion, and what is YOU religion too?

  11. PINGU says

    I love you

  12. Angela M. says

    Sounded super creepy at end.

  13. 2ndWWAppartusBox says

    Bugger off Morrisons!

  14. Seda says

    How to create something? Can you make a video of this please? :)

  15. zelen plav says

    Tesla tapped the Universe. He said so.

  16. Patrick Mwangi says

    Thats Beautiful, I AM THAT I AM.

  17. George Edmond Jr. says

    and tesla, neville, Edison got all their knowledge from Kemet

  18. Lord Cooler says

    load of crap sorry to break it to you lazy people. no thinking positive all
    the time does not create magic universe fairys to bring you giant sacks of
    gold. and as for inventions 99% of the come from someone else invention and
    some one found a way to improve it.

    1. SoGone 96 says

      Lord Cooler It seems like you’re not understanding the law of attraction,
      it doesn’t work like that. You have to see yourself working smart and hard
      and actually feeling it in a thought keep it positive.

  19. Vulthuryos x says

    everyone’s ideas are great but the government’s. ..money wash people’s

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