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How to Redeem YouTube Creator Rewards – Silver Gold & Diamond Play Buttons

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Once your channel qualifies for a YouTube creator reward like silver Play Button, Gold Play Button or even Diamond. I will show you how and where YouTube notifies the creators to redeem the Rewards. I will also Unbox My Silver Play Button.

Silver Play Button
Get 100,000 Subscribers and YouTube will send you a Custom Silver Play Button to show off!

See the recipients – http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators//rewards-recipients.html

Gold Play Button
Once you reach 1,000,000 Subscribers, YouTube will send you a Gold Play Button that will drawf the Silver Play Button.

See the recipients – http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators//rewards-recipients.html

Diamond Play Button
10 Million Subscribers! Not too many people will qualify for this one.

YouTube Channel Evaluations

Be the Next Lucky Subscriber to get an In-depth Channel Evaluation:

1. Must be subscribed to My YouTube Channel

2. Must be uploading good quality content frequently to your YouTube Channel and really trying hard to make it

3. Must be engaged in my channel by liking, commenting, posting, sharing and encouraging others to subscribe to my channel.

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  1. Jarhead6 says

    That is amazing Sir! CONGRATS and God Bless! 

    1. Marcos Herrera says

      +Derral Eves Your The Best Guy I Ever seen

    2. AliTheAlien says

      +Krystal’s Random Suff no you need 100000 subs to get one

    3. Krystal's Random Suff says

      but i thought u get a bronze one if u get 100

    4. The Legendary Gerbil says

      No, that was a joke by some other youtubers. Sorry dude

    5. ArChe Gaming says

      Support me by subscribing PLZ thanks!

  2. GooglezZ says

    wait are they real gold ore?

    1. KIMoFy says

      +Ev Oz It’s only 24 caret gold so it’s not worth a lot

    2. mdgree says

      +KIMoFy But still a good accomplishment.

    3. SteamPunk says

      +R i o t t e j a n e i r o 〉.〉 careetetetete

    4. Zephyr -GamesHD // ZGHD says

      Go watch what’s inside and you will see

    5. Blayne Walker says

      it is real. gold is real. silver is real. and diamond is real

  3. BlitzDuzm says

    There should be Bronze Play Button for reaching 10,000 subscribers.

    1. HavikGamimg 789 says

      +Tru_James_MC u just took MrBeast’s Words out his mouth and threw them in
      your mouth and spit them out here

    2. Tru_James_MC says

      Yep ?

    3. AshCrash says

      and a paper one like mine for 100

    4. Jordan11245 says

      +AshCrash ??CHECK ME OUT ON YOUTUBE @ Jordan11245. (THANK YOU) ??

    5. DolphinAJ says

      +AshCrash you can make a paper one

  4. Viva Las Channel says

    Silver Play Button I’m on my way!

    1. Ahmed Sindi says

      im subbing for you man
      stay strong and focused

      im trying to work on some content then ill start publishing…hope someday
      ill get as popular as you are 😛

    2. Jordan11245 says

      +Ahmed Sindi ??CHECK ME OUT ON YOUTUBE @ Jordan11245. (THANK YOU) ??

    3. DailyContent says


    4. ArChe Gaming says

      Support me by subscribing please.. Thanks!

  5. xCharts4You says

    Does every channel get one?

    1. Cruyff Turn says

      not vevo’s and companies i think

  6. Jassies Random Channel! says

    Is there a 100 subscriber plaque?

    1. Stirling Bros says


    2. MysticWaffle032 says

      Yes their is, its the youtube cardboard play button, im trying to reach it

    3. AshCrash says

      yes for paper, i got mine.

    4. GobblerCopper says

      Im close.

    5. Jordan11245 says

      +GobblerCopper ??CHECK ME OUT ON YOUTUBE @ Jordan11245. (THANK YOU) ??

  7. Shadowblade says

    I got 40 subs, can I have my cardboard play button please?

    1. cute green monster says

      +KiseTCC 07 sub for sub?

    2. Red Sheep says

      +cute green monster okay but I’m being nice here don’t sub to me sub to
      emv2005 message him that I did a sub 4 sub for him

    3. cute green monster says

      +Red Sheep ok but did u sub me?

    4. Emojimatt says

      +cute green monster done

    5. Lay's Original Potato Chips says

      I get an invisible play button!!!

  8. TheGamerGirlZ says

    Aren’t there bronze too

    1. Jessica XD says

      It’s fake , they make it by them self

    2. TheGamerGirlZ says

      +Jessica XD oh

  9. Illusionz Gaming says

    The diamond play button isn’t limited time, you think your an expert, lol
    what a dumbass.

    1. FlameCrackFire says

      shut up

  10. LPS Gabi says

    is it real silver gold and diamond!?

    1. Gecko Gamer says


  11. King Madness says

    i have 100k but i cant claim my reward why

    1. ThePinoyScoop Entertainment says


    2. Hunter Junky says

      watch the full video he will teach u how to get it

  12. PhantomDrawing says

    I know we should all shoot for the stars, but 1 million subscribers isn’t
    even on my goals list!

    1. Craftmania World says

      +KiseTCC 07 done

    2. Emojimatt says

      +KiseTCC 07 done

    3. KiseTCC 07 says

      +Emojimatt tnx i will sub back

    4. KiseTCC 07 says

      +Craftmania World i already sub 🙂

    5. Craftmania World says

      +KiseTCC 07 ok thx

  13. YouLearnedSomethingToday // YLST says

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

    1. Danielle Nnene says

      Well done

    2. ThePinoyScoop Entertainment says


  14. Belushi87 says

    i’ve been trying for 10 years to reach 100,000 subscribers and i’m no where
    near where i want to be on youtube.

    1. Josh Steffen says

      i know the feeling. took me 4 years and 700 videos. Quality is key, also

    2. Belushi87 says

      +Josh Steffen
      i’m not even in triple digits for subscribers. i took years just to get to
      where i am now.

  15. Jah Moses says

    but how to get it how do they know where u live

    1. Mistah BP4 says

      thats what im asking

  16. The Inceptor says

    Why do most people have 2 computers for editing?!

    1. Kristiāns says

      these, young man, are monitors, you can share two monitors on one computer
      so you can have an extra space for something else (Ex. Skype and some game)

    2. The Inceptor says

      Can this be also used for editing?

    3. Kristiāns says

      +The Inceptor anything, 2 monitors are for extra space

    4. The Inceptor says

      Thanks man! You’re Best!

  17. AnaBeauty16 says

    But does this work for any country in the world?

  18. kitties Cool26 says

    Oh can’t wait to get my silver!!

    1. Mistah BP4 says

      where do u put ur address?

    2. 4thEternity says

      You’re not even at 100,000 subs..

    3. Mistah BP4 says

      +4thEternity neither r u lol. And i can ask questions if i want… sry m8
      ik it’s hard 4 u

    4. 4thEternity says

      +Mistah BP4 I know I ain’t at 100,000 subs.. ye

    5. Mistah BP4 says


  19. Nelly Welly says

    CONGRATULATIONS! On my way to my Sliver Play!

  20. Creeper Gang says

    How do you this on I pad?

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