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How To Secure your YouTube Channel with Setup 2-Step Verification

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We all need added security for our Google Account and YouTube channels. Setup 2-step verification on your google and YouTube account to help keep the bad guys and bots out of your account. 2 factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification.

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How To Setup 2-Step Verification
two-step verification

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  1. Nikita says

    Derral I love your videos. I found your videos really helpful and the way
    you explain things, its just really simple to learn from them. Well,
    because of you I started my channel, and though I have not started to gain
    income, I started to get more views.

    I was wondering if you can do a video of how to insert photos in the
    videos. Please I need an explanation of how to do it. I have Windows Movie
    Maker and I still don’t know how to do that.

    🙂 Thanks for being our awesome youtube expert!

    1. Derral Eves says

      I will put that on my list of video to make +El Vortex de Nikita

  2. Lil Annie G says

    I didn’t even know this was around. And I do youtube videos. Thanks for
    letting me know about this. This video was very helpful!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Glad you know… Did you set it up +Lil Annie G ?

  3. m1shadow says

    Great video!! Thanks as security is very important nowadays.

    1. Derral Eves says

      You’re right… Security is important +m1shadow

  4. Anna Willemstein says

    this video is one of the best yet! So helpful! Although MOST of your videos
    have helped me in a huge way! I just didn’t think about how vulnerable my
    youtube channel was and I didn’t even think about a channel “takeover” .

    1. Derral Eves says

      Music to my ear! I’m glad you put this video to good use +Anna Willemstein

  5. gaming flame says

    what can i do with out u

    1. Tango Plays says

      +gaming flame nothing

  6. Bob Marston says

    yea I use my same password for 1 thing pornhub its pussymaster 45

    1. Goldpro says


    2. Bob Marston says

      +Goldpro lol

  7. Joshua Hodgeson says

    what if we only use our YouTube cascually as in we’re not no
    mcjuggernuggests bigbrudda etc

  8. The Boss Pinkman says

    does he realize that his phone number is visible through the blur.

    1. N/A says

      he missed a few frames when he scrolled down, its not even blurred lol

  9. Raymon Kartoredjo says

    how do you do it on android

    1. PredatorFrost says


    2. FreeToPlay says


  10. Alpha Ambush says

    Thank you SO MUCH! :)

  11. LéoSagaStudios says

    what if I don’t have a cell phone

  12. Marco 7800 says

    please help me I can’t login with my account because my sim card is expired
    and I can’t receive SMS code please help me

  13. dannygaming12 says

    help I keep getting this message You seem to be having trouble getting your
    code. Please try again later. and I cant get in I’m on the YouTube app that
    I’m logged in on plz respond

  14. Flipper Plays says

    Thank you very much you help me, so thank you <3

  15. Leslie ONeill says

    Be careful! It’s so secure you can’t get back into your own account UNLESS
    you have all the other backup measures in advance. If I’d known what I know
    now, I wouldn’t set it up again. I setup “2 Step Verification” on one of my
    Google accounts and have never regretted anything more! I’ve tried EVERY
    step Google requests and more. I even sent Google screenshots of PROOF that
    one of my other Gmail accts is the manager of that account and another of
    my current Gmail accounts is set as the OWNER of the account I’m locked out
    of. I have not been able to access my YouTube (business) channel or any
    other related products for over 6 months! I write to Google every month-
    with no luck! Amazing when you can’t even get into your own account. What a
    nightmare! If you know a workaround- I’ll be forever grateful! Thanks
    much!! :)

  16. _MikeVsWorld _ says

    lol dude your aware you did a piss poor job at blocking your phone number
    in the video?same for your email.. im assuming you changed it by now but if
    you didnt id look into that

  17. Gio Vlogs says

    hey what happens if I lose my phone number but I still remember my back up
    email can I still sigh in into different devices?

    1. Dotty Rex says

      you can change the phone number on your email

  18. Papagino12 says

    this guys number is 2089083938

  19. The Duke says

    I want to Lock my account on other.devices such as say for example my
    sisters phone I logged in on her phone on YouTube it shows her account and
    mine but neither one is locked like she can click mine and I can click hers
    is there a way I can lock mine without having to delete my account

  20. Gameply 157 says


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