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How To See If A Song or Music is Copyrighted – YouTube Music Restrictions Library

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YouTube Music Restrictions – Want to use popular music in your next YouTube Video? Watch this video – how to see if a song or music is copyrighted and what are restrictions from the copyright holder.

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How To See If A Song or Music is Copyrighted – YouTube Music Restrictions Library

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  1. Mastro10 says

    That’s amazing, thanks Derral!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Mastro10 That is what I do!

    2. Mastro10 says

      +Derral Eves Happy new year and keep it up your great work, I am trying to
      get some great things for my channel from your tips!

    3. Kiwi YT says

      +Derral Eves If i play any song for 10 seconds in my video is it consider
      copyright? please replay asap 🙂

    4. look in the mirror (mirror) says

      +Mastro10 glad we found this!

    5. JOHN LUTHER says

      +Kiwi YT it is cus the the people will know the song

  2. eveRide ADV says

    Oh man that is mega useful! Also, I must borrow your amazing shiny dancing

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +eveRide ADV.. yes you can borrow the shinny Dancing shirt!

  3. Poshboss 13 says

    The ad-free tab is not there.

    1. Poshboss 13 says

      Got it. Thanks.

    2. Brian Olvera says


    3. Brian Olvera says

      nvm found it

    4. Dreamer-P ボーカロイド says

      They changed the format. There should be small text at the rob with some un
      blue writing (a link)

    5. Tinus Bezuidenhout says

      There’s no download link, do I then go and download it and add the song to
      my video editing software as an audio track?

  4. Jason -OP- says

    Youtube deleted this feature so more people can get terminated COOL move

    1. Linds&Liv says

      no they didn’t, i’m checking it right now. its under music policies now.

  5. www.Ysa.co.uk says

    If I use an instrumental of a song would I be pulled up for copyright

    1. ItsJustAnne says


    2. TinRelic1. says

      So I can use any song as long as its instructions instrumental

    3. Stoobs says


    4. therealkmarvel says

      Yes it can. I tried to use a Drake instrumental and they muted the
      instrumental. If the instrumental is the same instrumental used in the
      original song they might copyright the video or mute. Try finding a remake
      of the instrumental you’re trying to use if you don’t want to deal with
      copyright issues.

  6. CreepyPasta-Balkan V says

    So if a song is not there,its copyrighted?

    1. Jessica's Camera Roll says

      If you use music listed in the Music Policy Directory, you will receive a
      copyright claim notifying you that you used copyrighted content.

    2. Yağız Efe Demirel says

      it’s can be.

  7. KaltsutheGameFan says

    If i use an old song from 1970, do i still get copyrighted?

    1. jerel says

      Yes you can still get a copyright strike, every song is copyrighted.

  8. SUPER SQUARE says

    I would like to use Trap Nation but a remix from TwentyOnePilots who would
    i ask?

    1. Gordon Turner says

      You generally have ask the owner of the song and the owner of the
      recording. If you’re doing a cover version you need to get permission from
      the owner of the song (usually the song writer/producer or music
      publisher). If you’re using the recording itself, you need to get
      permission from the owner of the song and the owner of the recording
      (usually a record label). You may also need to get permission from the
      distributor like CD Baby for example. It quite a minefield!

  9. General_Gaming //And more says

    so if it is not in the list then it will get copyrighted ? please tell me
    because i didn’t really understand

  10. FireGamez765 says

    I bought a song to use in a video, even though I bought it, it wont allow
    me to upload it because it says it is copy-righted. can you plz help me

    1. Vortius says

      Doesn’t matter if you bought it, you’re still not allowed to upload it to

    2. FireGamez765 says

      +Vortius if you go into the comments of the video you can see I did get his
      permission, look up “an age of might” that’s the song

    3. Vortius says

      Oh alrite

    4. Jonah Sarkodee says

      Will it work with the griswolds – heart of a lion ?

  11. sergio santarelli says

    Thanks for the info,I’m getting claims on my videos,(Audio Claims),I’m
    sharing a couple mix sets,The weird part is that,I am Using
    VINYLS,RECORDS,LPs,I own the VINYLS,I have payed for the VINYLS,This is
    Ridiculous,and they are Getting the money,they don’t even allowed you to
    share the revenue.,Any Help on How should I proceed,I’m new to this Video
    Monetization,I’ve been on youtube for a long time,I’ve never though on
    Monetizing my videos since I started to see Adds on them., Thanks for the

  12. MrCoke says

    What does it mean when i’m searching for a song and all i find is “No
    matches found. We’re expanding our library, and some songs may not be
    listed here.”
    Does this mean that I can use the song I couldn’t find on the list?

    1. dreamergirlbaby says

      same thing happened to me. uploaded the video and it was still copyrighted

    2. MrCoke says

      that sucks.

  13. Haley Dasovich says

    you are hilarious!

  14. SwordBlaze says

    Is whiteblood copyrighted?

  15. bre says

    do you have to pay to use someones music?

  16. jxjxjck k l g Igneel nightcore says

    you where slim and now fat why

  17. Yagami # CS:GO and more says

    I was going to leave the video, but once i saw this 3:26 i had to drop a
    like b4 leaving xD

  18. Fortyfoteen says

    What about video? I want to create a channel of sports highlights. Slim
    chance on getting in touch with the NFL. Can I use short, less than 5
    second clips of different plays. I will add commentary, my own music and my
    goal is to monetize it.

  19. Fortyfoteen says

    Thumbs up for the dance routine.

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