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How to Send a Private Message on YouTube to Channel : Content Creator

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How to send a private message on YouTube to Channel : content creators — Derral shows how to send and receive private messages in YouTube's new messaging system.

How To Add a Clickable Email Address to Your Youtube Channel:

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. Check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.


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How to send a private message on YouTube to Channel : content creator

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  1. SasquatchVideos says

    I love this channel because you explain YouTube well. The step by step how
    to’s is what attracted me to this channel. 

    1. Derral Eves says

      🙂 +SasquatchVideos! i hope to get more people like you!

    2. Unknown Source says

      +Derral Eves You know have me too

    3. Louis Paxton says

      +Derral Eves can you do this via a phone?

    4. Jack-o-Saurus says

      +Louis Paxton no..I just tried it

  2. Lacey Shih Tzu says

    Hi delightful Derral, thanks again for your wonderful tip. Appreciate that
    you put these tips in ‘layman’ terms for us!

    1. Derral Eves says

      My pleasure +lacey41908…

  3. Keisha Curry says

    I’ve been on the person’s channel but the about part just isn’t there.

    1. ASHORSHEMAYA says

      +Lakeisha Phillips The same problem .. There is no answer to now, “I
      think” It’s within the “privacy?

    2. infinitygemstones says

      You now have to customize your channel for the About tab to appear, and
      you do this by going to your channel and clicking that little cogwheel
      on the top right, toggling your ‘customize channel layout’ button and
      clicking save. This is what I’ve spent this evening finding out how to
      do, and if everyone knew this the world would be a happier place?

    3. ASHORSHEMAYA says

      Thank you very much, I will think about this matter

    4. titanium says

      your message helped me SO MUCH !!!! THANK YOU !!!

  4. TV/ AgarioGamer11 says

    “Hi I love your “STUFF”” lolol… If u hav a dirty mind… u know what I
    mean….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Nesu says

      +LS AgarioGamer11 I love that “STUFF” too, man. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. TV/ AgarioGamer11 says

      +Ness Itoi hahaha!! XD

  5. TCMullet says

    I was planning on manually send a message to over 1000 of my subscribers.
    And for SURE I wanted to include a couple of clickable links, to make it
    easy for them. But you’re saying it will go into their spam folder. DRAT!
    HOW can I send a message WITH LINKS to every subscriber who channel name I
    can get???? Please help!! My fledgling business will die without this. (I
    believe my subscribers WANT me to contact them.)

    1. TCMullet says

      I watched it again. What do you mean by “put links in AFTER THE FACT”??

  6. FITNESS MAGNITUDE Pamela Gilbert says

    Hi and thank you! I have a difficult time navigating sometimes, so yes this
    was helpful. I hope the creator didn’t think I was spam. The creator
    somewhat knows me by Subscribing to my channel and I His channel. We
    comment here and there. I haven’t heard back as of yet…. hopefully no
    spam. Again, thanks and you have helped me with other challenges as well.

    1. ‫محمد اليساري الطائي‬‎ says


  7. Band Trash says

    Are you able to do it on like iPhone ? Please respond

  8. Matilda Bond says

    HOW do you message someone,if they dont have an about option? Or you dont
    have another link to their channel???? HELP!!!

    1. Lesotho says

      Make sure to watch my video 🙂

    2. Platinum Pineapple says

      +Matilda Bond how do you enable it?

    3. Matilda Bond says

      You can enable your “about” in your security option.From there you can send
      a message

    4. Mags496 says

      Thanks Dylan … works perfectly, thanks for the information:-D!!

    5. Music House says

      thanx a lot

  9. The Magikarp God says

    How do I know if I got a message

    1. The Magikarp God says

      I mean how do I know if I got a private message

    2. Equuary says

      Press your icon in top right corner, “Studio Creator” > “Commynity” >

  10. ‫فصول قيمنق F9ool Gaming‬‎ says

    You can see when he went to creator studio that redhead express is his
    channel too xD

  11. Sidh4rth says

    hy…!!! can anyone help me?? in my channel the notification icon that
    comes side of the pro file link what to do to get that notification

  12. Jeff King says

    There’s no Discussion link on the homepage

  13. Ss Ss says

    Thank you from Saudi Arabia

  14. raven r says

    how to delete shared private message it shows but cant be deleted please

  15. Alexandra Bello (ABPTV) says

    Gonna use it to contact a youtuber right now :D

  16. adox says

    I am guessing this doesn’t work on the phone app? which is the only way I
    ever watch YouTube vids

  17. GamerLee9K says

    what if you message a small youtuber that hasn’t got a about tab?is it

  18. SingenStatt Atmen says

    Any chance you could update this? I’m trying to do this but the message
    button simply isn’t there. :(

  19. Annabell Master says

    Is this updated?

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