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How To Setup and Create YouTube Cards Template -TubeBuddy

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You can setup and create new YouTube info and interactive cards template in YouTube. Download TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜ http://goo.gl/PrGfLe

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My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy
Download TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜ http://goo.gl/PrGfLe

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  1. Pand - Mobile Gaming says

    Thanks for the video!! Whenever you upload I’m like ohh Yeahh the feeling
    is real because in every video of yours you are delighted , and teach
    anything to people in your own fun way! Keep up!!

  2. UNCABILLY says

    Hey Derral! I want to be like you when I grow up! ~UncaBilly :)

    1. TubeBuddy says

      +BOOMERIFICS don’t we all

    2. UNCABILLY says


    3. Dota2funny says

      +TubeBuddy what is a card? like a link that redirects you?

  3. MaryEllen After 60 says

    Good afternoon, Derral. I haven’t used a card yet. But I have a feeling I
    am going to learn a lot about them from you. Now I’m off to learn.

  4. Track848 says

    Okay Derral, you’ve convinced me, I’m gonna have to try out TubeBuddy. Is
    this Card template feature and the Annotation template feature that you
    talked about yesterday part of the free package?

    1. TubeBuddy says

      +Track848 it’s on the cheapest paid package – shoot me an email and I’ll
      give you a free upgrade for a couple months to try it out:

    2. Track848 says

      +TubeBuddy Thanks! I’ll send the email…

    3. Learn With Mrs.B says

      +TubeBuddy Is it only available for people in the US? And do you have to
      have a certain amount of subscribers? I signed up, but can’t seem to use it.

    4. TubeBuddy says

      It’s available to everyone everyone with any size channel. Email us if you
      have any questions – support@tubebuddy.com thanks!

  5. Susan W says

    Checking in for my lesson, I saw the other day when I was editing where I
    could make a template but wasn’t sure what it was for and now I know!
    Thanks! <3

  6. Dicas em Lei da Atração e Mais! says

    I’m loooooooving this tool! Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge!! UR
    my favorite know-all YT guy! <3

  7. Hassaan Khan says

    Tubebuddy looks great. I have a plan to start using this tool. Just getting
    some other stuff done, then I will proceed with Tubebuddy. Thanks, Derral!

  8. Survival On Purpose says

    I also just purchased the Star level subscription to Tube Buddy and my only
    complaint is I wish I had known about Tube Buddy a long time ago. And, even
    though it isn’t, I wouldn’t care if this was a sponsored video because it
    is obvious how much value Tube Buddy offers. I sure hope you are at least
    using an affiliate link because you deserve to be compensated for all the
    help you provide. THANK YOU DERRAL!

  9. databaseexpert says

    I am missing something here…. “cards”? What is that? OMG, I just checked
    the calendar… it is 2016 and my mind is still in 2012.

  10. Trapt Gaming says

    Hey man, been watching your videos here and there for sometime now. As of
    late I have felt the need to really make a push in my youtube career. Been
    spending a lot of time watching other youtubers in my category (gaming)
    getting a feel for what has worked for them and also looking back at my
    most popular videos and seeing what has worked. Your videos have given me a
    lot of great information to use to help me hopefully make that next push.
    You earned a sub here man, hope to learn more from you in the future and
    possibly some help in your segment to grow my channel more.

  11. J C says

    Hello Derral, first of all….THANK YOU for sharing those great tips! i am
    very very new at this, i haven’t published any videos yet; however, I am
    getting educated on the subject in order to create good YouTube videos. I
    don’t know what are those cards for. Could you please explain more on this
    subject to me? Thank you once again.

  12. MrGrunthunter's Adventures says

    Would you please give us a little explanation of what of what CARDS are,
    How/When you should use them and Why? That would be greatly beneficial to
    those of us just starting out and trying to learn what YouTube is all
    about. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

  13. Braydenwerxeeer Of Minecraft says

    I am trying to tubebuddy and it has some sign

  14. Timeless Decor Crafts and More says

    Still kind of confused about the use of Cards on youtube videos but Thanks
    for the video!!

  15. Eileen Murphy says

    #derraleves . would be going no where on you tube with out your vids. Thank
    you buddy. Every time i think of a question you’ve already answered it!

  16. Jowy says

    Hi Derral! Just saw this video and sub! If you could give me a quick advise
    for my channel, I will appreciate it.

  17. BD Movie Director Jasim Uddin Jakir says

    thanks………..But What is car & How it work ?

  18. DailyOptions org says

    TY Mr. E! heading to your how to add a sub button:)

  19. Angela Meek says

    After reading some of the comments already posted, all I can say is
    PHEW…. so I am not alone on trying to keep up with the rest of the
    world. I have just recently found you and subscribed and like everyone
    else I can happily say the words… CARDS…. what are they?

  20. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan (Mr.C) says

    tubebuddy is free to register, anything else costs. You should say that in
    the video

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