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How To: Single-Leg Curl on Exercise Ball

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  1. ScottHermanFitness says

    @iamafractal that will be coming in the future for sure! Finally got my own
    studio!! Get ready for the EXPLOSION of awesomeness to come!

  2. ScottHermanFitness says

    @kbw1970 thank you my friend. There is SO MUCH to learn about in fitness..
    you just have to never stop looking :)

  3. xXAnthony619Xx says

    @ScottHermanFitness Congrats on the studio man!

  4. FerasAbdullah Almusharri says

    every stmoic exercise look easy .. untill you do it 

  5. kingbb65 says

    if your gym was near me id go to it just to watch your new workouts and of
    course pump some iron

  6. MrMetalMuscle says

    scot please make videos for chest/schoulders/arms, or make nutrition videos

  7. Axethrash says

    HAAHDCORE, scott you’re such a beast!!

  8. matt517472 says

    @ScottHermanFitness Scott, your videos are awesome! i was curious if you
    knew how to reduce cortisol release when doing a grooling workout (if we
    are in a sport and our coach is having us practice intensly for a long
    time). If you could respond to this it would be great! Best, Matt

  9. Nick Marks (Nickm113) says

    Can u start making more full workout videos that aren’t for beginners ?

  10. Shawn says

    Hi Scott, I am a 14 year old boy that weights around 195 lbs at 5″ 10′ (i
    think i got the marks right srry if i did) height. My body fat percentage
    is around 20%(ye i know bad) i was wondering i can take those protein
    supplements(syntha) and mutivitamin products. If i can or cant please tell
    me why i can or cant. Its not that i do not believe you its because i want
    to have some knowledge on this stuff so i can tell friend and family. PS
    srry if the question is out of place 

  11. TheAbStand says

    Wow! That looks REALLY rough! Thanks for sharing, Scott!! 🙂 TheAbStand*net

  12. idledreams24 says

    um u look so familar..have u been on tv? i cant place it..its bothering me,
    please let me know were you on some reality tv show? also, great work out!

  13. idledreams24 says

    @idledreams24 nevermind, i just googled you ^_^

  14. Ms Teresa K says

    good Lord man…you’re trying to kill us?! lol jk ;-D Looking good!

  15. sniper89y says


  16. sniper89y says

    @ScottHermanFitness I have a lot to say to this idiot but unfortunately,
    Youtube didn’t approve my comments on him. Thank you for all your efforts

  17. Dan Robbins says

    could you got on a diet that makes you look more cut an RIPPED up_OILED
    up_JAMAICAN under the sun to give us an example of how your meal plans
    work. id suggest what i call a caveman diet: ((what u can eat below)) tuna
    or grilled chicken; raw fish; quinoa; hard boiled eggs; raw vegetables and
    fruit; daily supplement. (*oatmeal in the morning*) do a lot of cardio to
    get that 5% to -5% and take fish oil to replace that bad fat w/ good
    THUMBSS UPP if you want scott to look cut even in the light

  18. loum111 says

    These are awesome. Is there any other way to do them if I don’t have a

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