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How To: Single Leg-Raise Crunch

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  1. LeOnIdAs162 says

    89 likes and 1 dislike O.o thats impressive 

  2. tigergreg8 says

    Great exercise Scott. Don’t let the naysayers get your down. Your doing an
    AWEsome job for all of us and we DO appreciate your efforts. Remember the
    saying, ” One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch” )

  3. upliftpeach25 says

    are you breathing out of your mouth or nose?

  4. ovarb cimahel says

    luimarco has more accurate training than scottherman.

  5. ovarb cimahel says

    luimarco has more accurate training than scottherman. and he even looks
    better than him.

  6. wastnTIMEwastnTIME says

    @Ovarb13 if you’re a guy then your comment makes you gay :-O

  7. Wilcows says

    @SilverSurfer3o Well, I get asked a lot if I use Shakes, but I don’t. So I
    guess that I’m the living proof that you do not need the stuff, I did try
    it for a few months though, but did not notice ANY effect on my body
    whatsoever except a laxative one. 

  8. zet7220 says

    thanks for share this tip, it’s helpful for ABS without any equipments.

  9. POPSUGAR Fitness says

    Love it!

  10. Wilcows says

    @SilverSurfer3o weeeeell… maybe that says more about YOU than about
    shakes… I’ve noticed no difference whatsoever as I stated before. And
    definitely no difference in soreness of the muscles. Only time when my
    muscles get sore is after a good week’s rest. So tell me, have you had a
    lot of unplanned rest recently? Or is it really the effect of the absence
    of the shakes… maybe it’s a placebo effect?

  11. Jānis Zieds says

    Scott your my new HERO!!!! xD

  12. Wilcows says

    @SilverSurfer3o well, it’s kinda difficult for me to make that decision
    isn’t it? 😛 by the way, no matter how bad my soreness is, I can still
    workout if I do a short warm-up rep per exercise… are you sure you’re not
    leaving parts out in the story? Sounds pretty bad if I’m to believe what
    you’re saying ;)

  13. Blissmonkey says

    Scott, your lower back seemed arched. Is that okay/unavoidable or should we
    aim to press the base of our spine into the floor?

  14. Damian Krowicki says

    Scott, you have chicken legs. GET SOME FUCKING MUSCLE MASS!! i’m

  15. bOorknow says

    U R SO HOT!

  16. kenneth king says

    @scotthermanfitness as always scott great vids, i love all your core

  17. blueunikornz says

    youre so hot, that keeps me motivated!

  18. Tyler C says

    Hey Scott great video brotha. I have a quick question, while keeping your
    leg raised, what exactly does this focus on that is different than a normal
    crunch? I’m assuming by keeping your leg raised it will put that much more
    strain and effort into that particular side of your abdominal muscle, but I
    would just like to be sure and know what I’m targeting here. Thanks a
    bunch, your videos are my daily dose of inspiration buddy. Keep up the hard
    work, and I will too !

  19. amuh jan says

    Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.
    Listen to this do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you
    don’t know about them you must see this. if you are serious go for it now

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