How To Start A YouTube Channel Properly – Channel Evaluation


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Looking to build and grow an Audience on YouTube? I selected one of my subscribers, Nick Nimman, and helped him start a new Youtube channel properly. You need to check out the steps he needed to do before he started his channel.

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  1. Can you do a video on the top 3 editing systems for windows? I recently
    have been wanting a major upgrade and I wanted your advice:)

    • +Peyton Carli Hi, I’m a windows user, and I’ve used the following 3 Editing
      Software (In order of preference):

      1. Adobe Premiere Pro (If you can afford it, it’s great. I use this
      2. Lightworks (Very similar to Premiere. They offer a Free version, great
      software too)
      3. Avidemux (Free software too, my 1st. steps into video editing were using

      I hope this helps!

    • +iwatch420 Sadly they are not, these software are little hard to use but
      extremely worth it. If you’re planning to start learning how to edit, I’d
      recommend Lightworks (Free version), because its interface is very similar
      to other well known editors Like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, just in case
      if you need to move to those later on. Sebastian.

  2. Great, great information. I loved every bit of it and especially how you
    ended the video “what’s your problem” …that made me laugh. I hope to use
    all of your tips in order to grow and be a better creator. Thanks for

  3. Thanks for the tips Derral. I just started a lifestyle, family, beauty
    channel and I need all the tips I can get to help me grow.

  4. you the man big d, i have add can you help me coz i have been trying to
    start a channel for a year an I’m no good bud. i live in uk xxx

    • my recomendation is to just start the channel. make sure that you put your
      best content outthere because if you dont want to watch the video you make
      no one will. even if the video is not great you will get better with

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  6. i am upload YouTube marking video my channel name is ahsan you
    are my friend I subscribe your channel please you can make video with me
    please share your YouTube video ideas and I am tube buddy

  7. 309,085! Brand new subscriber here! I’m starting my own “Cuddler” business
    soon, similar to “Cuddlist”. Haven’t started my actual channel yet, still
    gathering the best tips/tricks to grab the attention of potential clients.
    If you have time, I’d love to talk to you. Thanks! :)