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How to Submit a Sponsorship Proposal For Your YouTube Channel on Famebit

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For this live event, I teach one of my lucky subscribers how to submit a sponsorship proposal on Famebit. I will also give my 3 important tips to improve your chance that your YouTube channel will be sponsored.

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How to Submit a Sponsorship Proposal For Your YouTube Channel on Famebit

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  1. Nathalie TheBeautyDiva says

    Hi Darral, this was a fabulous video, I have recently subscribed to your
    channel a couple of weeks ago thanks to my dear friend Patti. I have tried
    to open an account with Famebit but was unable to get past the first step,
    I am going to give it a try again My channel is relatively new, I have
    been on for 6 months and have 2000 subscribers. Thank you so much for this
    valuable information, it is so greatly appreciated. Nathalie PS. Happy
    Birthday to your wife, that was so sweet and romantic of you!!

    1. Alex Ng says

      +Adam Hendle Could u help me to get a sponsorship in a few years later.As
      I’m now not eligible for utube.Could u like help Me get a sponsorship first?

    2. FameBit says

      +Alex Ng Unfortunately since sponsorships change so rapidly I wouldnt be
      able to help that far down the road, but know we will be here when you are

    3. Quin4n says

      +Alex Ng How many subscribers do you need before you can get accepted? I am
      not even close right now but would be nice to have a goal.

    4. Alex Ng says

      +Quin4n I would like to only start youtube a few years later..Not so
      soon..Hope u understand
      Cuz i’m schooling now!

    5. Felicia Mesadieu says

      +Quin4n 1000

  2. AnyasVida says

    Can you do an update to this proposal or provide a link to Patti’s youtube

    1. HolyGirlSwag21 says

      rxstrmom I believe

  3. ElektrikTV Network says

    I am a Christian Vlogger who wants to inspire people through my life. I
    talk about my journey on business, faith, hair, & have conversations with
    my web family as if I’m talking amongst my friends.

    1. OurIVFJourney says

      Im definitely subscribing to your channel just hearing the description!!
      Hair, family, and spiritual vlogging!!! Almost same here!

    2. ElektrikTV Network says

      +OurIVFJourney Thank you!!

    3. Indigenous Destiny says

      Sounds awesome! I’m willing to check it out. Sub for sub?

  4. Swanna B says

    Norway. My is to become a Pokemon YouTuber and get the Silver Play

    1. BIGBRO Phoenix says

      Good luck

    2. Swanna B says


  5. Mesen Productions says


  6. NaPa says

    Well my channel is a gaming oriented channel. I really do enjoy what making
    the content I make. As long as I can leave a smile on someones face my day
    = made! If you guys like CS:GO content or League Of Legends content, why
    not come along and subscrible to me! xD

  7. AwpWilliams says

    New Orleans, LA. I’m doing my best to bring awareness to the Tekken
    franchise. (it’s a fighting video game). As long as there is a community
    for it (fans), Tekken won’t be going anywhere, I want the developers to
    keep making Tekken. So I’m here using my skills the best way I know how
    because Tekken makes me genuinely happy.

    So by saying the things I want to say in my community, I can make sure
    those opinions and facts are out there, the larger my channel grows, the
    larger Tekken grows. As it takes a lot of my time, I would like my time on
    youtube to be profitable, which is why I have dropped by this video,
    learning more.

    Also, I know of a guy named “Grandpaw Peter Koyote” here on youtube, and he
    just goes on and on and on and on about the philosophical world, I feel
    like he’s pretty old. This lady looks young compared to him. Maybe it’s
    just her good looks.

    eh dunno. Thanks for the video.

    1. Shadowblade says

      Cool, I also do tekken videos too 🙂

  8. beautythat says

    Is the “your price” the same as the fee? Creators don’t have to pay for
    this, right?

    1. OurIVFJourney says

      Good question!

    2. Aisa Kemp says

      Your price means how much you want to get paid

  9. OurIVFJourney says

    Thanks do much for the info! Just patiently waiting for 4,000 more

    1. OurIVFJourney says


  10. Adel Al Rahmani says

    Hi i love your videos and give me idea and help my channel grown up fast
    because of your video so thank you so much

  11. Indigenous Destiny says

    Still need several thousand subscribers, but this is great to know for the
    future! As of right now (under 100 subscribers) I was able to become a rep
    for a small company where I get a small commission for products people buy
    using my code. This is a great option as well for us smaller youtubers.
    That way they don’t feel like they’re investing too much into you, and if
    you don’t make any sales there’s no harm done!

  12. HitoChua says

    I’m from Singapore and my channel is about my daily vlogs

  13. Momen Vlogs says

    from chicago.
    vlogs and pranks, challenges

  14. Tra Vis says

    Hi I’m Mavic Mabini I’m from the Philippines my dream is get alot of
    subscribers on YouTube and get all the play button

  15. tbw says

    i want to make money and support my family on my motovlogging channel

  16. Alltime Best says

    Thank You, really helped me out alot!

  17. Hilma V says

    Thank you. I just joined Famebit. I want to make sure I understand about
    the proposal ins and outs before I submit one.

  18. TeddyPESO says

    Hey i am from Sacramento , California. My Channel is about Videogames it
    was my first passion and i get to showcase not just my own., but my fellow
    opponents that i get to show their skills. But i have a question. I am all
    about using the same characters, repping the same shows, working for the
    company that helped me out when i was down. I want to advertise on
    eSfootwear for skateboarding shoes. I really want to support them because i
    dont see them alot in skateboarding stores or even online stores. I feel
    like i can be that spokesperson from youtube that i can represent.

  19. killer gaming says

    hi I would like if someone sponserd my channell

  20. tech ideas says

    hey derral, i have seen a lot of your videos, and to be honest from all
    the videos that i have seen about how to rank videos and channel you’ve
    been the most helpful to me, i’m reaching 1000 subs now mostly because
    of you, and also have a question about sponsors, could i have sponsors
    if i’m not appearing in my channel to talk about their products, like
    football channel or video gag channel

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