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How To Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube

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Do you want to disable autoplay feature to stop videos from advancing to the next video. Here is how to turn off YouTube's autoplay feature.

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  1. xXx_Mom$paghetti_XxX says

    #AskDerral  How to add comment?

    1. Ananta Sesa das says

      all the links you could ever need are in the dns index. look it up. i’m sure you’ll find what you seek if you keep looking. good luck.

    2. jdylan says

      I know, right? I wanted to leave a comment here, but I’m lost.

    3. Monsieur Zinzin says

      jdylan Lucky you!!!! I can’t even open the YouTube app to watch this video. Anyone able to help??? Pleeeaaaaaase!

    4. Ananta Sesa das says

      no problem. he has a video on his channel explaining how to get the youtube app to let you watch his videos. it’s 4k hd to help you learn even better. you’re welcome in advance.

  2. Dahli Online says

    thx ! one problem less…

    SUCCSESS ! 😀

  3. crossfirecro gaming says

    i want to autoplay remove random videos

  4. Frank James says

    Im on android and i want to Stop a video downloading to only read comments , hows that done?

  5. Big Gray says

    It auto turns back on when going to another video, its turned back on coming to this video from google

  6. lovetoall now says

    I have it turned off and it still does it! I hate it! Why doesnt features work? might need new tech people, this is ridiculous

  7. Warne Livesey says

    The video is also 2 minutes longer than it needs to be.

  8. kevin joseph says

    looks like yt has redesigned. i just have text ‘autoplay’

  9. Oscar aguilar says

    how to turn on auto play on that not here on my YouTube channel with my account

  10. Ajarn Spencer says

    Yeah but it comes back every time you open a new browser. no way to deactivate it permanently in profile settings. It keeps coming back

  11. Alexandre Cerqueira says

    The actual tutorial have less than 30 seconds….

  12. tamil boys 1 says

    i set download button on youtube but i have to set download icon on near watch later icon(related videos)

  13. Jose Lazo says


  14. David Robbins says

    you made a 3 minute video to say, click this button right here in front of your face

  15. Khatty Kosmetics says

    Help me…. Autoplay doesn’t show up in my phone anymore.

  16. Go further says

    I can’t beleive I’m sooooo stupide !

  17. Kaitlan Quinnell says

    Wrong It comes right back on the next time you sign in.

  18. brian mackenzie says


  19. Tomasina Covell says

    You’re annoying because you’re part of the YT sales force, you’re shill of lame, and partly to blame!

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