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How To Upload Video to Facebook Directly From YouTube

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Learn and easy way how to upload your library of YouTube Video to Facebook with a few clicks of the mouse. This has saved me so much time!!! Get TubeBuddy Free! ➜ http://goo.gl/PrGfLe

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  1. xyzMoral says

    its not free……You should mention it

    1. Kenya Cooper says


    2. FRESHMC2882 says

      xyzMoral man i remember when i could post a video with just posting the url (video) on the comment section and bam thats it. good old days

    3. tonygreene113 says

      xyzMoral yeah it’s $4.50 a month for us folks with less than 50,000 subs

    4. WpgHomesForSale says

      it didn’t give me that discount.. ? How did you get it?

  2. Milena says

    I watched several of your videos and they all looked useful, DERRAL. Thank you.

    Yesterday, i saw “How To Upload Video to Facebook Directly From YouTube” where you demonstrated how to do it by using TubeBUDDY.

    Trusting in your expertise, i subscribed to STAR program and transported my first video via TubeBUDDY to Facebook. What i have discovered, is that resolution is lost and the outro card elements do not appear on Facebook. It also seemed to me that TubeBUDDY transfers each video to Facebook only once.

    When i used YouTube embedding procedure for sharing the video on Facebook – the resolution was the same as the original and outro card elements were all there – the only catch was that the video description could not be altered for Facebook (or, just i was not able to).

    Since your call for action is always an engagement with your audience, i would very much appreciate your experience in relation to those things i’ve just described.

    Was i doing some mistakes somewhere since i am at the beginning of Video adventures?

    In gratitude and warmest regards,

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Milena endscreen elements are a YouTube function… uploading natively to Facebook you will not have that functionality. As for the resolution issue, I never had the same problem. Contact support@tubebuddy.com. You can send video more than once to Facebook. You just have to do it a different way in the video manager.

      Embeds with have all functionality of YouTube. But, most likely your view will not count and Facebook will reduce your post reach.

    2. Himanshu bansal says

      doesn’t it affect our youtube video views and subs ?

  3. Oliver Neil says

    Derral you should of told everyone that you must pay over 10$ a month to have this thing post for you before you get your 300,000+ subscribers to download this chrome or firefox plugin

    1. J. Zaring Studios says

      ……and no response from the video poster as he cashes in on the tubebuddy mention……

  4. J. Zaring Studios says

    The title should say “with a subscription from TubeBuddy” because they won’t let you do it without paying.

  5. Zxenmusic says

    Pity it doesn’t have privacy settings.

  6. Rooda Jimale says

    please tell me how to take the money of the youtube in one video i convised

  7. La Reice Monaie says


  8. Goby Shankar says

    Thumbs down!? for forgot to mention that TubeBuddy is not Free

  9. Mr Awesome Vlogs says

    There is a error while uploading
    kindly Help?

  10. THE Gramma Chronicles says

    For some reason, my screens never look like your screens ?

  11. yaswanth rao says

    If someone watch my video in FB does it get views in youtube ??

  12. Dan Simms says

    This helped me! Cheers man

  13. ThriveCommunitytv says

    Thanks for wasting 10 mins of my time… Could of mentioned the tiny point of having to pay 10 dollars a month for the privalidge…

  14. Mai Talks says

    there is payment in that TubeBuddy…you should mention in the first place so that we can not download..we trust you…

  15. Pak Latest Dramas says

    teacher should tell you that it will not be available without money
    sory sir

  16. ze soft says

    is the views come from facebook will be count are not

  17. Slow Speed Records says

    should mention that its not free

  18. Cambofix says

    good videos ..

  19. naila sayyed says

    waych my channel too guyz

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