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How To Use InVideo Programming on YouTube

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How To Use InVideo Programming on YouTube- Derral Eves shares how to do InVideo Programming on your YouTube videos.

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Derral is a SEO Professional and he loves to share his knowledge of social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. An area that is fairly new!

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My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy
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How To Use InVideo Programming on YouTube

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  1. MrWapk says

    Ohh ok, so your saying you would just place the channel avatar. Also, you
    mean, if you use the video placement, you should either redirect to a
    popular video, or your newest video?

  2. revedmusic says

    with the old design I could choose which video was on my channel page. It
    did not matter how long it was. In other words. A video of my choice would
    come up and start playing whenever my channel was viewed. Thats what a
    “featured video” was. Now I guess a “featured video” is just an avatar in
    the corner of all your videos referencing your “featured video”. How can I
    choose a whole video to start playing whenever my channel is accessed?

  3. Pedro Rodrigues says

    Loved all your tips. Your videos are well made, good content… I hope my
    videos get that kind of quality. Good job

  4. Derral Eves says

    Pedro… Thanks for your kind words! I hoped you subbed!

  5. Ningsang Jamir says

    Thanks Derral. Very helpful and neat video. I tried following your steps
    but am not getting that ‘Subscribe button’ next to the hovering
    icon(Profile image). Am I doing it wrong?

  6. Derral Eves says

    It shows up for people that aren’t subscribed to your channel.

  7. LegoSoccerStopmotion says

    The Subscribe icon has to be in png! How do I do this?

  8. Nikkimae2003 says

    Very helpful video, thank you!

  9. 1i1x says

    Put it in Paint and save as a PNG

  10. 1i1x says

    You have to partner I guess.. I want it too :3 Could place my blockhead


    Hi Derral, I’m getting nothing like what you describe in this tutorial in
    my channel settings.All I can do is get a pop up window at the bottom left
    corner of the player. No option to position video on top, left or right,
    and it won’t show up inside the player like yours. Also, how do you get
    multiple inplayer videos across the bottom? Why does my channel not have
    the same options as yours, & how can I get it like yours? I’m going to post
    a video response so you can see it. Please help? 

  12. FMF2002isEPIC says

    it doesn’t let me choose were I get to put it (channel icon) 

  13. daBombshellVOD says

    Thanks for your help. Is there anyway to add size to the avatar or logo?

  14. Ray The Video Guy says

    They changed that a little while back. It can now only be in the
    upper-right. But, it doubles as a subscribe button… so it’s a give and

  15. Ray The Video Guy says

    A short while back, YouTube changed the way the InVideo programming works.
    Instead of a thumbnail that you can place in any corner, they have switched
    to a smaller banner that has a thumbnail and text. The new way may seem
    more restrictive, but the text opens some great possibilities! 

  16. Ray The Video Guy says

    If you don’t have photoshop, so a search for ‘pixlr’ on Google. Its a site
    that is similar to Photoshop. You can make it there for free. I have a
    video on my channel that shows how to use Pixlr

  17. Ray The Video Guy says

    They changed it. It is now only upper-right… but it doubles as a
    subscribe button

  18. Ray The Video Guy says

    That is what they now call a ‘trailer’. You can choose the video from your
    channel settings.

  19. Derral Eves says

    No not and this time!

  20. Super Geeked Up/Super Knocked Up says

    Thanks so much Derral! Very clear step-by-step instructions and great
    screen shots to go along with each step. Great job and thanks so much for
    the help!

    1. Derral Eves says

      your welcome +Super Knocked Up !

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