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How to watch Live Free Cable Tv Channels in Windows

New Tech Evo

Watch Live TV directly from the Windows Store.

This App is called LIVE TV! Enjoy

Search for : LIVE TV

Or simply go to the Link below:


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  1. jOSh fRUSANTe jR says

    You are the men ….. Thanks brother for always sharing good stuff

    1. newtechevolution says

      Stay subbed Thanks friend!

  2. Sean David says

    Does anyone know how to get ace stream for any android box?

    1. newtechevolution says

      Tons of stuff on Youtube there is a replacement i did a video on it…

  3. Ron Doerfert says

    Great video but i have used this for about a month and half and its really
    unreliable i mean alot of the same channles have been down for over a month
    and WWE Network is not whats actually playing what’s on the WWE Network.
    Its free so i guess you cant expect much. How ever its a great back up if
    you can’t find what your looking for in Kodi.

    1. newtechevolution says

      Yes it’s not bad. Its not perfect some channels work great some don’t it’s
      free we can’t complain thank you for stopping by appreciate your input 🙂

  4. shane brown says

    this works on Windows 8.1 rt bit not on Xbox one

    1. newtechevolution says

      +shane brown do you have the microsoft store

  5. malcolm tysoe says

    Excellent app. Thank you

    1. newtechevolution says

      +malcolm tysoe thanks..

  6. purelyprimitives says

    How does it compare to X-tv?

  7. Ricardo Del Angel says

    thanks, friend.

  8. purelyprimitives says

    Sucks compared to X-TV

    1. newtechevolution says

      +purelyprimitives xtv is pretty good

    2. arvind padhiar says

      what is XTV?

  9. arvind padhiar says

    whats the link to install on android box ? thank you.

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