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How to Watch Youtube Videos at 2x Speed – Double Speed

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How to watch YouTube Videos at 2X Speed — Double Speed – Derral shows and easy way to make it so you can watch YouTube videos twice as fast, or even at half speed.


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  1. Tom brooks says

    Derral… Yes –I’ll use it now!! Great tip & Today’s chuckle all in
    one…..thanks Derral…

    1. Ken Ivey says

      Yes, I’ll use it. Great for webinar replays. Thanks, +Derral Eves

    2. Tom brooks says

      +Derral Eves Derral….This is such a great thing…2 times is a bit fast,
      but 1.5…saves a lot of time.. I don’t care if the sound of YouTube videos
      sound like Mini Mouse either…Derral — You’re the MAN! +Derral Eves

    3. Ken Ivey says

      I use “Myspeed” on my Mac to speed-view webinar replays – took a 40+ hour
      course in 1/2 the time. But it doesn’t work on all player/browser
      combinations, so this should work great in those situations.

    4. Tom brooks says

      +Ken Ivey a 40+ hour course in 1/2 time..that is pretty cool. I have been
      a YouTube fan for years and never knew this.. +Derral Eves always seems to
      be on top of the YouTube changes..(Which are getting more frequent) ..he is
      a good man to follow!

    5. Raging Red R says

      +Derral Eves how can you make this work while using an iPad not computer?

  2. RedIsTheMiner -RITH- says

    Do you have to specifically use Google Chrome?

    1. RedIsTheMiner -RITH- says

      I just prefer to use opera, I’ve been using it for ages and I’m used to it

    2. scotsoulgem says

      +RedIsTheMiner -RITH- Should work on Opra

    3. RedIsTheMiner -RITH- says

      Yea, I have changed it a few times, and my Opera did update yesterday, so I
      will try again tomorrow

    4. Ricardo Cruz says

      +RedIsTheMiner -RITH- Opera no longer uses its own engine. Opera has
      adopted the same engine as Chrome, for at least a couple years now.
      Whatever works on Chrome ought to work on Opera.

    5. Tankist2002 says

      +Derral Eves Can u do it with our phones?

  3. shosho eunhae says

    so i want to do it with my phone how to do it !?

    1. Jroc says

      +Tre G. ya Ik wtf. how do I watch at .5 or 1.5 on mobile

    2. Joseph Ludwig says


    3. Deadlygamer 9 says

      +Tre G. I wish I knew ;(

    4. Zolue says

      Download tubex

  4. ::Your- -self:: says

    How can i do this on ipad???

    1. Deadlygamer 9 says

      Thats why I came here!

    2. Tumbler Lane says

      +Redidacted dude i have no idea I’ve been on the Internet since 2009 so
      maybe? I watch hundreds of videos a day so…yeah?idk?….

    3. Tumbler Lane says

      +Redidacted oh!!! No man it was a shrek meme i was looking for….

    4. Edwin Arriaga says


    5. Darian GT says

      ::Your- -self::

  5. KomodoDabbin ' says

    2:44 sounds like a weird version of the joker laughing

  6. charlie cook says

    how to do it for phones?

  7. Brendan Butash says

    1.5 SPEED! Who came here from KEVBCOOL?

    1. Awesomemoon13 says


    2. scarlett Callaghan says


  8. john smith says

    i just have three options and none are for speed ffs

  9. Peter Grigore says

    How about stop buffering on my phone?

  10. Life lifter gamer says

    how about on a phone YouTube app?

  11. NiallMyBei says

    How do I do this on a phone?

  12. Dani Hasbi says

    how About on Android

  13. TameJoshWow says


  14. Orphaned Bear says

    Doesnt work :(

  15. Kathleen Black says

    THANK YOU!! ?

  16. 11RoAR11 says

    I R8 9/11 M8 😉 Will be utilising often, much thanks.

  17. bobskie321 says

    I often use the 2x when watching long videos because I have a short
    attention span.

  18. Oliver Gillham says

    Can u do this on ios

  19. TheKaratePig says

    The best part about this video is watching it at 2x speed

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