Howard Stern explains puzzling absence: we had a flu


Even celebrities need to take sicks days.

Howard Stern explained where he was final week after his deficiency from his radio uncover set off a frenzy.

“There was a lot of speculation, ‘Where was we on Wednesday?'” Stern pronounced on his SiriusXM uncover Monday. “Many people forked out that me holding what they call a ‘personal day,’ by a way, we never pronounced ‘personal day.’ we didn’t take a personal day, we took a ill day and I’m still sick, we can still hear it in my voice.”

Fans of a radio horde voiced their regard after Stern abruptly announced he would not be on his Wednesday uncover observant Stern had never taken a day off previously.

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“Why was it such a large understanding that we took a f–king day off?” he pronounced Monday. “I wanted to take off currently since my voice is still shot, though we was fearful to. we felt so f–king guilty. we missed a day of work and all of a remarkable it’s bigger news than James Comey.”

The 63-year-old combined he was mad that people called his mom during her home to learn of Stern’s whereabouts.

“What am I, 5? If we skip a day of work, we don’t call my mother, we call my wife, I’m married. They’re job my mom to see because I’m blank school.”